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Cat's Tail is a tavern in the City of Mondstadt. Margaret owns the tavern, with Diona working as one of its bartenders. It is located between the Adventurers' Guild and Good Hunter, though it is currently inaccessible.

Ever since Diona was hired, business at Cat's Tail has boomed due between her cute appearance and blessing that makes all of her drinks taste delicious. In fact, she singlehandedly disrupted the monopoly Angel's Share once had over Mondstadt, which piqued Elzer's interest and got him bitten when he tried to headhunt Diona over to the rival tavern.[1] In addition to the drinks, the tavern is also known for its cats, which are a popular attraction.

The tavern also specializes in pizza, being Jean's favorite when she has the time to order one.[2]


Cat's Tail Tavern Poster

Poster: "Experience a whole new world of drinking with Cat's Tail's bartender, Diona!"

Cat's Tail Message Board

The message board can be found by the stairs between Cat's Tail and the main plaza.


  • The Cat's Tail is mentioned in the description of the Furnishing item "Pine Dining Chair."

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCat's Tail
Māowěi Jiǔguǎn
Cat Tail Bar
Māowěi Jiǔguǎn
Kyattsu Teeru
Cat's Tail
Korean캣테일 술집
Kaet-teil Suljip
Cat Tail Bar
SpanishTaberna Cola de GatoCat's Tail Tavern
FrenchLa Queue de ChatThe Cat's Tail
RussianТаверна «Кошкин хвост»
Taverna "Koshkin khvost"
"Cat's Tail" Tavern
ThaiCat's Tail
VietnameseQuán Rượu Đuôi Mèo
GermanZum KatzenschwanzTo The Cat's Tail
IndonesianCat's Tail
PortugueseCauda do GatoTail of the Cat

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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