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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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  1. Talk to Changchang
  2. Feed the dog a serving of Fowl
  3. Report back to Changchang


Changchang: Ah, how am I going to feed it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's the matter?
Changchang: I'm wondering how to feed the puppy that I met earlier.
Changchang: Granddad said before that the city was in too much of a mess, and he wouldn't let me go feed it.
Changchang: Although he says that everything's fine in the city now, he's been too busy to take me there...
Changchang: We haven't fed that puppy for so long... I hope it hasn't starved yet. Granddad says that puppies can find food for themselves, but I'm worried.
Changchang: Could you help me go to the city gate and feed my puppy?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Gotcha.
Changchang: Yay! Thanks!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I've got a fear of dogs...
Changchang: Oh, don't be scared! It's a good puppy, it won't bite you.
Changchang: I'm counting on you, then!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What should I feed it?
Changchang: Granddad usually prepares the doggy food, but it's Fowl... I think.
Changchang: Um, then... Could you help me get a portion of Fowl to feed our puppy with?
Changchang: Please hurry — I... I don't want it to starve...
(Talking to Changchang again)
Changchang: I hope that our puppy isn't starving...

(After feeding the dog)
Changchang: Have you fed our puppy yet?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It should have eaten its fill.
Changchang: Thank you so much, Sir/Ma'am!
Changchang: Here, this is for you. I saved it up myself just to thank you!
Changchang: Granddad should swing by in a few days and take me to go feed it.

Change History

Released in Version 1.1
Version ?
  • One line of Changchang's dialogue was revised.
    • Old: Thanks so much, big (brother/sister)!
      New: Thank you so much, Sir/Ma'am!


  • Changchang's Little Friend was released.