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Calm Before the Storm is the fifth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom.


  1. Go back to the top of the tower


(In front of Stormterror's Lair)
Venti: I'm thinking about turning these adventures into songs after we're done...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, we certainly have gone through quite a lot recently.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We're practically old partners now.
Venti: Hopefully, this song will be sung for years to come by the people of Mondstadt, just like The Legend of Vennessa.
Jean: I have loved that song since I was small.
Jean: How are you feeling today Traveler?
Jean: I am completely prepared and fully confident that we can do this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're so reliable, Master Jean.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Rest assured, I'm also completely prepared!
Paimon: Even Master Diluc accompanied us to the very end.
Paimon: Despite only being an accidentally involved...
Paimon: ...Bystander.
Diluc: You shared your secret with me, and I only returned your trust to the same extent.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So "trust" is what drove Master Diluc here.
Paimon: As for Master Jean... "responsibility" perhaps?
Paimon: What about the Tone-Deaf Bard?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So "responsibility" is what drove Master Jean here.
Paimon: As for Master Diluc... "trust" perhaps?
Paimon: What about the Tone-Deaf Bard?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What about Venti?
Venti: It's "freedom."
Paimon: Freedom...?
Venti: When you first arrived at Mondstadt, did no one tell you that Mondstadt is the City of Freedom?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Amber...
Venti: Hahaha... She really is a child of freedom!
Venti: Mondstadt is a romantic city, without the reign of a king.
Venti: And its citizens enjoy the most freedom amongst the seven nations.
Venti: I hope the dragon that once protected Mondstadt will soon be free too...
Venti: No one should have deceived him by telling him that Mondstadt betrayed him.
Venti: And no one should have told him that it was his eternal duty to protect the city.
Venti: He has the right and freedom to choose his own way of life.
Paimon: Venti...
Venti: Well then, Traveler, may the thousands of years of wind that have blown through Mondstadt go with you.
Venti: Just like the last time, I shall channel Anemo energy for you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ..."Last time"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I knew it! It was YOUR voice I heard.
Paimon: Oh! No wonder (Traveler) said his voice sounds familiar!

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Calm Before the Storm
Zài Zhōng Qǔ Zhīqián
Before the Finale
Zài Zhōng Qǔ Zhīqián
Japanese 終わりの前に
Owari no Mae ni
Before the End
Korean 결전 임박
Spanish Preludio de la tormentaPrelude of the Storm
French Prélude de bataille finalePrelude of Final Battle
Russian Затишье перед бурей
Zatish'ye pered burey
Calm Before the Storm
Thai ก่อนพายุจะมา
Before the Storm Comes
Vietnamese Trước Khi Bản Nhạc Kết Thúc
German Pause vor dem finalen AktPause before the Final Act
Indonesian Tenang Sebelum BadaiCalm Before the Storm
Portuguese Calmaria Antes da TempestadeCalm Before the Storm

Change History

Released in Version 1.0