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Cat's Tail is a tavern in the City of Mondstadt. Margaret is its proud owner and Diona is a bartender here. It is located between the Adventurers' Guild and Good Hunter, though currently, it cannot be entered — you can only see the tavern's sign hanging above the door.

Since Diona was hired, between her cute looks and her magic touch that makes all of her drinks taste amazing, business at Cat's Tail has boomed. In fact, she singlehandedly disrupted the monopoly Angel's Share once had over Mondstadt, which piqued Elzer's interest... and got him "bitten by a cat" when he tried to headhunt Diona over to the rival tavern.[1]



Cat's Tail Tavern Poster

Poster: "Experience a whole new world of drinking with Cat's Tail's bartender, Diona!"

Cat's Tail Message Board

The message board can be found by the stairs between Cat's Tail and the main plaza.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0



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