Character Ascension Materials are materials that can be used for ascending Characters once they have reached their current maximum level. Most of these materials are grouped by their element. All characters will require character ascension materials of the same element they use - the only exception is the Traveler, which uses an exclusive set of materials called Brilliant Diamonds.

See Character Ascensions for details on when characters can be ascended. Check each character's page to see which materials are required for their ascensions, or check each materials page to see which characters use that material for ascensions.

Ascension Gems

Below are all the gem-type character ascension materials.

Except for Brilliant Diamonds all gems of higher rarity can be crafted via Alchemy by combining lower-rarity materials of the same element.

Name Element Materials
Brilliant Diamond Traveler Traveler
Vayuda Turquoise Anemo
Shivada Jade Cryo
Vajrada Amethyst Electro
Prithiva Topaz Geo
Varunada Lazurite Hydro
Agnidus Agate Pyro

Normal Boss Materials

These materials are only dropped by a specific Normal Boss.

Material Characters
Item Basalt Pillar.png4★ — Basalt Pillar
Item Juvenile Jade.png4★ — Juvenile Jade

Local Specialities

These materials can be found all over the map in various spots.

Material Character Usage
Item Cecilia.pngCecilia
Item Qingxin.pngQingxin


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