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Chaos Device is a Common Ascension Material dropped by Humanoid Ruin Machines.

Dropped By

3 Elite Enemies drop Chaos Device:

Enemy Ruin Grader Icon.png Lv. 1+ Ruin Grader
Enemy Ruin Guard Icon.png Lv. 1+ Ruin Guard
Enemy Ruin Hunter Icon.png Lv. 1+ Ruin Hunter

Craft Usage

There is 1 item that can be crafted using Chaos Device:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Chaos Circuit Chaos Circuit Crafting Chaos Device Chaos Device ×3
Mora Mora ×50

Ascension Usage

No Characters use Chaos Device for ascension. 21 Weapons use Chaos Device for ascension:

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishChaos Device
Hùndùn Zhuāngzhì
Chaos Device
Hùndùn Zhuāngzhì
Konton no Souchi
Chaos Device
Korean혼돈의 장치
Hondon-ui Jangchi
Chaotic Device
SpanishDispositivo del caosChaos Device
FrenchDispositif du chaosChaos Device
RussianУстройство хаоса
Ustroystvo khaosa
Chaos Device
ThaiChaos Device
VietnameseCấu Trúc Hỗn Độn
GermanChaos-ApparatChaos Device
IndonesianChaos Device
PortugueseDispositivo do CaosChaos Device

Change History

Released in Version 1.0