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Character Outfits (or Costumes/Skins) are cosmetics for Characters. Character Outfits can also be previewed in the Dressing Room. Every character has a default outfit, but other skins for certain characters can be purchased from the Character Outfit Shop or obtained from Events. Alternative Outfits include different Voice-Overs when the Character is added to the party.

Character Outfits



2 Character Outfits match the category selection:

Preview Name Type Obtain
Outfit Sea Breeze Dandelion Thumb.png Sea Breeze Dandelion Summer Character Outfit Shop
Outfit Summertime Sparkle Thumb.png Summertime Sparkle Summer Echoing Tales Event
Character Outfit Shop (After Version 1.6)

Character Outfit Shop

Item Item Genesis Crystal.png Stock
Sea Breeze Dandelion Sea Breeze Dandelion 1680
Summertime Sparkle Summertime Sparkle 1680 1

Change History

Released in Version 1.6
Version 2.0

Version 1.6