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Chapter II of the Archon Quests in Genshin Impact are related to the Inazuma Shogunate's rule and the view of their Raiden Shogun for the first three acts. This chapter focuses on the nation of Inazuma while the fourth Act focuses on the Traveler.

In the secluded land of the immortal Shogun, the Bakufu rules eternal. But what do mortals see of the eternity chased after by their god?

Dainsleif, Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview[1]


Prologue - Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves

A Path Through the Storm

While overlooking Liyue Harbor, the Traveler takes a moment to stop and think over the recent revelations about their sibling and the Abyss Order. Paimon comforts and encourages them to keep going, and the Traveler regains their resolve to look for and confront the Unknown God and demand answers. They try to brainstorm over ways to get into their next destination, Inazuma, when they remember the one person they've met who has not only been to Inazuma, but is Inazuman herself — Atsuko.

They head back in to Liyue Harbor to meet with Atsuko and attempt to ask her how to get into Inazuma. While she is able to give them an answer, she also warns them of the danger of the trip. She explains that the storm is not the only thing to worry about, as they will also have to worry about the strict isolationist policies and the authorities who will be hot on their trail if they're discovered. When the Traveler refuses to be swayed by her warnings, she relents and refers them to Beidou, who may know how to break through the storm owing to her vast experience on the seas. Wasting no time, the Traveler heads to Guyun Stone Forest where the Alcor, The Crux Fleet's flagship, is anchored.

Arriving at the ship, they find Beidou with an unknown man. Beidou recognizes the Traveler, having heard of their exploits from Ningguang and introduces the man as Kazuha, a temporary crewmember. She mistakenly assumes that the Traveler has approached her to join "The Crux Clash," a vision-less martial arts tournament she holds for renowned fighters. When Paimon explains they're not there for the tournament, she tries to encourage them to join anyway by revealing that the prize for this tournament is a Masterless Vision provided by Kazuha, who hopes that the tournament winner will be able to reawaken it. However, the Traveler is not interested in the Vision, and is only looking for a way to get to Inazuma. Hearing that, Beidou changes gears and decides to change the prize - if the Traveler wins the tournament, they will be able to choose between two prizes, the Masterless Vision or a ride to Inazuma on The Alcor. The Traveler finally agrees, and heads to the arena to sign up.

At the arena, Paimon suggests they scope out their initial competition before signing up. However, after speaking to a few other contestants, they realize they won't have much competition. With newfound confidence, they head to the desk where a member of the crew, Zhuhan, is in charge of registering the combatants. She is shocked to see the traveler who helped Liyue fight off an ancient god joining the tournament, which also gathers attention from the other competitors and spectators. After proving that they don't have a Vision and listing a few of their achievements so far for the sake of formality, the Traveler is finally registered and ready to fight the first round.

The Crux Clash

The first opponent, Jinyou, is easily no match for the Traveler, even without the use of their elemental powers. Beidou, impressed with their skills, states that since putting them in, more people are coming to join, hoping to face off against them. She decides to put them straight through to the semi-finals so that they don't need to waste their energy on fights well below their skill level.

The next opponent, Rongshi, is more of a challenge and the Traveler barely prevails against him. After he's defeated, Rongshi explains that he had no interest in the prize, and instead joined to pit himself against other strong fighters. He humbly accepts his defeat and even asks the Traveler to spar with him again in the future.

Rongshi is unable to tell them much about their next opponent other than that they are fast and nimble, so they decide to ask around. Unfortunately, they don't learn much and decide to go to Beidou for more information. Beidou only reiterates their opponent's speed, but Kazuha offers to give them more information if they follow him to a quieter place to talk.

Once there, Kazuha reveals that he already knows about the Traveler's ability to harness the power of the elements without a Vision. As the Traveler is unable to answer his questions about how he is able to do so, he instead tests their skills by having them fight some Slimes. After the fight, Kazuha assures them that their opponent's speed will stand no chance against their skill, and gives them more tips about their opponent's fighting style. After telling them a bit more about Inazuma and the Electro Archon, they go back to the arena to await the final match.

Follow the Wind

At the arena, the final match is about to start, but the challenger is a no-show, much to Beidou's irritation. Kazuha then senses something is wrong and the group checks on the box, where the Vision is missing. He offers to look for it since it was his responsibility. The Traveler accompanies him and Kazuha reveals that he knows where the culprit is going and who they are.

The culprit is Fei the Flyer, a Treasure Hoarder, who is surprised they managed to track him. He reveals that he signed up at the tournament and had intended to win fair and square, but after seeing the Traveler defeat Rongshi, he knew he had no chance in beating them. Initially refusing to hand the Vision, he fights them, only to be bested. Kazuha threatens to kill Fei, but after nothing happens, he changes his mind and lets the Treasure Hoarder leave, confiscating the Vision.

Kazuha reveals that he had been aware of the theft all along and hoped that Fei would have been able to resonate with the Vision, as the gods typically grant them to those who prove great strength and resilience. He then asks the Traveler to do so, but they are unable to either, so Kazuha continues to hold it. Paimon asks him why he is so obsessed with the Vision, and Kazuha reveals that when the Raiden Shogun enacted the Vision Hunt Decree, his friend, another Vision bearer, challenged her, only to die in the ensuing duel. Kazuha, who had just arrived and witnessed the final moments of the duel, snatched the Vision and fled from his pursuers, hoping to keep the hope alive that his friend had. He had heard rumors of masterless Visions reawakening in his travels, and as such, was looking for someone to do so.

Returning to the arena, the two learn from Zhuhan that Beidou was summoned by Ningguang regarding the tournament, and is filled in on the details by Kazuha. By default, Fei is disqualified and the Traveler is crowned the champion. Kazuha warns the Traveler that the journey to Inazuma will be treacherous, even more so once they set foot on the closed nation. He also tells them that the Alcor needs to supply themselves for the trip and that they will be notified once ready; in the meantime, he intends to travel across Liyue to see if someone can reawaken the Vision, hoping the two of them will have enjoy their journeys.

Act I - The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia

Setting Sail

Wondering on the status of the Alcor, the Traveler and Paimon head to Katheryne at Liyue's guild branch. And just then, Sea Drake arrives, having been sent by Beidou to tell them that they are ready to set sail. Katheryne says her farewells, but tells them that she would be waiting for them at Narukami Island.

Beidou disembarks with the Traveler and Paimon at Ritou before being greeted by Thoma, her business partner. The Captain leaves the pair to his care, since she can't stay around for too long with Kazuha, who is still a wanted fugitive. Thoma later helps them pass the processing center to avoid suspicion given the impossible request and the ridiculous amount of Mora.

After processing, Thoma explains that there are some inspectors who try to increase the price of processing as much as possible for outlanders, who cannot leave the nation due to the Sakoku Decree. As such, the foreigners formed the International Trade Association to survive. He also learns they intend to meet with the Raiden Shogun, stating that he can help them do so, but in turn they will need to help out others first, starting with the said association.

Confessions of an Outlander

Thoma's friend and the President of the Trade Association, Kurisu, is surprised to see new outlanders, and explains that since he and the foreigners have been stuck in the port, the Kanjou Commission has been bleeding them dry with absurd taxes. They originally had to pay Mora, but they suddenly changed it to Crystal Marrow, which almost none of the Trade had heard of. Even worse, their attempts to look for it causes the item to skyrocket in both taxes and price from the only source available, leaving them in danger of homelessness. The Traveler offers to assist, with Kurisu accepting as they aren't affiliated and as a newcomer, the vendor might drop his guard.

The merchant, Werner, realizes they were sent by the Trade Association and refuses to negotiate. Returning to Thoma, he tells them that Werner hails from Mondstadt and found a "patron" after leaving the association. Giving an item from both Mondstadt and Liyue, the vendor gives in to his emotions and admits that he is playing a scheme by Keijirou and his companions; they buy all of the Crystal Marrow and give it to him, who sells the excess back to the association at profit and the cycle repeats; despite his role in the plot, he is barely paid. Tracking him down, they spot Keijirou burying a ledger. Werner tells them to send it to Kurisu, as he is too afraid to confront the President of the Trade.

Keijirou demands payment from the Trade when the Traveler and Paimon arrive and expose his wrongdoings. Cornered, the corrupt officer offers to give his spare Marrows to keep the case quiet, but Harrison, angered at the injustice, demands more and calls the commissioner by name, prompting a passing Katsuie to order the merchants arrested. Before that could happen, Thoma intervenes and hands them a card from the Yashiro Commission and a peculiar ornate fan, making Katsuie decides to drop the incident to avoid having a problem with "her".

Taking them aside, Thoma explains that he is actually an attendant of the Kamisato Clan, taking care of the clan's eldest daughter, Kamisato Ayaka, the Shirasagi Himegimi. Ayaka has heard of their feats and is expecting their arrival, hoping that they can change the tides — the Vision Hunt Decree. Although the Traveler is uninterested in helping, insist on pursuing their goal, Thoma agrees to help them meet the Electro Archon anyway and ask to meet them at Komore Teahouse, but the pair realizes they can't leave Ritou, believed it must be part of the test.

Ritou Escape Plan

Since they still need a travel permit to leave Ritou, Paimon suggests they head to the Kanjou office to meet with the Commissioner, Hiiragi Shinsuke, walks out and notices the Traveler. Hiiragi, agreed to help but after completing a unbearable request; until the Traveler spots a woman behind him who nods her head and tells Hiiragi that they would consider the offer.

Leaving the office, they secretly received a letter from Miss Hiiragi asking for a letter sent to Kujou Kamaji of the Tenryou Commission and reveals that a few days before their arrival, an arrogant-sounding woman arrived and conspired with Shinsuke to keep the Traveler on Ritou. The following day, she heads to a supply convoy and uses her position to force the two escort guards to accept the Traveler as her bodyguard. On the way, they fight off bandits, and arriving at the destination, Chisato returns to Ritou, wishing them luck and reminding them to bring the letter to Kamaji for their permit.

Three Wishes

Arriving at the teahouse, the pair are greeted by Thoma inside, who pulls a prank on them by pretending to be the dog Taroumaru. Thoma apologizes for the test, as it was necessary, if they can "change the lightning." Thoma promises to bring them to the Kamisato residence after seeing the Statue of the Omnipresent God, still under construction.

There, Thoma explains about how the Raiden Shogun declared the Vision Hunt Decree and that the "gems" embedded on the statue are the seized Visions. The Traveler touches the statue and suffers a headache as they hear the aspirations of the people, surprising Thoma and Paimon. Later at the Kamisato residence, where Ayaka anticipated their arrival. She hopes that the Traveler would assist in the fight against the Shogun, but they continue to refuse. Ayaka compromises with them, promising to bring them to the Shogun if they visit three people who had their Vision confiscated from them.

The Meaning of Meaningless Waiting

At the first location, Konda Village, the Traveler finds an old couple, Mahiru and Kenjirou trying to persuade a younger man Tejima not to leave. Inquiring the man, Tejima was a samurai who become Visionless. With his Vision gone, he has had trouble remembering why he stayed at the village for so long and is intending to leave and become a wandering samurai. The pair offer to help refresh his memory, which he accepts. They find a paper that explains why he stayed at the village; to wait for his lover, but she never came. After the events, Tejima then chooses to remain in the village to wait for her, although wondering if she would ever come.

To Treat the Well-Meaning Well

The next person is a samurai from the Tenryou Commission who had their Vision confiscated, found in Inazuma City. As Paimon wonders why the Shogunate would take action against one of their own, they hear a commotion breaking out. Two men are accusing a samurai, Kurosawa Kyounosuke, of withholding emergency rations from them. He had originally given it to them on request, but now is withholding them for no reason.

Speaking to the Samurai, he tells them that despite enforcing the Vision Hunt Decree, he was told that he had been "slacking off" to the point that he even disappointed the Raiden Shogun, causing him to lose his Vision. He had forgotten what he had done every month, and is not even aware of the rations themselves. Just recently, he was pursuing some Treasure Hoarders when the men had stopped him and asks the Traveler to track them down, believing they would have stolen the rations.

They find the Treasure Hoarders nearby, who are commenting over their recent plunders. After beating them up, Tadao tries to recruit them, but the Traveler refuses and inquires about Kurosawa. Tadao states that Kurosawa's house had nothing apart from a box, which he offers in return for his and his men's freedom. Opening the box, they are surprised to find that it only contains IOUs, all addressed to a Miss Aoi of Tsukumomono Groceries, and the Hoarder gang leaves.

Heading to Aoi, she tells them that Kurosawa always bought foodstuffs regularly from her store to give to the people, even taking on debt to ensure their well-being. She also recalls that he had a prized sword which she would accept as payment for his debts. Returning to Kurosawa once more, he learns the truth and explains the history of his sword to them. He also threatened the rioting men with his sword, even though he felt himself unable to go through with the act, and is troubled that he cannot be good or bad, wondering what to do.

A Swordmaster's Path Is Paved With Broken Blades

With the second person dealt with, they head to the final client, a swordmaster known for the Meikyou Shisui Art who is also in the city. Outside the dojo, they find two disciples worried about their sensei's well-being. The Traveler make a ruse that they had come to learn from their master seeing that the disciples were wary beyond reason. Junya apologizes, stating that with all the trouble recently, he is on high alert. Their sensei, Domon, is believed to be possessed and is recovering, explaining his history and that he took a turn for the worse when his Vision was taken. As such, they have hired shrine maidens from the Grand Narukami Shrine to exorcise the demon possessing him.

While the exorcism is in motion, Paimon spots a suspicious person nearby and the Traveler pursues them. The man is surprised they caught up so fast, believing Domon had improved their skills in the past few years. He reveals himself to be Anzai, the oldest disciple of his sensei in the art until Domon surpassed both him and their master. When he heard Domon had lost his mind, he came back to see if the rumors were true — to his surprise, Domon called out for him. He then tells them to head back to the dojo as he suspects the ritual is about to end.

The exorcism has ended, but the maiden, Inagi Hotomi, had not sensed any demon possessing Domon. However, she is unsure if another form of demon has possessed him, and tells them that Lady Yae has taken notice of the unusual case. She tells them to come to the shrine tomorrow and leaves. At the shrine, Yae inspects Domon and states that he is not possessed, much to the disciples' surprise. The Vision gave Domon immense aspirations, and when it was seized, the gruesome fact that he had destroyed the aspirations of his past deeds, rushed back into him, turning him maniacal. Anzai then walks in, much to Domon's surprise and tells him that he had accepted the fact that his aspirations were gone and had "passed" them to Domon. Now that Domon's aspirations are gone, he urges them to pass it to his disciples, who are still willing to learn from him. Domon eventually realizes the meaning behind Anzai's words and promises to, thanking Yae for her help with his disciples before leaving.

Yae then speaks with the Traveler, having anticipated their arrival, albeit premature — nonetheless, she mysteriously states that she has high expectations for them and they better not disappoint her. Paimon then suggests they return to Ayaka.

A Flower Blooms In Prison

Ayaka introduces herself in person this time and explains the reasoning to why she sent them to three former Vision bearers - seeing the suffering first hand, making the Traveler finally agrees to help. Heading to the teahouse, Ayaka explains about the resistance's actions. One of their operations, creating fake Visions, was halted when the craftsman responsible for making them, Master Masakatsu, had been arrested. Ayaka wishes to break him out, but cannot risk either herself or Thoma to lead the operation — therefore, the Traveler would do the job. She states that there will be more people willing to help and sends them to the Naganohara Fireworks.

There, they find members of the Tenryou Commission threaten a Vision bearer. Before the Traveler could intervene, a woman grabs their attention. Paimon scolds them for not interfering as the samurai take the Vision. Apparently it was all a ruse and the woman, Yoimiya, is known by the people of Inazuma for her fireworks — despite this, she was not exempt, but managed to elude confiscation due to Masakatsu's craftsmanship. Yoimiya learns from Paimon that the two were sent by Ayaka to break Masakatsu out.

Arriving at the police station, the Traveler and Yoimiya enter through a backdoor, upon which she leaves them to finish her "gift". The three eventually arrive at the main holding cell where the guards are torturing Masakatsu. But before they can do anything, Kujou Sara comes in, checks on Masakatsu and then scolds the guards for torture. She soon hears Yoimiya's footsteps and orders the guards to investigate. Yoimiya then sets off her "gift" to distract the guards as they rescue Masakatsu. Sara then spots them in the act, but allows them to leave as she knows Masakatsu needs urgent care, but warns the craftsman that she'll bring him back in when he's recovered.

Yoimiya and Masakatsu thank the Traveler and Paimon, who then return to the teahouse to inform Ayaka of the good news. Thoma also states that the Tenryou Commission has been tasked with a "ceremony" of sorts and suggests they spend the next few days relaxing, which Ayaka accepts. After having a hot pot "game", the group separates.

Act II - Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow

Amidst Stormy Judgment

The following day after their "hot pot" game, the Traveler decides to return to the Komore Teahouse. They think that Thoma is once again trying to pull a prank on them; however, it is revealed to be no prank as Ayaka walks in and asks them if they've seen him. Replying with 'no', Ayaka confirms her fears; according to her, Thoma may have been taken away by the Tenryou Commission. She explains that Thoma would be the 100th victim of the Vision Hunt Decree. Ayaka attempts to go herself, but the Traveler and Paimon stops her, saying doing so would make her and the entire Yashiro Commission enemies of the Raiden Shogun. Thus, they offer to go themselves to save Thoma.

The Traveler arrives in time to the ceremony to see Thoma, but also the Raiden Shogun in person. The Raiden Shogun pulls Thoma's Vision, but before she could inlay it into the statue, the Traveler intercepts and grabs it, knocking the two guards restraining Thoma out in the process. The Shogun is impressed at their ability to manipulate elements without a Vision and drags them into an alternate realm for battle, using it as "verification" purposes.

Despite the Traveler's powers, the sheer strength of the Shogun leaves them incapacitated as the realm around them disappears. The Shogun attempts to finish the Traveler off with the Musou no Hitotachi, but before she could land the killing blow, Thoma breaks free of his bindings and throws a nearby spear at her, forcing her to cancel the attack, generating a massive gust that sends the Traveler flying at Thoma, who catches them, and then they flee. The guards wonder who the Traveler was, while the Shogun issues an arrest warrant on the two, stating that she will strike twice against the Traveler next time.

A fair distance away in the city, Thoma tells the Traveler that he will need to go into hiding for a good period of time and they have to take the next step themselves. He suggests they find the Watatsumi Army, believing them to be the best choice to take them in from the arrest warrant that is bound to be declared on them soon. He also admits that the Yashiro Commission is not on good terms with the resistance, but the Traveler, being a unique outlier, should be able to convince them. As he is not sure where the resistance may be, he suggests that they gather intelligence on the way there and wishes them luck.

In the Name of the Resistance

Waving goodbye, the Traveler and Paimon decide to find the resistance, starting at Tatarasuna. Along the way, they overhear a pair of Shogunate soldiers, Takayama and Ishihara, saying that the resistance is being pushed near Musoujin Gorge. Paimon suggests they verify the information before ensuring the resistance is based at the gorge. Continuing on, they find a pair of travelers - Sakamoto and Jiichirou. Sakamoto wishes to go to Higi Village, believing it to be safer than the warzone, while Jiichirou had just been to Nazuchi Beach, complaining it was complete chaos there. Paimon then suggests they check the beach.

Upon arrival, they notice a resistance soldier that is under attack by the Shogunate soldiers. After confronting them and rescuing the resistance soldier, he introduces himself as Teppei of the Gobius Platoon. He explains that the General of the resistance, Gorou, is looking for more like-minded people, and that the Traveler's presence would be a help for the resistance as they can use the elements without a Vision. Teppei then explains that the Shogun's goal is the Eternity, and as such, they have the help of Kujou Sara, who controls an exceptionally strong force.

Arriving at the camp, Teppei introduces the Traveler to Gorou, telling him about how they saved him and used the elements without a Vision. Gorou asks them if they are certain they wish to join as they will have to sacrifice their lives if need be. The Traveler tells him about the Vision Hunt Ceremony, upon which Gorou states he heard there was a disturbance in the ceremony despite the Raiden Shogun's presence. They then tell him that they were the ones who did so, much to his surprise, but he then recalls a bounty paper from a defeated Shogunate samurai that matches their description, so he welcomes them into their ranks.

Teppei offers to introduce the Traveler to the Resistance camp. They go to the hospital camp to introduce them to Teppei's friends. Teppei requests the Traveler to pick out materials that can be used as medicine. After they collect the materials, Tokuda suggests that the Traveler checks out the archery camp, to which they agree to. Once there, Teppei introduces the Traveler to more of his friends, and they request the Traveler to give them a demonstration on how to use a bow.

Proving their archery skill, Hisahiko and Shouji thank the Traveler. They explain that they used to have a peaceful life, and war was the last thing on their mind, but that had changed with the Vision Hunt Decree. They had decided to join the Resistance in order to prove their worth, speculating if it is possible for those without Visions to fight. All of a sudden, a messenger arrives, informing them that the Shogunate army has breached the camp.

After repelling the attackers, Teppei comments that the Shogunate's forces shouldn't have been able to get this far in and concludes that there must be a traitor in the army. The messenger then returns and informs them that some of the walls have been damaged, which may be why the Shogunate army decided to attack. Apart from tasking them to repair the walls, he also suggests they double the sentries to avoid such attacks in the future before leaving. Teppei then starts a contest with the Traveler to see who can repair the wall faster.

Upon repairing the walls, Teppei has a sense of relief, though he complains about having to do logistics work again when he was looking forward to the combat after being transferred to the front line. He is insistent about being on the front line to show his worth in battle, as every member knows the risks they are facing. They go to report to Gorou, but he is nowhere to be found. Kaida informs them that they have just caught wind of a massive Shogunate army led by Sara advancing on the main front, warranting Gorou's attention. He is worried that the resistance will be routed and have to retreat once more, causing morale to deplete further. The Traveler and Teppei offer to head to the front to assist in any way possible.

They arrive to a confrontation between the Shogunate and the Resistance, with Sara complaining that the leader of the resistance has been causing a lot of trouble for the Shogun. She offers Gorou a deal; knowing that the Traveler has sought refuge in the resistance, she states that she will order a ceasefire if the Resistance gives the Traveler to her, but Gorou refuses, not intending to betray one of their own.

When the Traveler arrives, Sara immediately recognizes them and applauds them for the bravery. She offers a deal for the Traveler; to represent the resistance in a fight of honor. Gorou explains that both sides choose their finest warriors for a match of single combat, and victory could constitute an important boost to the weaker side's morale. Despite Gorou's insistence that she is trying to capture them, the Traveler accepts her offer. Rather than facing them head on, Sara instead has them battle some Shogunate soldiers, all of whom they defeat.

Sara is impressed by their strength and concludes the duel, initiating the actual battle. The Shogunate forces inflict considerable casualties against the resistance, much to Gorou's frustration as he orders them to hold the line. In the midst of the battle, Hydro bubbles appear, signaling the arrival of Sangonomiya Kokomi, the resistance leader. With a large group of mercenaries, along with both Beidou and Kazuha, the new reinforcements relieve the pressure on the battlefield and turn the tide. A frustrated Sara then orders the Shogunate forces to retreat.

Kokomi introduces herself to the Traveler, admitting she hadn't expected them to join the Resistance, and asks the Traveler about their current plans. Having no immediate plan of action, Kokomi requests to continue the conservation at the Shrine of Sangonomiya. Teppei offers to come, as he knows Watatsumi Island very well. She informs Gorou that she is not done with her plans yet but assures him that the mercenaries and Kazuha will remain at the camp to discourage future Shogunate attacks. She also tells the Traveler she will be waiting for them at Watatsumi Island and to inform Teppei when they're ready to do so as she leaves.

Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals

Sword, Fish, Resistance

Meeting up with Teppei, he tells the Traveler that their appointment with Sangonomiya Kokomi is coming and sails them to Watatsumi Island. Arriving at Bourou Village, Teppei suddenly remembers about the appointment as he puts himself at ease. The two head there and find Kokomi talking with Ookubo Daisuke, the former telling the latter to keep food supplies steady and that the army is expanding. As the two walk in, Daisuke is surprised to see Teppei, and even moreso when he recognizes the Traveler as the new recruit everyone is talking about. Daisuke then excuses himself.

Teppei then asks Kokomi what she meant about the expanding army, and she tells the two that a short while ago, someone sent her a letter promising her men and supplies as long as they continued their fight against the Shogunate. While suspicious of their true motives, she nonetheless chose to ally with them for the badly needed supplies. Seeing the Traveler's potential, she also promotes them to captain of the Swordfish II spec ops group, much to Teppei's bewilderment. Kokomi hands them an appointment letter so they could get their squad's trust, while explaining that some ronin have been causing trouble for the rearguard and need to be exterminated. As Teppei asks what he could do, Kokomi promises to find something for him.

They find two members, who inspect the letter. They are skeptical of their prowess, so they have them take out a group of ronin nearby, as they don't have time for a duel. After clearing the ronin, they introduce themselves as Koutoku and Yoshihisa. Koutoku cedes position of captain to the Traveler, who then asks them if there are any other ronin to deal with. Yoshihisa states that there is a stronghold on the eastern side of the island, and Paimon encourages the Traveler to clear them out so they can't hamper the war efforts. At the area, there are three camps, and the group separates to clear them all out at once before they could scatter and regroup. With the island now secure, the Traveler returns to Kokomi for further instruction.

Kokomi thanks them for their efforts and gives them a new assignment. The ruins of Fort Mumei during the Archon Wars have been used as a supply transit between Watatsumi and Tatarasuna, but recently, supplies have gone missing and there were no reports of danger in the area. She tasks them with investigating what is going on there, but allows them to take a few days' respite. The Traveler then asks where Teppei went, and she tells them that she sent him on a naval battle against the Shogun's Navy per his wishes to fight on the front lines. The Traveler trains with their unit and meets Teppei a few days later. He is excited to see them doing well and also reveals that due to his participation in the naval battle, he has now been appointed captain of the newly formed Herring I unit. As the two share some small talk, a member of Herring I calls him over for their new mission. The Traveler and Paimon then go off to complete their own assignment.

Those Who Yearn For the Gods' Gaze

The Traveler and Paimon arrive at Fort Mumei and find some suspicious Electro Monuments. Upon activating the monuments, a Thunderhelm Lawachurl ambushes them but is easily slain by the Traveler. Paimon wonders about its appearance and the 'creepy atmosphere', but before she can urge the Traveler to go back, a slightly worse for wear and coughing Teppei arrives. He excuses his state as probably just a cold he caught at sea, and explains that he was returning from delivering supplies to the front line and stopped by the area to check out for threats. Paimon asks him if he thinks there's something strange about the area, to which he agrees and says there's something off about it. He believes it may be due to the Tatarigami being more present due to the close proximity to the remains of Orobaxi, the guardian deity of the Watatsumi ancestors who was slain by the Raiden Shogun after it invaded Yashiori Island. Furthermore, Teppei also mentions a rumor that the Shogun also lost something dear to her during the Archon War. However, he also explains that the animosity between Watatsumi Island and the Shogunate is not the reason why the resistance was formed. Rather, because the Shogun stopped Orobaxi when it attacked civilization, they must now take a stand against the shogun who has turned against the people with the Vision Hunt Decree. With the short history lesson over, they split up so Teppei can take a breather and the Traveler can report back to Kokomi.

At the shrine, the pair find Kokomi with Gorou, having a serious discussion about strange symptoms that have been found among some of the resistance's soldiers. These soldiers were ambitious types who had acquired some kind of secret weapon from their new sponsor. Gorou managed to acquire one, which the Traveler immediately recognizes as a Fatui Delusion. They are shocked to realize that their secretive ally may actually be the Fatui, but Kokomi is more concerned with stopping the use of Delusions within the group due to the risky side effects. She and Gorou decide to go to the camp themselves, while the Traveler and Paimon rush to check in on Teppei after remembering his state earlier.

When they finally find him, Teppei seems to have aged significantly in the short time they were away. He tells them about the contributions he has made to the war effort and says that he could do even more if he was stronger. When the Traveler asks him about his 'secret weapon', he reveals that he got it from some people who claimed to be with their sponsor shortly after the Traveler became the captain of Swordfish II. They claimed that it would answer his call so long as he has the will to be stronger, like a Vision. The Traveler corrects him and tells him the weapon was actually a Delusion, which drains the user's life force. Teppei realizes that this must be the reason he's been feeling more tired and having a sense of dread and laments that he didn't receive the favor of the gods. Despite seemingly accepting his fate, he still tries to comfort the Traveler by saying he'll be right as rain after he takes a rest, even telling to bring back their uniforms once they're ready so they can change together. As Teppei's beathing gets weaker and weaker before he passes, the Traveler vows revenge on the Fatui.


Kokomi and Gorou arrive outside the training ground and meet with the Traveler. She has enacted a ban on the Delusions; while most only a loss of vitality, a few others had died. Gorou states that the soldiers will continue to use the Delusions despite the ban. Kokomi decides to head to the front lines to address the situation, but the Traveler insists on going instead to get revenge on the Fatui. Kokomi is concerned for their safety, believing that they would be unable to handle the situation alone and suggests forming a strike team as support. Gorou advises her against this, as the reckless confiscation of the Delusions are likely to get the Fatui's attention. Kokomi brainstorms where the Fatui are making the Delusions, as the Sakoku Decree would prevent them from importing them into Inazuma. She then guesses that the factory is somewhere on Yashiori Island and the Traveler immediately makes their way there.

As the Traveler clears the facility, they realize that the Kanjou Commission has been collaborating with them due to the Crystal Marrow stocks inside. The Fatui desperately try to hold them off for the "Lord Harbinger". The Harbinger is soon revealed to be Scaramouche, but he claims that he is not the mastermind of the events in Inazuma, only simply following orders. He states that the Delusions make for a powerful market for the weak, such as Teppei, which angers the Traveler. They then collapse, with Scaramouche revealing that the facility is infested with the energy of the old gods who sense their anger. Before the Traveler blacks out, they spot Yae Miko confronting Scaramouche.

The Servant's Path

The Traveler comes to at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Miko explains that the Traveler is the only one who can save Inazuma and Ei, the Raiden Shogun. She states that the person they saw at the ceremony is a vessel and that Ei is actually the sword used in the Musou no Hitotachi art. But because the Traveler also manifested inside her realm, she believes that Ei has taken an interest in them. She also believes that if they can defeat her in the plane, she would repeal the Vision Hunt Decree and sends them off for specialized training.

Arriving at an abandoned shrine at the base of the mountain, Miko reveals a mechanism that allows the Traveler to fight the Shogun based on her memory of her at the time. She also reveals herself to be a fox servant of Ei, but because she believes Ei is acting childish, it is up to her to bring her back to reality. After finishing the training, Miko states that she has a guest to greet at the shrine. The guest is none other than Kujou Sara, who immediately orders the Traveler's arrest, but Miko reminds her that no violence is allowed at the shrine. Sara begrudgingly orders her troops to stand down and leave per Miko's request. Miko tells her that the Vision Hunt Decree is a lie and that the Fatui are pulling the strings, but Sara is not convinced, so Miko states that she'll give her the evidence in three days. Sara accepts, stating that if the evidence is nonexistent or false, Miko will have to apologize for her baseless slander and that the Traveler would be coming with her.

Proof of Guilt

As Sara leaves, Miko reveals that they can get their evidence by "awakening the professional" at Chinju Forest. The professional is none other than Sayu, and Miko tells Paimon that she is a member of the Shuumatsuban. Miko tells the Traveler to go into town to collect evidence, which they are unsure of, but she reminds them of the Yashiro Commission. They arrive at Komore Teahouse and find Thoma still hiding inside, asking them to bring Ayaka to the teahouse. Once she arrives, the Traveler explains their activities. Ayaka found it odd that the Shogun never inquired about the war against the resistance, but only Kujou Takayuki has access to the documents. Even then, it is heavily guarded, but a distraction should help, upon which Thoma remembers Yoimiya. They meet with Yoimiya and ask for a firework; she gives them an extra-large one and asks them to let it know how it went.

The Traveler meets up with Sayu before setting the fireworks off by the Statue of the Omnipresent God and fleeing back to teahouse. Sayu soon returns, having taken everything she deemed suspicious before going off to sleep. As Ayaka looks at the papers, she finds a document for the latest war report and another for collaboration with the Fatui. She gives them to the Traveler and Paimon tells them to return to the shrine.

Returning to the shrine, Sara asks Miko for the evidence. The Traveler arrives with them, which Sara reads. She is disgusted to see that there is no mention of the war in the official report, and after looking at the collaboration letter, becomes enraged as she storms off to confront her adoptive father. The Traveler and Paimon prepare to follow her, but Miko states that if they want to reach Ei, they'll have to recreate the scenario as with their first encounter. She also gives them an omamori as a farewell gift, telling them to use it wisely.

Blind Loyalty, Reckless Courage

Returning to town, Sara discovers the two have followed her. She nonetheless accepts them witnesses until she gets answers from her adoptive father, but warns them that if they've deceived her she'll charge them with an extra crime. Heading inside, she forcefully removes all of the guards, prompting Takayuki to come out and scold her. Sara asks him if what she saw is true, which he does not deny, stating that the Fatui were means to preserve the clan's power, as they would be no match for the Shogun herself. He also reveals that she is meeting with Signora at Tenshukaku, much to the Traveler and Paimon's surprise as they realize she is the mastermind behind everything in Inazuma.

Duel Before the Throne

Heading into Tenshukaku, the Traveler finds that Sara has dispatched of all of the guards. Heading inside, they find the Shogun, Signora, and an unconscious Sara. The Shogun chastises Signora for punishing one of her own, while the Traveler informs her of the Fatui's misdeeds. Signora feigns innocence in the accusations and reminds the Traveler that they're still a wanted criminal. They counter this by calling a duel before the throne, which the Shogun accepts. Signora, confident that she would win, becomes shocked when she ends up losing. The Shogun then walks towards the two, prompting the Traveler to raise their sword, but she ignores them and heads for Signora. The Harbinger protests that she has diplomatic immunity, but her plea falls on deaf ears as the Shogun executes her with the Musou no Hitotachi. She then allows the Traveler to leave Tenshukaku alive.

As the Traveler leaves Tenshukaku, they get some headaches while Paimon is worried over their silence. Upon exiting the grounds, they find the resistance, along with Gorou and Kazuha, who then stop in horror as they spot the Shogun's sigil behind them as she prepares emerge and strike them down. Kazuha, with the assistance of his friend's Vision, manages to dart to them and block the attack before he is knocked away. The rest of the group charges at the Shogun, but knowing that they are no match for her, the Traveler attacks the Shogun first, arriving at Ei's plane.

The Omnipresent God

Inside the realm, Ei reveals that she allows the Vision Hunt Decree to go on despite knowing of the Fatui's involvement as it poses no threat to her ideals of eternity. The Traveler states that they are here to demolish her notions, which Ei takes as a challenge to a duel and accepts. During the duel, Ei releases the Vision Hunt Decree, but the Traveler remembers the omamori Miko gave them and takes it out, causing her to appear in the plane. Ei is surprised to see Miko and her involvement in the plan. Miko informs the Traveler to tap into the Visions embedded on the statue, allowing them to repel the decree and defeat Ei. Ei concedes defeat but initially maintains that she is doing the right thing, to which Miko replies that she is doing more harm than good. Ei then decides to rescind the Vision Hunt Decree.

After learning the full extent of the damage caused by the Fatui, Ei has the Shogun return the seized Visions back to their rightful owners provided that they could be found or were alive and has both the Kanjou and Tenryou Commissoners arrested for their roles in the Fatui plot.


Returning to the shrine, the Traveler meets with Miko, who requested them to the shrine. Paimon is glad that they stopped the Fatui and prevented them from getting their hands on a Gnosis, but she reveals that she gave it to Scaramouche in return for the Traveler's safety. Miko explains that prior to her meditation, Ei gave the Gnosis to her as she only saw it as a sign of conflict and she had cut off all ties with Celestia. In return for saving Inazuma and knowing that their journey is not over, she allows them to ask several questions. She promises to help them look for their sibling and advises that they go to Sumeru next.

Act IV - Requiem of the Echoing Depths

In the Depths, an Unexpected Reunion

Arriving at Liyue's Adventurers' Guild branch, Paimon and the Traveler greet Katheryne. Katheryne is in a cheery mood and tells the Traveler that they will have an unexpected reunion, later explaining to Paimon that she had just returned from Inazuma's Grand Narukami Shrine. The words remind the Traveler of their sibling, much to Paimon's concern. Paimon then asks Katheryne if she has a commission for them, which she confirms. A man named Yuehui placed a commission regarding The Chasm and she wishes them luck, while also remarking that they're plunging into the abyss.

On the way to the mine, the two are greeted by some Millelith guards who recognize them due to their involvement in the battle against Beisht. They let them pass and they find Yuehei inside. Yuehei explains to them that the Qixing reopened the Chasm and he and his men were the first to get a permit to mine on the outskirts. While one of his miners was on a break, he saw some hilichurls walk straight into the Chasm in a trance and they never returned. As such, his men are concerned about what's going on inside and that it's beginning to hamper mining operations. Paimon suggests considering the offer, but the Traveler takes it right away, as they suspect that the Abyss Order must be involved in some manner.

After unlocking access to the Chasm and unlocking a few mysteries, the Traveler and Paimon discover some underground ruins similarly to the Defiled Statue. Just then, Dainsleif runs in and both groups are surprised as they never expected to run into each other. Dainsleif explains to the two that he was on the trail of another Abyss Herald when it retreated through the portals. He also discovered that the Abyss Order directs where the portal goes. As such, when he ran into the portal during their encounter with their sibling, he ended up in Stormterror's Lair. The Traveler inquires as to his identity, in which he reveals a bit about Khaenri'ah but is reluctant to do so. They then notice a lit brazier nearby and decide to investigate.

The Grave of the Guarded

Upon arriving at the site, they find evidence of hilichurl activity. After Paimon remarks about the evidence, Dainsleif asks them what they were doing in the Chasm. Paimon then tells him that the Traveler was commissioned to investigate hilichurl activity. Dainsleif then remarks that the area appears to lessen the curse and that the hilichurls coming here are expecting to die, as they too also hail from Khaenri'ah and the masks are used to hide their true faces.

Just then, two Black Serpent Knight attacks the trio which they repel. Dainsleif explains that the knights were originally men under his guard, but have since been consumed by the curse and lost all honor. Paimon and the Traveler then spot an another knight which doesn't attack them but leaves when Dainsleif refocuses on it. He wonders if the knight had somehow remembered him despite lacking "it".

Arriving at the entrance to the inverted ruins, Dainsleif dispels a barrier to gain access, stating that the building might have belonged to a civlization older than his. They find some Black Serpent Knights inside and eliminate them, discovering that they were guarding some hilichurls who were aware they were going to die, not being related to the Abyss Order. More Black Serpent Knights then appear, but the knight from before also comes in and orders them to retreat; before Dainsleif could act any further, the special knight had also left. Dainsleif then suspects that the knight must be "Halfdan", a promising young man in the Elite Guard. Dainsleif recalls that during the fall of Khaenri'ah, he had told Halfdan to order the Black Serpents to protect the common folk and believes that despite their curse, they still remember their final orders. Dainsleif then reminds them they need to climb the summit, but the knights should no longer obstruct them.

Once they arrive at the summit, they find a water structure which Dainsleif recognizes as the source of weakening the curse. Halfdan then arrives and urges them to follow him.

Memories of Inteyvat

As they follow Halfdan's path, they come across several Hilichurl settlements on the way. At the last site, Dainsleif asks them to investigate everything. The Traveler finds a flower which Dainsleif recognizes as an Inteyvat, a flower that wilts upon two weeks of blooming but hardens if taken out of Khaenri'ah. The Traveler then recalls a flashback in which they witness their sibling talking to an Abyss Herald about their plan to remove the curse and rebuild Khaenri'ah regardless of how slim the odds were. Dainsleif considers the plan folly due to his stance that the curse is vital despite loathing it and that they should stop the Abyss Order as it would tarnish Halfdan and the other knights' legacy. The Traveler chooses to assist him due to their growing stances on the world.

On the way out of the settlement, a bright light flashes and the Abyss Herald warps in and admits that it had made a mistake in not overseeing where Dainsleif would have gone. It insists that the Abyss Order is doing a service for the hilichurls, but Dainsleif dismisses it as folly. They kill the Herald after a short battle, upon which Dainsleif tells them to hurry back to the temple to destroy the device.

The Black Serpent Knights' Glory

Making their way to the summit, they spot an Abyss Lector trying to attempt the ritual that ends up bringing suffering to the hilichurls, knights and Dainsleif. Dainsleif asks the Traveler to stop the device, but before they could act, Halfdan runs in and covers it with his body, temporarily stopping the device. Dainsleif is impressed by Halfdan's soul as he had expected him to turn to ash on contact. The Traveler then kills the Lector and offers to take the device's power in Halfdan's stead, but Dainsleif tells them that there's several smaller devices powering it and sends them off to destroy them.

After destroying the four devices, they return to the center where they confirm that Halfdan is dead. As Dainsleif walks away, Halfdan's soul appears and the two salute each other. Dainsleif reassures Halfdan that Khaenri'ah still stands and thanks him for his service. After his soul passes on, Dainsleif tells the Traveler that the Abyss Order's operation is still ongoing and that they'll need to pick a side soon, while Paimon suggests he take a short moment of respite as the device had harmed him significantly.


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