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Cage-Shaped Geo Formations are found near the Bedrock Keys set up by the Liyue Qixing to prevent entry into The Chasm. They are activated with Geograna during Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering. Once activated, it can be hit to fire a crystal projectile in the direction of the hit.

The first and last Bedrock Keys that the player destroys each have two nearby Cage-Shaped Geo Formations, while the rest have three nearby. Each Cage-Shaped Geo Formation has a Geo-colored wisp of light leading to it from its associated Bedrock Key.

All Cage-Shaped Geo Formations can only be interacted with during certain parts of Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering. Those that cannot be activated yet look crumbled.


Tutorial Cage-Shaped Geo Formations 1.pngThese are natural precipitates that occur around the Bedrock Keys used to seal The Chasm. When outside forces powered by a Geogranum hit them, they will fire crystal projectiles.
Tutorial Cage-Shaped Geo Formations 2.pngThe firing direction depends on the direction from which they took a hit. Perhaps they might be able to affect the Bedrock Keys in some way...?

Crystal Projectiles

If the crystal projectile is fired in the direction of the associated Bedrock Key at the right elevation, the crystal projectile will hit the Bedrock Key and bring it down, and the Cage-Shaped Geo Formation will disappear. It is recommended to go from top to bottom for efficiency, as firing a crystal projectile at the wrong elevation does not do anything.

Not all hits will fire off a crystal projectile. Generally, most melee attacks will work, but projectile attacks and attacks by summoned objects will not. In addition, there is a 1s cooldown before another crystal projectile can be fired.

The crystal projectile can hit players and enemies, applying 2 gauge units of Geo but no damage of its own. Due to the application of Geo, the crystal projectile can also Crystallize. Additionally, this hit is considered a Blunt Attack and can Shatter.

In Co-Op Mode, all players can bring Geograna to the Cage-Shaped Geo Formations, but only the host's hits can fire off crystal projectiles.


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishCage-Shaped Geo Formation
Lóngzhuàng "Yán Yuánsù" Jùhéwù
Cage-Shaped "Geo Element" Aggregation[• 1]
Lóngzhuàng "Yán Yuánsù" Jùhéwù
Kago-jou no "Iwa Genso" Juugoutai
Cage-Shaped "Geo Element" Polymer
Korean새장 모양의 「바위 원소」폴리머
Saejang Moyang-ui "Bawi Wonso" Polimeo
Cage-Shaped "Rock Element" Polymer
SpanishJaula rocosaRocky Cage
FrenchCoalescence Géo en forme de cageCage-Shaped Geo Coalescence
RussianГео скопление в форме клетки
Geo skopleniye v forme kletki
Thaiส่วนประกอบ "ธาตุหิน" รูปร่างเหมือนกรง
VietnameseTạo Vật Nguyên Tố Nham Hình Chiếc Lồng
GermanKäfigförmige Substanzen mit Geo-KraftCage-Shaped Substance with Geo Force
IndonesianFormasi Elemen Geo Berbentuk KurunganCage-Shaped Geo Element Formation
PortugueseFormação Geo em Forma de JaulaGeo Formation in the Shape of a Cage
  1. Chinese: 聚合物 Jùhéwù is the word for polymer, but in this context, it should be interpreted literally as "something that is aggregated."

Change History

Released in Version 2.6