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Massive amounts of Hydro energy are coursing through this damp ancient sacrificial altar.
You shall earn Weapon Ascension Materials, if — and only if — you can pass the trial.

Cecilia Garden is a Domain located near Wolvendom in Mondstadt. Clearing this domain gives Weapon Ascension Materials. Challenge domains with higher levels to get better rewards.

Unlocking the Domain[]

In front of the domain, a locked Anemo Monument is surrounded by 4 Seelie Courts. Unlocking the domain gives the Wonders of the World achievement Cecilia Garden.

  1. A Seelie is right next to one of the Seelie Courts, but the court is encased in rock. Destroy the rock rubble.
  2. To the north of the monument, a Seelie is surrounded by Hilichurls.
  3. To the south of the monument, a Seelie and another Anemo Monument is trapped inside a wind barrier. Stand next to the wind barrier and use an Anemo skill (e.g., Anemo Traveler's Palm Vortex) to activate the monument and remove the barrier.
  4. To the northwest of the monument, a Seelie is hidden behind a Rock Pile, next to an Electro Crystal. Destroy the Rock Pile to reveal the Seelie.
  5. Use an Anemo skill to activate the unlocked Anemo Monument.

Ley Line Disorder[]

The following Ley Line Disorder are present in this domain:

Level Ley Line Disorder
I All characters in the part gain a 75% Electro DMG bonus

Challenge Features[]

Each level in this domain has the following Challenge Features:

Level Challenge Features
  • All party members gain an Electro DMG Bonus.
  • Place Electro characters into the part to defeat your opponents more effectively.


Cecilia Garden offers a rotating set of Weapon Ascension Materials depending on the day it is completed.

Days Name 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
City of Reflections
Submerged Valley
Ruins of Thirsting Capital
Sunday City of Reflections, Submerged Valley, and Ruins of Thirsting Capital are simultaneously available.

In order to enter the higher levels of the domain, you must have a certain Adventure Rank (AR).

Level AR Party
Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Weapon Ascension Materials
2 Stars 3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
Range Avg. Range Avg. Range Avg. Range Avg.
I 16 15 100 1,125 10 4–6 4.7
II 21 36 100 1,550 15 2–3 2.7 2
III 30 59 100 1,850 15 2–3 2.26 0–3 2.76 0–3 0.24
IV 40 80 100 2,200 20 2–3 2.2 0–4 2.418 0–4 0.62 0–4 0.062


Cecilia Garden I
Defeat 20 enemies. Time between kills cannot exceed 20 seconds.
Cecilia Garden II[DN • 1]
Defeat 23 enemies. Time between kills cannot exceed 25 seconds.
Cecilia Garden III[DN • 2]
Defeat 22 enemies. Time between kills cannot exceed 50 seconds.
Cecilia Garden IV
Wave 1: Defeat 8 enemies. Time between kills cannot exceed 40 seconds.
Wave 2: Defeat 2 enemies. Time between kills cannot exceed 80 seconds.
EnemiesWave 1:

Wave 2:
  1. Cecilia Garden II:
  2. Cecilia Garden III:
    • The Hydro Slime spawns are separate from the Samachurls.
    • The Large Hydro Slime appears after defeating the Samachurls has a Mist Bubble aura.


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
57Beats of Water DropsCity of Winds and IdyllsCecilia Garden, Cloud Retainer's Abode, Qingxu Pool Underground Ruins


  • The Achievement to unlock this Domain is also called Cecilia Garden.
  • Based on the ornamentation style of the surrounding ruins, which matches those found in Stormterror's Lair, the ancient civilization that constructed Cecilia Garden may have been Decarabian's Mondstadt. Two other figures related to Decarabian's Mondstadt are also associated with Cecilias: Venti says they are his favorite flower, while the Nameless Bard wore a stylized, three-petaled Cecilia on his vest.
  • Cecilia Garden is one of two regular domain entrances that does not have a Solomon's knot above its doorway, the other being Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula.
  • The level names of this domain are "City of Reflections" for Decarabian Tiles, "Submerged Valley" for Boreal Wolf Teeth, and "Ruins of Thirsting Capital" for Gladiator Shackles. These water-themed names tie into the domain's Hydro-themed enemies and Ley Line Disorder, which applies Hydro to the player's characters and inflicts Slowing Water.

Video Guides[]

Unlock Cecilia Garden Guide

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCecilia GardenLatin: Blind Garden
Sāixīlìyà Miáopǔ
Cecilia Seedbed
Sāixīlìyà Miáopǔ
Seshiria no Naedoko
Cecilia Seedbed
Korean세실리아의 모밭
Sesillia-ui Mobat
Cecilia's Sapling Field
SpanishJardín de ceciliasCecilia Garden
FrenchPépinière de céciliasCecilia Nursery
RussianСад Сесилии
Sad Sesilii
Cecilia Garden
Thaiสวนดอก Cecilia
Suan Dok Cecilia
Cecilia Flower Garden
VietnameseVườn Hoa CeciliaCecilia Flower Garden
GermanCeciliagartenCecilia Garden
IndonesianCecilia Garden
PortugueseJardim de CeciliaCecilia Garden
TurkishSesilya BahçesiCecilia Garden
ItalianGiardino di Cecilie

Change History[]

Version 4.8

Version 1.2

  • The domain level "Altar of the Falls," which was previously the only level available on Sunday, was removed from the game. This level used to provide a random assortment of the materials that were available on other days of the week. After the Version 1.2 update players can now pick any of the other domain levels to enter on Sunday.

Version 1.0

  • Cecilia Garden was released.