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Chapter I of the Archon Quests in Genshin Impact takes place in Liyue for the first three acts while the fourth focuses on the Traveler.


Act I - Of the Land Amidst Monoliths

After being informed by Venti that Rex Lapis is coming to Liyue this year to begin the Rite of Descension, the Traveler and Paimon quickly rush to Liyue to meet the Geo Archon before he leaves.

Arriving at Liyue Harbor, the two just arrive in time for the ceremony. As Ningguang summons Rex Lapis, he appears dead before the entire crowd. She orders the Millelith to apprehend all suspects, the Traveler included because they aren't from Liyue and they were too close to the center. The Traveler attempts to sneak out of the area, but on the way, accidentally steps on some glass and alerts the Millelith of their presence. A group of Millelith soon surround the Traveler, who draws their sword out. Before they can fight, a young Hydro user defeats them. Taking them to safety, the young man introduces himself as "Childe", and asks if they met Signora in Mondstadt. The two realize that Childe is also one of the Harbingers and become wary of him, but Childe insists that he is not here to fight and that he will tell them more when they arrive at Northland Bank.

Upon making their way to the bank, Childe tells them in order to clear their name, they have to get the word of the adepti before the Millieth does, who are rumored to live at Jueyun Karst. He gives them a sigil to prevent the adepti from harming them if they become hostile.

At Jueyun Karst, the pair meet with the Moon Carver, who notices their sigil and asks what they are doing in the area. The Millelith then arrive, prompting the Moon Carver to ask the Traveler to remove them so they can continue speaking. With the guards routed, the Traveler explains that Rex Lapis was assassinated, much to the adepti's rage. Knowing that the Traveler is innocent of the crimes that the Millelith have accused them of, it tells them to seek out the Cloud Retainer and Mountain Shaper and the Demon Conqueror; the former two residing around Jueyun, and the latter in Wangshu Inn.

The "Demon Conqueror" the Moon Carver was referring to is a young man named Xiao, who appears to be irritated by their presence and leaves. Speaking to the inn's boss, Verr Goldet, she tells them that Xiao is actually an adepti and enjoys Almond Tofu, leaving the other dish up to them, which they decide to make a Satisfying Salad. She suggests they speak to the chef for the special Almond Tofu. The chef however, is too terrified to create the dish, as a ghost has been haunting the inn. As the pair investigate, Paimon spots the ghost, terrifying the chef even further. With Goldet's advice, the pair follow the ghost, who ends up possessing a decrepit Ruin Hunter. After defeating the Ruin Hunter, the ghost promises to stop haunting the inn if the Traveler continues to play with her. Upon telling the chef of the ghost's promise, he is relieved and creates some Almond Tofu for them.

With the tofu and salad on hand, they catch up to Xiao. They manage to stop him from leaving by offering him their food, and then tell him about Rex's death, which shocks him. At Paimon's request, he explains to them that the ghost is an innocent spirit who could not move on, so he asked the innkeeper and boss to take care of her for the time being.

With one of the three adepti found, the Traveler and Paimon begin their search for the Mountain Shaper. Arriving on Mt. Hulao, they find a man begging the adepti to give mercy to him and his brother. Mistaking the two for adepti messengers, he explains to them that they were going up the mountain when his brother became encased in amber. They find his brother and free him from the amber. The Mountain Shaper then appears, angered at the Traveler for freeing a "thief" and disturbing its mountain. Showing it the sigil, it then questions them to their presence and learns from them about Rex's death. It also explains to them that it planted many karst flowers to keep the mountain's tranquility, seeing everyone else as thieves and that those who stepped on the flowers would be encased in amber.

With the second adepti found, the Cloud Retainer is the last one to be found. Arriving at Mt. Aocang, they find a stone table with food remains, which is meant to be food offered to the adepti. Looking around the area, they place some delicious Matsutake Meat Rolls, Jewelry Soup and Mora Meat on the stone table. Cloud Retainer allows them to enter its residence for the offerings, but will only meet them if they can navigate its domain. They are able to solve the puzzles and meet Cloud Retainer, upon which they explain about Rex's death to it. Cloud Retainer becomes enraged and vows to destroy Liyue for their crimes, but the Traveler manages to calm it down by countering with a "contract" of sorts with the food they had offered it, which it reluctantly accepts.

Now with all three adepti found, the Traveler returns to Childe and informs them of all that had transpired, who in turn tells them that the Liyue Qixing are refusing to let anyone see Rex's body. Paimon accidentally blurts out that they came to visit The Seven, which Childe immediately takes note of. He tells them that he can help them, but it will be some time in order to meet with his contact.

Act II - Farewell, Archaic Lord

After returning from Jueyun Karst, the Traveler and Paimon return to the Northland Bank and informed Childe of the adepti. Childe in turn tells them that the Liyue Qixing have hidden the Exuvia, but he has a contact that can get them in. Ekaterina tells them that he is waiting for them at Liuli Pavilion.

Arriving at the restaurant, Childe introduces the two to Zhongli, a consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Zhongli states that it is his duty to give Rex Lapis a proper farewell, as the adepti are slowly distancing themselves from the rise of mankind. Because of this role, he is capable of bringing the Traveler to the Exuvia. Although suspicious of Childe's intentions, he does not pry further and states that they must go to buy the needed funeral items, the first one being some Noctilucous Jade, having been provided the mora from Childe.

The three visit the Jade Mystery and inspect Shitou's samples. Although they only needed one sample of jade, Zhongli inexplicably tries to buy all three. However, Paimon stops him and suggests to re-evaluate the purchase. Zhongli is not bothered, but reveals to them how he can tell high-quality jade based on their Pyro affinity. Returning to Shitou, he reluctantly chips off a small sample from all three of his jade. Although the samples are paper-thin, Zhongli states that they can always reinforce the interior with Hydro. The Traveler recalls the massive cooking pot from the Meaty Tribe in Dadaupa Gorge. The three travel there and use the cooking pot to test the jade samples, fending off the angry tribe due to ruining their food.

With the third sample proving to be of the highest quality, the three return to Shitou and buy the third jade from him. Shitou then inquires as to why they are buying the jade, upon which Zhongli explains to him of Rex's passing. Saddened by the Geo Archon's death, Shitou sells the jade to them at half price, which the Traveler pays off. They then leave the jade for the jewelsmith to forge.

The next items on Zhongli's list are some perfumes which are created from flowers. They meet with Bolai and ask for some Silk Flowers. Unsurprisingly, Zhongli does not have any mora on him, but after learning why they are buying the flowers, Bolai gives the flowers to them for free. However, he has no idea how to create the perfume, so he suggests speaking to some women around the city for advice, culminating with the Traveler making some with Ying'er's assistance. With all three perfumes on hand, they return to Zhongli and offer the perfumes to the Statue of the Seven outside the harbor.

Zhongli then tells them that he needs the Cleansing Bell from Madame Ping, but refuses to go with them under the pretense of having some business to attend to. They find Madame Ping in Yujing Terrace, who tells them that the bell is inside her teapot, which is actually a domain, making them realize that she is one of the adepti. They recover the bell and return to Zhongli.

With the rite nearing completion, Zhongli heads to Granny Shan and takes the kites he had commissioned. Granny Shan is one of the few who appear to care for Liyue's old traditions and appreciates Zhongli's compliments on how well the kites are made. Zhongli now needs some extra work done, so Childe gives the Traveler a bag of mora to get the needed workers. They negotiate with Tic, Tac and Toe to get the requested services, before returning to Childe. Childe allows them to keep the remaining mora in exchange for some information, offering to leave the vaults at the Northland Bank open in return. Before Paimon could answer, the Traveler reflexively refuses to help him, which upsets Childe. Zhongli then walks in, unaware of the conversation, and states that they need to get some Everlasting Incense from Bubu Pharmacy.

Arriving at the pharmacy, they are greeted by Qiqi. Learning that they want some Everlasting Incense, she requests their prescription, but they are not using it for medicinal purposes. Qiqi appears to be unaware of the Geo Archon's passing, stating that she will give them some if they help her hunt a cocogoat, which they'll need to use the Guizhong Ballista in order to do so. The three head to Mt. Tianheng and find the disabled ballista. Zhongli recalls that there was a supply post nearby with spare parts, which they raid to repair the ballista. Doing so causes some Treasure Hoarders to attack the group, as they had disabled it in order to loot the surrounding area. They defeat the bandits but soon realize that there is no cocogoat, as the ballista would have detected it.

Returning to the pharmacy, they tell Qiqi that there is no cocogoat. She then takes out her notebook and realizes that she meant coconut milk, and the Traveler begins explaining how coconut milk is created. A man then appears and thanks them for taking care of Qiqi. Introducing himself as Baizhu, he learns that they want some Everlasting Incense and offers to sell it for three million mora, which they can't afford. The Traveler is forced to go to Childe for aid, who is amused by the story and agrees to pay for the incense and set up a supply of coconut milk for the pharmacy. As the group talks, Childe excuses himself and asks Ekaterina if she had heard of anything useful. She tells him that the Qixing have hidden the Exuvia at the Golden House.

Zhongli asks the Traveler about their opinion collecting the materials for the rite. Regardless of their response, he tells them to meet him at the Third-Round Knockout, a hole-in-the-wall tavern and he has brought mora to pay for the expenses. Arriving at the tavern, Iron Tongue Tian tells them a story about Ningguang just as a young woman appears, having found the Traveler. The woman introduces herself as Ganyu and that Ningguang has extended them an invitation to the Jade Chamber. Zhongli tells them to go, as such invitations are rare, and that he'll be waiting for them at Dihua Marsh when their business with Ningguang is done.

Act III - A New Star Approaches

Having received an invitation from Ningguang to the Jade Chamber through the Liyue Qixing's emissary, Ganyu, the Traveler and Paimon search for a way there at Mt. Tianheng. They initially find a mechanism and use it, but it does not take them as far as they expected. The Traveler then remembers the Guizhong Ballista that Zhongli had repaired while hunting for the non-existent cocogoat. Arriving at the ruins, they find the Millelith standing guard outside. Paimon panics and believes that Ningguang had lured them into a trap, causing a fight.

The Traveler defeats the Millelith just as a young woman approaches and asks what is going on. Learning that the two "had designs" on the ballista, the Traveler tells her that they were looking for a way to the Jade Chamber. The woman then introduces herself as Keqing and realizes that they are Ningguang's guests. She tells them that the Millelith are here because someone had magically repaired the ballista in a single day, when it had been standing in disrepair for a long time. Keqing explains how to access the Jade Chamber and departs.

Paimon then remembers that they still need to give a gift to Ningguang per tradition, and suggests making a tasty slime snack. The Traveler obtains the ingredients and saves a man from Treasure Hoarders. Grateful for the rescue, he sends word back to his boss to allow them to take some items for free. With a gift now in hand, they head to Yuehai Pavilion to ascend to the Jade Chamber, where they are greeted by Ningguang. She gracefully accepts Paimon's gift and offers one in return, before speaking at length about various subjects, including deities, archons, and the Fatui. Paimon suggests looking at the board and finds a special paper, heading to some ruins where they find evidence that the Fatui were researching the Sigils of Permission.

With the business at the Jade Palace wrapped up, they meet up with Zhongli at Dihua Marsh to continue preparing for the Rite of Parting. Zhongli tells them that they need wild Glaze Lilies. While searching for the flowers, they encounter Ganyu again and discover that she is one of the adepti, having watched over Liyue Harbor since its inception 3,700 years ago. After hearing her thoughts about Rex Lapis' passing, they return to Liyue Harbor, only to find it in chaos.

The adepti and Qixing have finally confronted each other directly, and at the same time, Ningguang has started cracking down on the Fatui. Zhongli learns from Felix that the Millelith have begun questioning the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor due to their ties with the Fatui, prompting Zhongli to leave the Traveler to assist Hu Tao, but not before telling them to look for Childe.

Realizing he must have gone to the Golden House in pursuit of the Exuvia's corpse and the Gnosis amidst the chaos, the Traveler heads there and duels him. During the battle, Childe manages to get close to the Exuvia and plunges his hand into its chest, only to come up empty-handed. Childe mistakenly believes they have the Gnosis and demands they relinquish it to him; as the Traveler does not have it, he take it as a refusal and prepares to fight them. During the fight, the Traveler manages to force him to unleash his Delusion and then his Foul Legacy Transformation technique. Despite his advantages, he is ultimately bested and returns to normal. He remarks on how he only realized just now it was impossible for them to have the Gnosis and how Signora's report on them was completely off, but does not inquire into the latter further.

Switching to his backup plan, despite his distaste for it due to involving innocent bystanders, Childe releases the Sigils of Permission the Fatui replicated to summon Osial, an ancient god that Rex Lapis had sealed underneath Guyun Stone Forest. In the face of this new threat, the adepti and Qixing put aside their differences to fight the common enemy.

To fight Osial, the group uses the Guizhong Ballistas, with the Cloud Retainer, Mountain Shaper and Moon Carver manning them. As they do so, portals open and release Fatui subordinates onto the platform, intent on destroying the ballistas. Keqing leads the Millelith, while the Traveler is blessed by Xiao, Ganyu and Madame Ping. They manage to repel the Fatui assault, upon which the three adepti on the ballista fire a powerful shot at Osial, but it does not flinch and destroys them and the platform in retaliation. Xiao narrowly saves the Traveler in the process. With no other choice, Ningguang decides to sacrifice her Jade Chamber, using its massive weight to crush the ancient god into the bottom of the ocean.

With the threat dealt with, the adepti and Qixing settle their differences and the Rite of Parting proceeds as planned. However, this still leaves one question; where is the Geo Archon? The Traveler seeks out Zhongli and finds him at Northland Bank, speaking to none other than Signora and Childe. He reveals himself as not only the Geo Archon but also the one who instigated the entire series of events, starting with his supposed assassination at the Rite of Descension, as a test to see whether Liyue could continue without him. In exchange for a yet-unknown ultimate goal, he forged the "contract to end all contracts" with the Tsaritsa; satisfied with the outcome, he hands his Gnosis to Signora. The two Harbingers and former Archon soon leave the bank.

Sometime later, the Qixing host the Rite of Parting, which the Traveler attends as they overhear rumors about the battle against Osial, the Fatui's involvement, and hears the official story from the Qixing. Keqing, grateful for the Traveler's assistance in stopping Osial, asks them what they would like as a reward; to her surprise, they simply ask to help put up missing posters for their missing sibling. After talking to several attendees, they speak to Zhongli about Liyue's future. Zhongli, aware of the Traveler's plans, tells them that the next nation, Inazuma, has been sealed off and its archon, "Baal", has issued a Vision Hunt Decree, surmising that his "death" will cause her to advance her plans even further. He tells the Traveler that although the nation may be shut off for the time being, they should not give up and try to find a way in.

Act IV - We Will Be Reunited

Involuntary Sacrifice

After their brief travel with Dainsleif, the Traveler and Paimon head to the Adventurers' Guild Liyue branch, where they find Ganyu and Lan. Ganyu explains that the Treasure Hoarders are attempting a heist on the Abyss Order and came to the Guild to post a commission as the Qixing are too busy, so the Traveler accepts it.

Heading to the ruins, they make their way inside and find an Defiled Statue of Barbatos hanging upside down, along with the deceased Grand Thief. The area starts shaking soon after, causing Paimon to panic and tell the Traveler to flee. As they near the end, an Abyss Herald intercepts them. After a brief scuffle, the Herald teleports away.

A Herald Without Adherents

Outside the ruins, they find Dainsleif, who is surprised to see them. The Traveler then tells him about the inverted statue and the deceased thief. Dainsleif had never heard of an inverted statue before, but due to the Traveler's description of it, knows that it is tied to the Abyss Order in some way. He then proposes to catch up to the Abyss Order, so they find several groups around Jueyun Karst. After defeating them, Dainsleif begins talking about Khaenri'ah, upon which part of the Traveler's memory regarding the fallen nation returns.

Dainsleif talks more about Khaenri'ah, explaining that it was a nation without gods; not because they were killed, or that they abandoned it, but because it never had one in the first place; human civilization flourished at a very advanced pace; but around five centuries ago, that nation was destroyed by gods. Dainsleif reveals that the Ruin Guards are just the modern names: they were originally called Field Tillers, powerful mortal weapons, and after the destruction of Khaenri'ah they wandered aimlessly spreading throughout all of Teyvat.

After defeating more Abyss Mages, they find a talisman, which Dainsleif begins to translate. It is revealed that the first phase of the Abyss Order's plan is about Osial, who the Traveler had fought along with the Liyue Qixing and the adepti a while ago. The Abyss Order is planning to attach Osial's limbs to the Defiled Statue, and use the eye of the first Field Tiller in place of the orb that the Statues of The Seven normally hold, to construct a mechanized god.

Dishonorable Trial

The Traveler then suggests heading to the Favonius Cathedral to get some information. Dainsleif agrees, but reminds the Traveler not to speak of the missing statue, and he waits outside. Inside, the Traveler finds Barbara, who tells them that they did indeed have one of their statues missing. She also tells them about the "Tyrant's Final Fury", a strange phenomenon in that people who approached Old Mondstadt were attacked by missiles for about a year before they stopped.

Rosaria then comes in and informs the pair that the Abyss Order is attacking Wolvendom. The Traveler informs Dainsleif of this and they make their way there, where he insists they find Boreas and ask for more information. Arriving at the site where they first met Boreas, they find the Herald once more subjecting him to a corrupting ritual. The Traveler interrupts the ritual and the Herald flees once more.

Boreas and Razor thank them for the timely rescue. The Traveler then asks Boreas about the Field Tiller. Boreas is not interested in the name, but does tell them that a strange machine entered his territory long ago. Taking the intruder as a challenge, he fought and damaged the machine, which fled the area soon after.

A Soul Set Apart

The Traveler and Paimon return to Dainsleif and inform them of Boreas' account. With his and Barbara's information, they conclude that the Field Tiller is the machine tied to the Tyrant's Final Fury. Paimon then realizes that it must be the Weird Statue in Stormterror's Lair.

Arriving at the domed building, they find the Field Tiller and Dainsleif concludes that it is the one the Abyss Order is seeking. Using his own methods, he extracts its eye out and takes custody of it. To ensure that the Abyss Order cannot restart their plan, he also suggests to destroy the Defiled Statue.

Returning to the ruins once more, Dainsleif senses the Herald, who attacks them with some mages. As the Herald clashes with the Traveler, it realizes that they are too strong and tries to flee in another portal, but is stopped by Dainsleif, who uses magic to put it into a chokehold. However, he is stopped by a shockwave from someone's sword.

When the smoke clears out, the Traveler is shocked because the person who interrupted the attack is none other than their sibling. The sibling asks the Traveler why they are with Dainsleif; surprisingly enough, Dainsleif also knows them. The sibling reveals that Dainsleif is the Twilight Sword, one of the royal guards from Khaenri'ah, and he had failed to protect it, being laid upon a curse of immortality and forced to watch his people turn into monsters.

Although the Traveler insists that the sibling go home with them together, the sibling refuses because they have to fulfill the goal of the Abyss Order, or their war with destiny will not end. They tell them that they will see the truth about the world in their travels, which they had already done. As the Herald conjures a portal, the sibling leaves alongside them. Dainsleif dashes into the portal, with the Traveler trying to follow suit, but it closes on them before they could enter, leaving them depressed.

As they try to not be depressed about the events, Paimon cheers them back up, telling them that they have some useful information and that they need to keep in mind about Dainsleif as they prepare to go for Inazuma. They recount the events happened so far, and Paimon tells the Traveler to prove their sibling what they're made of and the resolve to travel around Teyvat to discover the truth.


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