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The Canine Bunshin is an event-exclusive enemy during the Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog Event.

Abilities and Attacks

Attack names are unofficial except for Canine Art: Geo Bunshin and Canine Art: Plummeting Blade.

  • Thunderwheels: Launches three spinning wheels in different directions, dealing Electro DMG on hit.
  • Canine Art: Plummeting Blade: Teleports to the player's location and marks an area around it, calling down thunder and dealing AoE Electro DMG in the marked area shortly after.
  • Canine Art: Geo Bunshin: When attacked, teleports away and leaves a Geo Bunshin Bomb at its original location that marks an area around it before detonating, dealing AoE Pyro DMG in the marked area.
  • Dendro Prison: Upon initiating a fight, summons a square Dendro barrier around the player. The barrier does not deal DMG.



  • As the Canine Bunshin has an extremely high amount of HP, it is inefficient to attempt to defeat them, and the best way to complete the event objectives is to stealthily bypass them. However, it is possible to drown them by creating a frozen surface over water using Cryo abilities and allowing the Canine Bunshin to teleport onto it while performing Canine Art: Plummeting Blade.
  • The Canine Bunshin's area of detection is clearly marked on the ground. Hiding behind objects like barrels and walls will limit their area of detection.
  • The Canine Bunshin is easily distracted by fireworks and is impeded by smoke. Activating those will make the task easier.


  • The Canine Bunshin's name is not shown while using Elemental Sight.
  • They are implied to be illusory clones created by the ninken Kageroumaru, also known as the "Black Shadow". When his true name was still unknown, he was nicknamed "Hat Dog" and "Blade Pup" by Ryuuji and Paimon respectively.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Canine Bunshin
Huànquǎn Fēnshēn
Phantom Dog Clone
Huànquǎn Fēnshēn
Japanese 幻犬分身
Genken Bunshin[!]
Phantom Dog Clone
Korean 환영 분신
Hwanyeong-gyeon Bunsin
Phantom Dog Clone
Spanish Can BunshinDog Bunshin
French Bunshin caninCanine Bunshin
Russian Пёс бунсин
Pyos bunsin
Bunshin Dog
Thai Canine Bunshin
Vietnamese Phân Thân Ảo KhuyểnPhantom Dog Clone
German Hunde-BunshinCanine Bunshin
Indonesian Canine Bunshin
Portuguese Cão BunshinDog Bunshin

Change History

Released in Version 2.3