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Character Ascension Materials are Character Development Items used for ascending Characters once they have reached their current maximum level. Most of these materials are grouped by their element. All characters will require character ascension materials of the same element they use - the only exception is the Traveler, which uses an exclusive set of materials called Brilliant Diamonds.

See Character Ascensions for details on when characters can be ascended. Check each character's page to see which materials are required for their ascensions, or check each materials page to see which characters use that material for ascensions.

Ascension Gems[]

Below are all the gem-type character ascension materials.

Except for Brilliant Diamonds all gems of higher quality can be crafted via Alchemy by combining lower-quality materials of the same element. The player needs to increase their Adventure Rank in order to unlock the ability to craft certain materials. Adventure Rank 25 for Fragments, Adventure Rank 35 for Chunks, and Adventure Rank 45 for Gemstones.

Materials Character Usage
Brilliant Diamond
Brilliant Diamond SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Brilliant Diamond FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Brilliant Diamond ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Brilliant Diamond GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Agnidus Agate
Agnidus Agate SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Agnidus Agate FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Agnidus Agate ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Agnidus Agate GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Pyro Characters
Varunada Lazurite
Varunada Lazurite SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Varunada Lazurite FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Varunada Lazurite ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Varunada Lazurite GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Hydro Characters
Nagadus Emerald
Nagadus Emerald SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Nagadus Emerald FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Nagadus Emerald ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Nagadus Emerald GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Dendro Characters
Vajrada Amethyst
Vajrada Amethyst SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Vajrada Amethyst FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Vajrada Amethyst ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Vajrada Amethyst GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Electro Characters
Vayuda Turquoise
Vayuda Turquoise SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Vayuda Turquoise ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Vayuda Turquoise GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Anemo Characters
Shivada Jade
Shivada Jade SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Shivada Jade FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Shivada Jade ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Shivada Jade GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Cryo Characters
Prithiva Topaz
Prithiva Topaz SliverQuality 2 Sliver
Prithiva Topaz FragmentQuality 3 Fragment
Prithiva Topaz ChunkQuality 4 Chunk
Prithiva Topaz GemstoneQuality 5 Gemstone
Geo Characters

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCharacter Ascension Material
Juésè Tūpò Sùcái
Character Breakthrough Material
Juésè Túpò Sùcái
Kyarakutaa Toppa Sozai
Character Breakthrough Material
Korean캐릭터 돌파 소재
Kaerikteo Dolpa Sojae
Character Breakthrough Material
SpanishMaterial de ascensión de personajeCharacter Ascension Material
FrenchMatériau d'élévation de personnageCharacter Ascension Material
RussianВозвышение персонажа/персонажей
Vozvysheniye personazha/personazhey
Ascension of Character/Characters
VietnameseNguyên Liệu Đột Phá Nhân Vật
GermanMaterial für den FigurenaufstiegMaterial for Character Ascension
IndonesianMaterial Ascension KarakterCharacter Ascension Material
PortugueseMaterial de Ascensão de Personagem
TurkishKarakter Yükseltme MalzemesiCharacter Ascension Material
ItalianMateriale d'ascensione personaggi

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