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1. Conditions for final dialogue part need to be verified (which one do you get if you talk to Jinwu to get the option to view the upgrade rewards but don't actually view them? 2. There are 3 dialogue lines that mention Dragonspine as well as a few nearby dialogue lines that reference them. All of them reference the Traveler's deeds on Dragonspine. Do they require completion of In the Mountains or something similar?

Chasm Spelunkers is a World Quest in The Chasm: Underground Mines. It is the third part of The Chasm Delvers World Quest series.


  1. Enter the mines of The Chasm
  2. Go to the designated location to investigate
  3. Investigate the Lumenspar near the camp
  4. Look for clues as to Uncle He's whereabouts (0/3)
  5. Tell Jinwu about what you've discovered of Uncle He's whereabouts
  6. Go to the exploration team's camp
  7. Look for Zhiqiong, who went off on her own
  8. Talk to Zhiqiong
  9. Complete Zhiqiong's commission (0/2)
  10. Return to the exploration team's camp


  • The player will unlock a part of The Chasm: Underground Mines map:
    • Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel is accessible as soon as the Underground Mines map is entered from The Chasm's Maw. The top left Teleport Waypoint is also automatically unlocked. This area becomes visible on the map after reaching the exploration team's camp and talking to Jinwu.
    • The Chasm: Main Mining Area is accessible after finding all three clues about Uncle He, even if Jinwu is not spoken to again. Attempting to enter this area early will teleport the player away with one line of dialogue from Paimon. This area becomes visible on the map after reaching the exploration team's camp and talking to Jinwu.
    • The Serpent's Cave and Underground Waterway are accessible after finding all three clues about Uncle He, even if Jinwu is not spoken to again.
  • After completing this quest, Taliesin, Khedive, Clitopho, and Zhiqiong will be located in the exploration team's camp along with Jinwu.


UI Quest.png Quest Description

Now that you have destroyed the Bedrock Keys, the seal on The Chasm has now come undone. It is time to venture into the depths below. Having entered The Chasm's lower layers, you can see the great infrastructural works within and comprehend how lively this place must once have been, despite its current desolation... Regardless, it is an adventurer's duty to explore the area.
(Enter the Underground Mines)
Zhiqiong: Phew, this air sure is familiar! It's been a long time since I came down into these mines.
Jinwu: Don't get careless, Qiong. I for one smell something unfamiliar.
Zhiqiong: I mean, we couldn't jump straight down. Maybe we were just distracted by the swaying of the crane.
Jinwu You... You've spent too much time above ground.
Paimon: Paimon didn't smell anything at all... Do all of you miners have such keen noses?
Zhiqiong: Haha! A lack of a good nose could forfeit you your life down here! That said, we should still be fine. The finches are still quite lively.
Jinwu: Look, the Lumenspar has grown all the way down here too. That wasn't the case the last time we came down here.
Zhiqiong: Wow, that really happen! Let's go have a look!
Paimon: Y'know... it feels like someone just stole Paimon's thunder.
(Attempt to enter the depths of the mines before collecting the Lumenspar)
Paimon: Paimon would love to explore further in, but we should probably finish Jinwu's commission first.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Having entered The Chasm's lower layers, you can see the great infrastructural works within and comprehend how lively this place must once have been, despite its current desolation... Regardless, it is an adventurer's duty to explore the area.
(Collect the Lumenspar)
Jinwu: To think that Lumenspar would appear so close to the surface. I was always of the opinion that these things could not appear in more structurally vulnerable locations.
Zhiqiong: They are fragments of that "thing" underground, traveling up the veins of the rock before finally arriving here.
Jinwu: Hey! Stop spouting nonsense. They were originally rocks from the local area, which is why they became like this. They just underwent some kind of transformation process and formed crystal, that's all.
Jinwu: The analyses that the Qixing commissioned us to conduct reveal that they are by and large made of ore from the local area. They've just been affected by some outside force, thus creating these strange crystals.
Paimon: Huh, look over there! That crystal looks just like the Adjuvant you have with you, (Traveler)!
Paimon: Why don't you take the Lumenstone Adjuvant and have a look, (Traveler)?
Jinwu: That's right. The Adjuvant is made of the same materials as these crystals. These formations will thus naturally react to one another on account of that similarity.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How very strange...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's pretty amazing...
Paimon: Hey, is that all you have to say?
Jinwu: Um, don't fight, you two...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We're not fighting...
Paimon: Yeah, we're not...
Jinwu: What I mean to say is that it doesn't matter whether you're fighting or not. Zhiqiong and I need to set up a temporary camp up ahead, so don't run off while we're doing that.
Jinwu: The crystal we discovered will be very useful for our subsequent exploration. If you find anything after this, please make sure to contact me.
Jinwu: My skills haven't rusted away just yet, so I can help you process some of the raw ore. I believe that it'll prove quite useful to you in your adventures.
Jinwu: And, um, also... don't fight, alright?
Paimon: Got it, got it!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Understood.
Jinwu: That's a good pair of kiddos. I'll get you some candy later. Anyway, if you find anything strange nearby, please report it in a timely fashion.
Zhiqiong: Actually, do you remember what Jinwu said the last time about Uncle He...
Jinwu: I haven't forgotten. And since you're here, (Traveler), could you help me out once again?
Jinwu: Uncle He is our senior here in the mines. Several years ago, he was one of those who went missing when we Chasm miners were dispersed. He's hard of hearing, and may not have heard the alerts.
Jinwu: The pensions from Huishan Hall and Shenglu Hall are quite generous, and his family has already long arranged for his funeral... But although I'm not much of a believer in the supernatural, I can't help but feel that he's still alive down here somewhere.
Jinwu: He really was an old hand. Whether it be avoiding disasters in the mine, how to escape, how to wait for the rescue... He knew it all. Thought me a lot of it, too.
Jinwu: That's why I believe that he must be alive in here somewhere, even now... I won't give up searching for him.
Jinwu: I'll point you to a few places where he was sighted before we dispersed... Who knows? You might still be able to find some clues there.
Zhiqiong: As for me, I'll be exploring the deeper parts of the mining caverns.
Jinwu: Oh yes, don't forget your candy, now!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're not coming with us?
Jinwu: She still needs to help us draw some maps. The pathways of The Chasm's underground mines are intricate and complex, and we won't get very far at all without those maps.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Stay safe.
Zhiqiong: I'll be fine. It's not like I'm an amateur or anything. Don't you worry about me!
(Obtain Lumenstone Adjuvant)
(Talk to Jinwu again)
Jinwu: I believe that Zhiqiong should more or less be done with the map by the time you return.
Jinwu: However, I still need to wait for the transport team above the ground to shift our tools down here, so you're free to explore for the time being.
(If the tunnel leading to The Chasm: Main Mining Area is approached before finding all 3 clues)
Paimon: Paimon would love to explore further in, but we should probably finish Jinwu's commission first.

(Approach the Lumenlamp near the Vishap with a dark-purple aura)
Paimon: Is this it? Doesn't look like anyone's been here...
(Approach the Vishap with a dark purple aura)
Paimon: Whoa! A monster! It looks... so strange!
(Approach the Dark Mud)
Paimon: Ergh, what a horrible smell. Do you smell it too? Whatever it is, let's not get near that dark, muddy stuff!
(Read the Diary Fragment near the defeated Vishap)
Diary Fragment: "The light is fading... My crystal lamp should last for another 4 hours..."
Diary Fragment: "...There's not much food left. I should be able to find the water filter from memory, but we must find a new source of light..."
Diary Fragment: "Huh, those lights are floating... or are they walking? Am I starting to see things due to a lack of oxygen?"

(Read Diary Fragment in the lower level camp to the south)
Diary Fragment: "Some strange black magma is oozing out of the depths of the earth. I'm not sure if calling it 'magma' is precise... But it looks very ominous. Best not to get near it..."
Diary Fragment: "...I went deeper still and retrieved some strange mushrooms. I'm not certain if they are edible or not..."
Diary Fragment: "...The 'magma' seems to have attracted some elemental lifeforms. Now, if they can eat it, perhaps I could too..."
Diary Fragment: "...No, something's wrong. Something's gone wrong with those little things. I'd better leave. This is surely not to be taken for sustenance..."
Diary Fragment: "...once you get used to it, mushrooms actually don't taste too bad. It might be best to relocate to a spot where mushrooms might be found and to make camp there..."

(Read Diary Fragment on a lower level shelf to the north)
Diary Fragment: "...When I get too near to the black magma, my thoughts grow jumbled and my senses become agitated. But when I stand close to these crystals, these deleterious effects retreat greatly..."
Diary Fragment: "...I once heard Little Jinwu say that some... 'Adjuvant' thing can be used to store energy from these crystals. I should ask her about that when I get back to the surface..."
Diary Fragment: "...My ears itch. I can hear someone calling out to me, telling me that there is water in the depths. Mushrooms..."
Diary Fragment: "...Oh dear. I fear that I must be going quite insane..."

(After finding all three clues)
Paimon: Well, these should be the places that Jinwu mentioned. Let's head back and go look for her!
(Talk to Jinwu)
Jinwu: Oh, you're back.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Uncle He left this behind.
Jinwu: Huh? He did, did he? Go on then, tell me!
You tell Jinwu about what you found earlier.
Jinwu: Umm... Black Magma... Lumestone... and mushrooms?
Jinwu: Huh. That's weird, and a familiar sort of weird, too. Let's head back to the encampment. It would be best not to linger here.
(Begin descending through the hole leading to the Main Mining Area)
Paimon: It's so dark in here. Paimon can hear strange noises... is this what they call "babbling rocks"?
(Reach the camp)
Jinwu: Here we are. Strange... where'd Zhiqiong run off to...
Jinwu: Hey! Zhiqiong! Zhiqiong!
Jinwu: *sigh* I'll wager she's gone running off to some other corner of this place to draw her maps again...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What's up?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is Zhiqiong in danger?
Jinwu: Not yet, no. But if she keeps running off without informing me, she will be quite soon!
Jinwu: She drew this just after you left.
Jinwu: She's probably gone deeper in to explore. Please tell her for me that she should quit leaving everyone else behind to go running off by herself.
Jinwu: If anything bad happens, we're all gonna get dragged down with her. Jinwu's fist will know no mercy, I tell you.
Paimon: That sounds... scary...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Pretty scary indeed.
Jinwu: Alright, then. Less idle talk, more action. You can either help me set up here, or you can go scout ahead.
Jinwu: Sorry if I'm not the most courteous character. I just want the things I do to be of use to everyone.
Jinwu: Ah yes, by the way, if you see some raw Lumenstone ore along the way, bring some to me.
Jinwu: I will find some way to turn them into more effective Adjuvants. As far as my experience can tell me, these things will be very useful down in the mines.

(Approach Zhiqiong)
Paimon: (Traveler), Zhiqiong's here!
(Talk to Zhiqiong)
Zhiqiong: Ah, it's you, (Traveler)! You're here!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Jinwu has some words for you...
Zhiqiong: It's that whole spiel about safety again, isn't it? I'm sick of hearing it already.
Zhiqiong: I grew up in the mines too. What wouldn't I know about the hazards down here, huh?
Zhiqiong: As for any unknown dangers... Eh, our seniors always used to use their experience to judge whether things were dangerous or not. And in the end, they'd use the result to rationalize their experiences instead.
Zhiqiong: I've had it up to here with their arrogance. I'm sure you feel similarly as a senior adventurer, don't you?
Zhiqiong: If Iris was able to scare you off climbing Dragonspine just by giving you the standard safety talk, you would've missed out on so much adventure!
Zhiqiong: Alright, stop trying to persuade me. I don't want to argue with you over something this dumb. Can we just, you know, change the topic?
Zhiqiong: I mean, look over here. I'm currently studying the terrain over here, all the better to draw our maps...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you doing here again?
Zhiqiong: Well, didn't I just say so? I'm studying the terrain and drawing a map.
Zhiqiong: It's just that... I found that the way ahead is blocked by some... strange stuff.
Zhiqiong: If you could take some samples or pictures of it, I'm sure that both the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Adventurers' Guild would be quite pleased.
Zhiqiong: I would have done it, but... I dropped my Kamera while descending into the mines, so I can only rely on you now, hehe!
Zhiqiong: Also, there are a few other spots... Yup. Here, and here. I found the tracks of Treasure Hoarders in these areas...
Paimon: Sorry, which place is where now? Paimon didn't understand you at all!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You just drew a bunch of Xs and lines...
Zhiqiong: Hahaha, sorry... Just a force of habit. I always forget that not everyone is born with a natural instinct for cartography.
Zhiqiong: But it's alright, I will follow you and show the way ahead.
Zhiqiong: We can approach any of these few locations first, so pick whichever you like.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png In that case, let's go.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Be careful while we're on the move.
Zhiqiong: Thanks for your concern! I'll keep that in mind.

(Return to the camp after completing First Miasmic Contact and Meeting New People... and Foiling Some Bandits)
Zhiqiong: This is all thanks to you. Please, take this.
(If the Lumenstone Adjuvant upgrade rewards have not yet been viewed)[verification needed]
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This is...?
Zhiqiong: This is a crystal we got from the Lumenspar. Jinwu told me to give this to you.
Zhiqiong: She also said that you can look for her anytime to refine and improve the Adjuvant that you have.
Zhiqiong: I find that these crystals are pretty fascinating. In fact, they remind me of the crystals that Iris told me you found on Dragonspine...
Zhiqiong: But I might be overthinking it, of course. Regardless, you should know more about it than me.
Zhiqiong: Next, I need to continue drawing maps of the deeper sections of The Chasm. I'll leave you to your own explorations, then.
(If the Lumenstone Adjuvant upgrade rewards have already been viewed)[verification needed]
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thanks.
Zhiqiong: Ah, come on, there's no need to be so polite. I mean, Khedive's the one forking out the Mora! Oh, wait, shh... Best we be quiet, lest that stingy scholar from Sumeru hears us.
Zhiqiong: *cough* Ahem. Shall we go and look for Jinwu? We can probably probe her experienced mind concerning some of the questions we had on the way.
Zhiqiong: You know something? Jinwu doesn't like talking about this, but just like how you're famous for your exploits on Dragonspine, she was also quite the famous figure down at the mines... *cough*
Zhiqiong: I heard that she helped to guide the Millelith search parties, and that they saved a lot of people together. Still, those things are in the past now. I shan't mention them too much, lest she gets mad again.
Zhiqiong: Alright, I won't keep you any longer.
(Quest ends)
(Talk to Zhiqiong again)
Zhiqiong: Do you need something?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About your maps...
Zhiqiong: Eh? My maps? There's honestly not much to be said about them. Before I joined the Adventurers' Guild, I was the mine cartographer.
Zhiqiong: Of course, I wasn't just some person sitting behind a desk... In fact, we couldn't be more different.
Zhiqiong: I was once commissioned by them to map out the terrain of Qiaoying Village... and after all that work, they canceled the construction project just like that, with only a word.
Zhiqiong: People like them get assistants to do the dirty exploration work and information-gathering for them, and then they start drawing... But those like me? We can't do that.
Zhiqiong: As... well, half a miner myself, I've long gotten used to passing through the dangerous underground passages. It's just the way the job works.
Zhiqiong: Also, after that great change, the lower levels of The Chasm have really been truly unstable.
Paimon: Eh? Unstable? Is that very dangerous?
Zhiqiong: You bet it is. The terrain here is slowly but constantly changing. A path today might be a rock wall next month. It's almost as if... How should I say this...
Zhiqiong: It's almost as if The Chasm itself is changing shape as it likes.
Paimon: Uh... things can't be that spooky, right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about your life as an adventurer.
Zhiqiong: Haha, what? My "life"? You don't have to be so polite. I'm just a newbie. I've barely started my journey, unlike you.
Zhiqiong: I have completed some commissions from the Guild, of course, but I'm not that experienced yet, so I haven't done much solo exploration. I don't think I've left any tales of my deeds behind either...
Zhiqiong: So I've been thinking that The Chasm might be just the place for me to make my mark for future generations to remember me by.
Zhiqiong: The Chasm might be, to quote the great adventurer Alice, my "Rubicon"!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png The Rubicon... is that hilichurl language?
Paimon: Paimon's never heard of that one either...
Zhiqiong: Well, I'm not too sure myself, but given that Alice is an adventurer who has seen the entire world, so that must be some place she's been to... right?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Your Rubicon, huh? That's pretty impressive.
Paimon: Wait, you don't even know what that is!
Zhiqiong: Haha, regardless, thanks for your encouragement!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do you think about Clitopho?
Zhiqiong: Him? I don't trust him. We've had to deal with the Treasure Hoarders above the mines for who-knows how long. They're up to no good. I know it!
Zhiqiong: Don't you trust a word that he says. Turning over a new leaf... Washing his hands of the situation...
Zhiqiong: While they say such pretty words, they'll be reaching their filthy hands into your back pocket.
Zhiqiong: Even Rex Lapis would have trouble protecting your wallet from them then!
Zhiqiong: I'm not prejudiced or anything... I'm just telling you to be wary. The Treasure Hoarders are never to be trusted.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That does sound like prejudice to me, though.
Zhiqiong: ...Maybe it is. You've probably seen a great many more things than I have, so I guess you might be more generous to them. But as for me, I'll always keep an eye at the back of my head, just for them.
Zhiqiong: And I'll keep doing that until this guy can prove that he's got nothing more to do with those despicable "former" companions of his.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png See you around.
Zhiqiong: See you!

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishChasm Spelunkers
Fāng Rù Jùyuān Chū Tànkān
Fāng Rù Jùyuān Chū Tànkān
Kyoen Shotansa
First Investigation of the Chasm
Korean거연, 첫 탐사
Geoyeon, Cheot Tamsa
Chasm, First Exploration
SpanishEspeleólogos de la SimaSpeleologists of the Chasm
FrenchSpéléologues du GouffreSpelunkers of the Chasm
RussianНачало исследования глубин
Nachalo issledovaniya glubin
Thaiเข้าสำรวจ Chasm เบื้องต้น
VietnameseLần Đầu Khảo Sát Vực Đá Sâu
GermanBeginn der Erkundung der Großen KluftThe Beginning of the Exploration of the Chasm
IndonesianPenjelajah ChasmChasm Explorers
PortugueseExploradores do Despenhadeiro

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Released in Version 2.6