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This world is filled with those who would oppose fate, while the one who understands fate smiles faintly down upon them.
If the one who weaves fate may be born here, then let the one who witnesses fate see it all.

Caribert is the sixth act in Chapter III of the Archon Quests. It involves the Traveler and Dainsleif meeting Kaeya briefly in Sumeru and discovering a strange hut in Avidya Forest.


  1. Destined Encounter
  2. Fortune-Mocking Pedigree
  3. A Lamenter at Fate's End
  4. Portended Fate


Destined Encounter

Wandering around Port Ormos, the Traveler and Paimon run into Masrur, who hands them a letter from a "crafty fellow" who used a loophole to get the letter delivered. They read it and find that the letter was from Kaeya, who was stopping at Sumeru and asks to meet up with them at Djafar Tavern in the afternoon. When they arrive, they find that Kaeya had his fill of all the drinks. Paimon wonders as to what he might be doing in Sumeru, believing that as a Captain of the Knights of Favonius, he should be back in Mondstadt and that Jean would be upset. Kaeya states that he had come to scout out Sumeru's alcohol industry, as the tavern itself was home to a special concoction made with spices.

After the Traveler points out that he's alone, Kaeya admits that he had been to Sumeru before but it brings up bad memories. The Traveler tells him that he doesn't have to go into detail, so Kaeya tells them that in his youth, he had heard Crepus discussing sending merchants to Sumeru, knowing that Khaenri'ah was situated under Sumeru and yearning to learn more about his roots, Kaeya stowed away amid the merchants cargo, only to be brought back to Mondstadt by the ear when he was caught. They ask him how much he knows about the nation, and he admits that he only knows a little from reading books, and as he spent less time in Khaenri'ah, he began to care less about it and wondered if his father wanted him to live happily in Mondstadt. As Kaeya remarks that his last name, Alberich, is the last thing tying him to Khaen'riah, Dainsleif inexplicably appears and asks him what he knew about the name.

The Traveler and Paimon are surprised by Dainsleif's appearance while Kaeya greets him, having sensed him listening in onto their conversation. Dainsleif then states that Kaeya's ancestors, the Alberichs, are the founders of the Abyss Order, leaving everyone surprised. Kaeya expresses surprise at the revelation before recognizing Dainsleif as a pure-blooded inhabitant due to his primogem-shaped eyes. Paimon wonders if Kaeya was working for the Abyss Order, but he does not answer that, saying the conversation steered into too serious a topic. Kaeya then takes his leave, since he had a spice merchant to talk business with.

As Kaeya leaves, Paimon remarks that the relationship between Kaeya and Dainsleif appears to be tense, comparing it to oil and water. Dainsleif tells her that he doesn't know him well and wonders if Kaeya is being honest about his relationship to the Abyss Order. The Traveler inquires as to the founding of the Order before Paimon asks what he's doing in Sumeru. Dainsleif states that while recovering, he remembered something related to the "Loom of Fate" operation, which the Traveler's Sibling had mentioned when he was traveling with them in Sumeru and thus is trying to find the place they had gone to together in Avidya Forest. Paimon decides to go, but Dainsleif waits for his drink before they do so.

Arriving at a small farming field, Dainsleif finds the area familiar and they investigate. Paimon worries about rudely intruding, but Dainsleif senses that no one had been around for years. With few leads in the field, they check the hut and find no leads inside either. Dainsleif then hears something outside, where they discover a group of Slimes. After eliminating them, Dainsleif decides to investigate the nearby Ley Lines alone, concerned that something had attracted the monsters. Paimon is worried, but Dainsleif states that the hut is the main investigation and thus the Traveler and Paimon set up a campfire for the night. Paimon asks about the Traveler's sibling, and the Traveler responds that they had frequently looked together at the stars, pointing out planets they wanted to visit, and shares that their stop at Teyvat marked the first time they had been separated. Paimon volunteers to take watch, so the Traveler falls asleep and dreams of their sibling.

The following morning, the Traveler wakes up to find Dainsleif greeting them. Reminding them of their task, he then notices that they must have dreamed of their sibling due to their tears and lets them be.

Fortune-Mocking Pedigree

When the Traveler fully wakes up, they hear noise coming from the house and investigate, only to find an intimidating man scolding them for intruding into his business. They inquire about Paimon, who tells them that she had left for the forest too. When the man tells them to leave, the Traveler refuses, believing he's hiding something and that they have no chance of finding Paimon in the forest. The man admits that he was worried about them being related to the Forest Rangers or Akademiya and allows them to do as they please. When he decides to go inside, the Traveler insists on following, where they find him with a hilichurl with a bandaged wound.

The man explains that "he" was too young to suffer such a fate before the Traveler realizes the man is from Khaenri'ah. He demands an explanation and the Traveler explains that they knew based on his features. He then asks them if they believe in a god, which they don't. The man then introduces himself as "Eide." He explains that there are few humans who follow no gods and considers those who do to be his enemies. As he rants about the gods and their "gift" that ruined Khaenri'ah, the Traveler asks why some were turned into hilichurls and others were not. Eide explains while only one bloodline founded Khaenri'ah, they welcomed all humans who did not follow the gods. Those considered pure-blooded Khaenri'ahns were deemed the "greater sinners" and given the curse of immortality, while the others were given the curse of the wilderness and transformed into hilichurls.

The Traveler asks about the hilichurl, and the man introduces him as Caribert, his illegitimate son that he had with a woman from Mondstadt while he was unsatisfied with his life as a noble. The Traveler asks him about Caribert's mother, but the man does not disclose anything as he finds it too painful before he remembers what he was going to do and goes out. The Traveler catches up with him and finds him at a crafting bench, where he reveals that he was creating a potion with materials only found in Sumeru to make a temporary cure. Eide asks for some Sumeru Roses and Kalpalata Lotus, with the Traveler assisting and making the medicine. However, it has one more step; to get the blessing of one of the Seven, which Eide finds hard to do but eventually goes with it.

With the medicine fully prepared, they administer it to Caribert, but it has no effect, leaving Eide angered. The Traveler believes that it wasn't enough so they decide to make more. Eide has them fetch some water to grow the strange mushrooms used in the remedy. He then states that he has to leave and asks the Traveler to not let the Forest Rangers discover the place as he makes the fertilizer. Instead, Fungi appear, which the Traveler repels. As they prepare another dose of the medicine at the Statue of The Seven, Eide notices Caribert leaving and they chase after him.

A Lamenter at Fate's End

Following the hilichurl, Eide realizes that it is not Caribert as it lacks the scarf which he gave him as a gift. Nonetheless, the hilichurl's behavior was unusual and the two decide to follow it to an unknown sanctuary, discovering hilichurls praying to something. Investigating further, the two are greeted by a strange being. The Traveler recognizes it as a being of the Abyss, but is not a member of the Abyss Order. The Traveler defeats it, after which Eide expresses awe at the being's power and how the Traveler easily defeated it. When they reach the end, they find a strange object hung midair and realize that it was the same as the Defiled Statue they encountered before. The Traveler warns Eide to leave, but turns to see Eide suddenly bowing as a mysterious voice that calls itself a "sinner" begins to speak. As the voice leaves, Eide regains consciousness, awed by the experience. Disturbed, the Traveler insists that they leave and they return to his house. After receiving a second dose of the medicine, Caribert regains consciousness, but is somewhat horrified at what he became. Eide tells him that they're in a fairy tale and under no circumstances he is to take off his mask.

Believing that the voice from the strange sanctuary saved his son, Eide returns to it pray, not believing the Traveler's claims that the god was actually a "sinner."

Portended Fate

Worried for his safety, the Traveler returns to the sanctuary to help clear any monsters on the way. When they return to the spot where they'd heard the voice, the statue is nowhere to be seen, and neither are any hilichurls. Eide decides to return his house, believing they would meet the strange deity again. When they arrive, they discover Caribert missing and the mirror broken on the floor. Worried that he took off his mask and saw himself in the mirror, the two try frantically to track him, running into some Forest Rangers on the way. After being sent in the right direction, they find Caribert imbued with the power of the Abyss as he takes his mask off, rendering the Traveler unconscious.

Once they regain consciousness, Eide reveals himself as Chlothar Alberich and addresses the Traveler as his "Prince" or "Princess," causing the Traveler to pick up the mirror and see themselves as their sibling before falling unconscious again as Chlothar declares his intention to use the power of the Abyss to fight the gods. When they come to, they find Dainsleif and Paimon over them. Dainsleif states that the Abyss had messed with the Ley Lines in the area and he fixed it before the Traveler explains what they saw to the two. Upon digging the field, they find the remains of a man — which they believe is Chlothar, as he had disappeared 100 years after founding the Abyss Order — and a woman. Dainsleif then states that they have to part ways for now, as "he" may have seen the Traveler, referring to the "sinner" they had seen in the vision. He has his suspicions as to who this sinner is, but needs time to confirm their identity and he'll know who he is for sure in their next meeting as he leaves. The Traveler then hugs Paimon.


There are 4 Achievements obtainable from Caribert:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
Star-Crossed Night Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Recall memories related to your kin. 5
The Sickness Unto Near-Death Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Create the medicine that will bring hope. 5
The Far Side of Fate Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Witness the miracle granted by the "Sinner." 5
Caribert Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Complete "Caribert." 10


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
52Serenade of the Distant RealmThe Shimmering Voyage Vol. 3Portended Fate (cutscene)
53Occluded BlightThe Shimmering Voyage Vol. 3Portended Fate (cutscene)


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