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Bygones Times Like Dust Passing is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Interlude Chapter: Act I - The Crane Returns on the Wind.


  1. Go to the worksite to ask around for news
  2. Ask Master Zhang about Wonder Cores
  3. Go to the southwestern side of Mt. Tianheng
  4. Use Visions to find the Starsplinter Iron (0/2)
    • With the exceptions of Venti and Zhongli, characters' Visions glow bright yellow and emit noise when near a Starsplinter Iron.
      • This includes Aloy who got a strange Vision despite being an outlander.
    • Nothing happens on characters who do not have a Vision on them (Traveler and Raiden Shogun).
    • One can be found in a straw hut in the south, and another can be found at the top of a rock pillar north of the straw hut.
  5. Ask the old man for information about Subrosium
  6. Search for records left behind in the village
  7. Continue searching for record concerning ore
  8. Talk to Shenhe
  9. Go to the middle of the lake
  10. Wait until evening (around 17:30)
    • If the quest does not proceed with a cut scene after waiting, check your Quests window. It could be locked by another quest, such as Hereafter: The Trail of Pervases.
  11. Look for Subrosium
  12. Give the two types of ore you found to Master Zhang



UI Quest.png Quest Description

Only two materials left to find. Time to ask around at the worksite.

(If you talk to Changfeng at the partially-constructed Jade Chamber)
Changfeng: The Jade Chamber belongs in the sky amongst the clouds!
(If you talk to Leming at the partially-constructed Jade Chamber)
Leming: The next step is to build the pavilions on the upper layer while we wait for the Wonder Cores and the Adepti Sigils.
(If you talk to Lizheng near the construction crane)
Lizheng: The basic structure is beginning to take shape, but there is still a lot of work to do... Get back to it.
(If you talk to Anshun near the wooden boxes)
Anshun: I heard that Lady Keqing has gone to Guyun Stone Forest.
(If you talk to Siqin who is standing guard)
Siqin: We're halfway there. I must keep my wits about me and continue to ensure the safety of the site for the remainder of the project!
(If you talk to Liang who is standing guard)
Liang: I heard a good few of my comrades have been sent over to Guyun Stone Forest. I sure hope they'll be safe out there...
(If you talk to Keqing on the island directly southwest of the Domain of Guyun)
Keqing: Ah, Traveler, Paimon. I wasn't expecting to run into you out here at Guyun.
Keqing: What brings you here? You'll have to make it quick, I'm afraid, I really can't afford to chat for too long.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you doing out here?
Keqing: As you can see, we're working on a construction project.
Keqing: Personally, I consider this project to be of greater importance than the Jade Chamber rebuild. That's why I'm here to supervise.
Keqing: I just hope we can complete it on schedule...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What is this?
Keqing: A new type of Guizhong Ballista.
Keqing: Ningguang commissioned an expert to dismantle and study the Guizhong Ballista, and design an improved version based on the original.
Keqing: This design is a step down from the adepti's original Guizhong Ballista in terms of firing speed and power, but the good thing about it is that it can be mass-produced.
Keqing: It's also considerably easier to assemble and disassemble. This will allow for flexible deployment, whatever the location.
Keqing: I am confident it will prove very useful in dealing with future crises.
(If you talk to Qiqi next to the Liyue Harbor Dockyard entrance)
Qiqi: Oh, it's you.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Qiqi! What are you doing here?
Qiqi: Seaside. Dangerous.
Qiqi: Qiqi is helping. With the evacuation.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Dangerous"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png "Evacuation"?
Qiqi: Yes. Ningguang said there's something bad in the sea.
Qiqi: So she sent Qiqi, to evacuate everyone.
Qiqi: But, no one will listen to Qiqi. So instead, Qiqi is guarding this place.
Qiqi: If danger comes, Qiqi will protect everyone.
Qiqi: Don't go near the sea. It's too dangerous.
(If you visit Guyun Stone Forest)
Shenhe: The zombie called Qiqi is right. A great wrath brews in the sea.
Shenhe: I don't know where this wrath comes from. So let's keep our distance for the time being.

(Approach the worksite)
Paimon: Look, look, (Traveler)! The Jade Chamber is floating into the sky!
Paimon: But it seems to be tied down by something...
Baiwen: That's because it's not finished.
Paimon: Hey, Baiwen! And hey Beidou! And hey, um... person Paimon doesn't know...
Baiwen: Given the enormous scale of the Jade Chamber, we split the construction work into two phases to make sure the structure remains balanced.
Baiwen: Before we find some suitable Plaustrite, we build the Jade Chamber's keel at ground level.
Baiwen: Once the Plaustrite is ready, we place it into the keel and let the partially-constructed Jade Chamber rise up to the height of the surrounding mountain peaks.
Baiwen: The remainder of the construction work is then carried out at that altitude. Once everything is ready, we release the iron tethers and allow the Jade Chamber to rise to its target altitude.
Changgui: Miss Baiwen, we've brought some new materials to submit—
Baiwen: One moment. I'll be right there.
Baiwen: The construction work has only been able to progress this rapidly thanks to the Plaustrite provided by you. Lady Ningguang is most grateful and looks forward to seeing more of your work.
(Baiwen leaves)
Beidou: Wow! Can't believe you sourced the Plaustrite so quickly — it's the key piece of the puzzle. Looks like you beat us to the punch.
Paimon: Beidou... you're joining the Jade Chamber contest too?
Beidou: Sure am. I happened to get my hands on a chunk of Sunset Vermillionite on a voyage a while back, so I figured I'd bring it over.
Paimon: Huh, so even though it's rare, we're not the only ones who managed to get hold of it...
Beidou: Oh, I've got some introductions to do: This is the renowned Ms. Yun, or Yun Jin, probably the most famous figure in the Liyue opera scene.
Yun Jin: Greetings.
Beidou: These two are Paimon and the Traveler, both good buddies of mine, and this is... Um, sorry, I'm not sure we've met...
Shenhe: Shenhe. I am their... friend.
Beidou: Hahaha... Good to meet ya! A friend of a friend is my friend too — or as I like to say, a mate of a crewmate is part of the crew!
Beidou: Ms. Yun is also here for the contest. Turned out she needed to borrow a boat, so we came together.
Yun Jin: It's an honor to finally meet you both. I've heard much about you. Ms. Shenhe, though we are only meeting for the first time, I have a feeling that we will get along very well indeed.
Yun Jin: To be honest with you all, I am in great need of this opportunity to ask Lady Ningguang a question. That's why I joined the contest. Thanks to my father's connections, I was able to acquire a specimen of the Plaustrite required. Fortunately, it was approved for submission, despite being a little on the diminutive side.
Paimon: Wow... So it looks like the three of us are competitors now!
Yun Jin: Excuse me for prying, Ms. Shenhe, but... are you competing as well?
Shenhe: No. I don't have any questions for Ningguang. I just wanted to help (Traveler) win.
Yun Jin: In that case... I have a proposal to make.
Yun Jin: Lady Ningguang said that the first three contestants to procure all three materials will be awarded the chance to ask a question. Well, there are three teams here. We can split the prize between us.
Yun Jin: Instead of competing against each other, we could work together to secure the top three places between us. What do you think?
Paimon: Sounds great! But how does that change things, exactly?
Beidou: Haha... I think I see where you're going with this, Ms. Yun.
Beidou: The Plaustrite was the most difficult item to source by a long shot. Luckily, all three of us managed to get our hands on it. The two remaining items aren't quite so rare, so as long as one of us finds a way to source it, the other two can hop on the bandwagon.
Beidou: How'd I do? Is that what you had in mind?
Yun Jin: Precisely.
Shenhe: Huh. Interesting approach.
Beidou: Okay then! Alright, I'll go first. I have some leads on these "Wonder Cores."
Beidou: From what I've heard, the core itself is really not that difficult to make. The hard part is getting hold of the ore used as raw materials. I'm gonna head back to the ship and ask Suling if he's heard of them, you guys—
Yun Jin: We will head into town and seek advice from Master Zhang of Hanfeng's Ironmongers. Thoughts, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sounds good. Let's go.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You can trust Master Zhang's smithing skills.
Beidou: Wonderful. We'll split into teams then, and whoever makes progress first brings all of us a step closer to victory.
Beidou: I'm gonna take off — see you later!
(Beidou leaves)
Paimon: Okay. Let's go.
Paimon: By the way, what question are you gonna ask Ningguang, Yun Jin?
Yun Jin: I'm looking for a venue to host the performance of our new opera. Lady Ningguang has excellent judgment, so I would like to hear her opinion.
Paimon: Whoa... What's the opera called? Paimon wants to go see it!
Yun Jin: The opera is a labor of love by my father. He wrote it based on a popular urban legend about an evil spirit and an adeptus.
Yun Jin: It's called "The Divine Damsel of Devastation."

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

You meet Yun Jin rather by chance. She suggests looking for Master Zhang and asking him some questions.
(Talk to Master Zhang)
Master Zhang: Hmm? Ah, hello. Are you here for something off-the-shelf? Or do you need something forged?
Yun Jin: Excuse me, Master Zhang, we were wondering if you'd heard of something called a "Wonder Core."
Master Zhang: Of course I have. Sorry, um... who's asking?
Yun Jin: My name is Yun Jin. Perhaps you don't know me, but I believe that you've forged some weaponry for my father in the past, for stage use.
Master Zhang: Yun Jin? Stage use? ...Oh! So... you must be Ms. Yun?
Master Zhang: Ahem, sorry, my brain's finally caught up! It's not used to doing much beyond bashing a hammer all day... Everyone's heard of you, Ms. Yun! Even folks who don't make it to the opera all that often, like myself.
Master Zhang: So. You're here to ask about Wonder Cores, huh? As it happens, I do know how to make them. Matter of fact, I made some for Lady Ningguang back when she was building the original Jade Chamber.
Master Zhang: The types of ore needed to make Wonder Cores are a little hard to come by. Lady Ningguang supplied them herself last time — I don't suppose you've brought any yourselves?
Paimon: No... We were gonna ask you what kinds of ore we need!
Master Zhang: Sure. Well, you'll need two kinds: Starsplinter Iron and Subrosium.
Master Zhang: If I remember correctly, Lady Ningguang sourced her Starsplinter Iron from the Mt. Tianheng area. They say it resonates with Visions.
Master Zhang: It could take some work, but if you stick with it, you'll find some eventually. As for the Subrosium, though... that's trickier. It's all but unheard of on the market...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Then... where do we start?
Master Zhang: Uh... I'm really not sure, sorry. What I've heard is that the people around Mt. Tianheng have some sort of magic trick that can pinpoint the location of the stuff.
Master Zhang: Of course, it's probably just hearsay. If you want my advice, start by looking for Starsplinter Iron around Mt. Tianheng, and if you run into any locals, ask them a few questions about Subrosium.
Shenhe: Mt. Tianheng...
Yun Jin: Interestingly enough, the story of "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" also takes place on that mountain.
Yun Jin: I hear the view there is quite spectacular. A favorite destination of the adepti, in fact.
Yun Jin: Perhaps it can give me some inspiration. Let's not delay, we should head straight there.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

According to Master Zhang, Starsplinter Iron may be found in places where Visions shine brightly. As for Subrosium, you'll have better luck asking the locals...
(Approach the marked spot)
Yun Jin: I came to Mt. Tianheng once with my father as a child. I remember it being such a long climb that I could barely feel my legs by the time we reached the top.
Yun Jin: This is quite a trip down memory lane for me... Look at these majestic towering peaks and the gently flowing streams. It's like setting foot in paradise.
Yun Jin: No wonder the legend of "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" is said to have taken place here. "Adepti wander oft where mortals seldom stride." Indeed, this looks like a place that one might expect to be frequented by adepti.
Paimon: "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" is your upcoming opera, right? And the story takes place in Mt. Tianheng, huh... Seems like you have a real connection with this place!
Paimon: What's the story about, though?
Yun Jin: It's... the story of a girl becoming a hero.
Paimon: Cool, a hero story! They're Paimon's favorite!
Yun Jin: The legend first arose in this area. It is said that there used to be a prosperous village on the mountain.
Yun Jin: In that village, there was a loving couple who were completely devoted to one another. One day, a terrifying monster appeared.
Yun Jin: The wife was out collecting herbs and was captured by the monster. Her husband was so distraught at the news that it broke his spirit, and drove him to madness.
Yun Jin: The vile and vicious monster told the villagers, "If you want to live, you must sacrifice a child to me!"
Paimon: What a nasty piece of work! Ugh! Paimon sure hopes this monster gets put in its place!
Yun Jin: But the monster was so terrible and so strong that all within the village were terrified of it. They had no choice but to give in to the monster's demand.
Yun Jin: Just while they were discussing whose child would be given over to the monster, a little girl suddenly stood up and came forward.
Paimon: No! Don't do it, little girl!
Yun Jin: Unbeknownst to anybody else, she was concealing an exorcist's blade. She approached the monster's lair, feigning fear and trepidation... When she finally arrived, she courageously drew her sword and entered into a fierce struggle with the monster, from which she eventually emerged as the victor.
Yun Jin: Her extraordinary abilities drew the attention of the adepti, and they took her as one of their own. Her story became the stuff of legends... But alas, the paths of mortals and adepti seldom cross, and she would never again re-enter the mortal world.
Yun Jin: "And so, destined to grace the mortal realm for but a brief moment, she vanished like a wisp of smoke into thin air." That's how the opera ends.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Look at Shenhe.)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Remain silent.)
Shenhe: I really like this story.
Shenhe: But I personally think that perhaps the little girl was... not as brave as the opera makes her out to be.
Shenhe: I'm not sure she deserves all the praise she is given.
Yun Jin: I've never considered that before.
Yun Jin: Opera is always an interpretation of the events it purports to portray. A certain degree of deviation from the truth is always inevitable.
Yun Jin: When my father wrote the script for this play, I suppose his intention was to inspire his audience with the character of the divine damsel.
Shenhe: Mm. I think it's a great story. The ideal story.
Paimon: Well... it sure inspired Paimon! Let's go get ourselves some Starsplinter Iron! Yeah!
(After collecting the Starsplinter Iron)
Paimon: This should be enough Starsplinter Iron. Now we just need to find that "Subrosium"...
Yun Jin: I think I saw a village on our way here.
Yun Jin: Master Zhang said we should ask the locals for help. Why don't we try there?

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Having obtained enough Starsplinter Iron, Yun Jin suggests asking locals about where Subrosium may be found.
(Approach the old man)
Paimon: Hey, there really is someone here!
Paimon: Yun Jin, looks like you were right. Excuse us, Sir! Can we ask you something?
Villager: ...
Paimon: Huh, he didn't seem to catch that, (Traveler)...
Yun Jin: Hello, Sir. We were just passing by and wanted to ask if you happened to know anything about Subrosium.
Villager: ...
(The villager points with his finger)
Paimon: Is he tryna tell us to look for clues in the village...? Well, whatever. Guess we're on our own here.
Paimon: Shenhe, Yun Jin, (Traveler), let's have a look around!
Shenhe: Sorry, you can go ahead without me. I'd like to have a word with this gentleman.
Shenhe: If that's okay with you... Uncle Mingjun?
Mingjun: It's... it's...!
Shenhe: Shenhe.
Mingjun: Shenhe... You're alive? The rumors were true? So, all these years...
Mingjun: I'm sorry, I don't know how to find Subrosium. But I think you can find some information in the village...
Mingjun: This place is deserted now. No one ever comes here. So you can rummage around all you want.
Paimon: Huh? You know this guy, Shenhe?
Shenhe: ...
Yun Jin: Thank you, kind sir. We'll go and take a look around.
Yun Jin: Don't worry. Mingjun has no ill intention towards Ms. Shenhe. She'll be quite safe.
Paimon: Okay. Then let's see what we can find in this village.
(Talk to Mingjun or Shenhe)
Shenhe: I came back here once before, a few years ago. Alone. I hid it from Master at the time.
Shenhe: It was deserted then, too, except for a few low-life bandits. Everyone and everything I remembered was long gone. But as people were passing by, they stopped to admire me... they praised me, telling me I gave off the aura of an adeptus.
Shenhe: I tried explaining to them that I wasn't an adeptus, just an ordinary person who came from this village. But no one believed me.
Shenhe: When I saw how run-down all these houses were, I felt at a loss. It was like I took a look at the world and, on the surface, it looked like a vast realm with so many places I could go. Then I looked a little closer. And there was nowhere for me to go at all.
Mingjun: Suddenly, so much time has gone by, and everything has changed.
Shenhe: Last time I visited, I felt so upset. But today... I don't know why, but it feels different.
Mingjun: It is easy for your mind to run wild when you are alone. But this time, you are with your friends, aren't you?
Shenhe: Yes, my... my friends.
(Pick up the Ragged Notebook)

You found a ragged notebook in the village. It records the sad story of a father who sought to revive his wife by sacrificing his daughter Shenhe.

(Opens Ragged Notebook)
The doctor said you were gravely ill. Don't worry. I will give everything I have to save you.

My heart bleeds whenever I see you getting wearier, your illness beyond treatment. How I wish I could suffer the pain for you...

You said you had no regrets in this life and that you only wish for me to take good care of Shenhe. But you regret nothing, why the tears?

I don't know what I've been doing lately. Though I still breathe, I feel like an empty shell. I have read all the ancient texts I could get my hands on, looking for ways to save you — but it is utterly futile.

I finally found it! It was Mingjun! He had kept the book that could save you hidden! I took it and followed its instructions to summon a god and offer a sacrifice...

The god appeared. I told him that I was willing to exchange my life for yours. He kept silent and only pointed at our daughter, Shenhe.

The god said her fate was to bear the curse of calamity and that she was prone to bring harm to those close to her. The god also said that she might even have been the cause of your death. In that case, I thought I should...

I left her in the cave that the god mentioned. Three days have passed, and still, no news. I grow restless from waiting, seized by an ominous feeling...

I am sorry, my love. Forgive me! You too, Shenhe — please, forgive me! How stupid I was! How blind! Let me apologize to both of you... in person.
(Dialogue is the same regardless of whether "Ragged Notebook" is picked up first or second)
Yun Jin: What's this...?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Maybe this is the true story of "The Divine Damsel of Devastation."
Yun Jin: So... Shenhe is the divine damsel?
Yun Jin: Now that I think about it, she does behave rather like an adeptus, and she is about the right age...
Yun Jin: So that's why I've been getting the strangest feeling whenever I chat with her. I should've noticed it earlier.
Yun Jin: According to this text, the "divine damsel" from the opera was actually the daughter of the loving couple.
Yun Jin: And... she didn't volunteer. She was... sacrificed to the monster. By her own father.
Yun Jin: ...
Yun Jin: The truth is even more lamentable than the opera. Now I understand why Shenhe said the girl was not as brave as people think... It wasn't her choice to enter that ghastly situation. She was forced into it.
Yun Jin: It looks like my father may need to make a few revisions to his beloved opera...
(Obtain Ragged Notebook)
(Pick up the Records of a Changing Village)

You found a migration record in the village, which records how a family was shattered and the village was forced to relocate

(Opens Records of a Changing Village)
A branch family of exorcists used to live in the east of the village, but in around two weeks, the mother died of disease, the young daughter went missing, and shortly after, the father hanged himself on a tree in the yard of his own house.

It has been confirmed that traces of an evil god's remains were found in the village.

The villagers are panicking as no one is certain whether the evil god's remains are gone for good.

Do be careful when you are in this area.
(If the player picked up "Records of a Changing Village" first)
Yun Jin: The remains of a god... an abandoned village... Mt. Tianheng...
Yun Jin: Does this mean that the true story of "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" happened right here, in this village?
Yun Jin: The time frame certainly matches, so it seems we're in the right area. Let's keep looking around.
(If the player picked up "Records of a Changing Village" second)
Yun Jin: So it seems that Shenhe's father thought he was summoning a benevolent deity using a magic incantation, but in fact he summoned an evil god's remains, which took the form of a monster.
Yun Jin: His obsessive yearning for his deceased wife led to a terrible tragedy, the villagers moved away in fear without ever learning the truth... and now this place is deserted.
Yun Jin: Still, I do wonder what the connection is between Shenhe and Mingjun.
(Obtain Records of a Changing Village)
(After reading Ragged Notebook and Records of a Changing Village)
Paimon: Hmm, we've looked everywhere but still no mention of Subrosium.
Paimon: Let's have a look over there!
(Pick up the third scroll)

you found a text named "Mountainous Miscelleny", which records the method to find subrosium.

(Opens Mountainous Miscellany)
Magic engraved on Subrosium does not wear off easily. Some believe the stone to be a bridge between the living and the dead.

However finding Subrosium is no easy matter. You need to be at the right place at the right time.

Legend has it that you may find Subrosium if you stand in the middle of the lake south of Mt. Tianheng at dusk and look in the direction of the setting sun.
Paimon: This is it!
Paimon: So basically, we need to go to the middle of the lake south of Mt. Tianheng at dusk, and we'll find us some Subrosium.
Paimon: Let's go back and tell Shenhe the news.
(Obtain Mountainous Miscellany)

(Approach Mingjun and Shenhe)
Mingjun: One year when I was back visiting, I heard a story about a white-haired adeptus from a merchant passing by. I never imagined it was you.
Mingjun: I was a very close friend of your father's. I could have stopped him from performing the summoning ritual — I had plenty of chances, but... I couldn't bring myself to stand up to him. I just let things happen, let it all escalate, and... Well. We all know how that story ended.
Mingjun: I bring flowers back here every year, and each time I wish I had a chance to apologize to you.
Shenhe: Apologize for what? If you'd stopped him, he'd only have found another way.
Shenhe: There is nothing he wouldn't have done for his true love. Nothing.
Mingjun: Do you still... hate him?
Shenhe: I don't know what I feel. I'm told my fate is to bear the curse of calamity, so my master bound my soul with red ropes to curb my aggression. But it also dampened my emotions, making me dispassionate like the adepti.
Shenhe: So if you ask me how I feel about the past, if I hate my father or not... The truth is, I feel nothing at all.
Mingjun: It must have been so tough for you all these years...
Paimon: Shenhe, we're back!
Mingjun: Oh, then I will leave you all in peace. Shenhe, it brings me some solace knowing that you are okay.
Mingjun: I'll tell you more about the old times next time we meet.
Paimon: Thanks, mister! We found some info in the end!
(Mingjun leaves)
Paimon: Shenhe, look! This tells us how to find Subrosium. All we gotta do is go to the middle of that lake!
Shenhe: Hm? Let's go then.
Yun Jin: ...
Yun Jin: Ms. Shenhe, there's something I'd like to talk to you about.
Yun Jin: Just now, in the village, we found your father's diary... It turns out that many of the details in "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" are not true to the facts. So I'd like to change them.
Shenhe: Why?
Yun Jin: I know I say that opera always deviates from the truth, but now that the main character is standing right here in front of me, I cannot simply dismiss your lived experience in favor of my father's fiction.
Shenhe: It's okay. I like your version.
Yun Jin: Huh?
Shenhe: My master once said that the day I learn how to use my strength for the good of others is the day that I can truly become part of human society.
Shenhe: So I hope that one day, I might be brave enough to stand up and protect others, just like the girl in the opera.
Shenhe: But I've never thought this way before and I wonder whether I will continue to think in this way.
Yun Jin: Don't worry. I believe you will.
Yun Jin: In fact, I think maybe you've already started to become the person you aspire to be. You just haven't had the opportunity to see it for yourself yet.
Paimon: Shenhe, Yun Jin, cut the chit-chat! Let's go!
Paimon: We can't let someone else beat us to it!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Some records you find in the village indicate the location of the Subrosium you're looking for. Question is, will finding it be that simple?
(If you talk to Anshun at the building site)
Anshun: The fact we were able to complete the construction work on schedule is a testament to everyone's hard work.
(If you talk to Changfeng at the building site)
Changfeng: The Jade Chamber looks magnificent...
(If you talk to Liang at the building site)
Liang: Finally, we can relax a little. It's been quite stressful recently with so many people flocking here.
Liang: Fortunately, the construction here has gone off without a hitch. I can only hope the same is true for my comrades at Guyun Stone Forest.
(If you talk to Siqin at the building site)
Siqin: I can't wait to see the Jade Chamber ascend!
(If you talk to Lizheng at the building site)
Lizheng: I don't know about anyone else, but this has been a challenging project for me... Let's get a drink after work.
(If you talk to Leming at the building site)
Leming: The construction work on the Jade Chamber is now complete. Once we install the Wonder Cores and the Adepti Sigils, we can let it rise to altitude.
(If you talk to Xiao northwest of the village and Teleport Waypoint after swimming to the middle of the lake once)
Xiao: What brings you here?
Xiao: Have they found a solution to the danger in the sea?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What danger in the sea?
Xiao: Ningguang didn't tell you?
Xiao: Something has happened in Guyun Stone Forest. According to the contract, as an adeptus, I should not get involved for now.
Xiao: But these things can be unpredictable. I have a contingency plan of my own.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Xiao, what do you...
Xiao: Only a single mountain lies between here and Liyue Harbor.
Xiao: If things get out of control, I will defend this place myself.
(After grabbing the Subrosium)
Paimon: That's everything we need! Let's head back and report in!
Paimon: Paimon's curious if Beidou's made any progress...

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Both the Starsplinter Iron and Subrosium are in your hands. With these, Master Zhang will be able to construct the Wonder Cores.
(talk to Master Zhang)
Master Zhang: Goodness...
Paimon: S—So, are they okay?
Master Zhang: This is some top-quality ore you've found. I think I'll get a good end product out of these.
Master Zhang: Guess now it's my time to shine...
Beidou: Hey everyone. How's the A-Team doing?
Beidou: I ran into a bit of a brick wall on my end. Suling's never seen a Wonder Core before, and says it'd take a lot of research for him to get up to speed...
Master Zhang: Leave the Wonder Cores to me. I'll work on them while you go about your business.
Master Zhang: Don't worry, it won't take me too long.
Yun Jin: Much obliged, Master Zhang. We should look into the Adepti Sigils next, but where should we find items relating to the adepti?
Shenhe: I'll sort that out.
Beidou: Oh? You got this then?
Shenhe: Yes. I have been training with the adepti for years. I know a thing or two about making sigils.
Shenhe: When we first met, I told you I came for the Jade Chamber, not the contest.
Shenhe: In fact, I came specifically to deliver Adepti Sigils. Master heard that Ningguang was planning to rebuild the Jade Chamber, so she sent me to deliver some Adepti Sigils to her.
Shenhe: Master also said she hoped that I can take this opportunity to rejoin human society. But now that I'm here, I wonder if I've been removed from the world for too long. There's so much basic knowledge that I lack.
Shenhe: Maybe it won't work for me to stay here after all. But either way, I'm very glad to have met you, and I'll take care of those Adepti Sigils.
Beidou: Without knowing the ins and outs of your situation, I can't say whether you should stay or not.
Beidou: But now that our paths have crossed, we'll always have a connection. So if you're ever feeling down, come find me on my ship. There'll be a drink waiting for ya.
Shenhe: Thank you.
Shenhe: So... Master Zhang, I'll need to use your facilities to make the sigils.
Master Zhang: Fine by me, I'm actually curious to see how the adepti arts work. Maybe I'll learn something.
Master Zhang and Shenhe start making the Wonder Cores and the Adepti Sigils.
Shenhe: Phew...
Shenhe: The sigils are ready. Though they are in some respects inferior to my master's, I can assure you there will be no quality issues.
Master Zhang: I've finished forging the things you asked for too.
Paimon: Great! Let's go submit them before someone else gets there ahead of us!
(Obtain Wonder Core and Adepti Sigil)

Unsorted Voice-Overs - newly added in v2.6


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Bygones Times Like Dust Passing
Wǎngshì Rú Chén
Wǎngshì Rú Chén
Japanese 過去は塵のごとし
Kako wa Chiri no Gotoshi
The Past Is Like Dust
Korean 티끌과도 같은 과거
Tikkeulgwado Gateun Gwageo
A Dusty Past
Spanish El pasado es como el polvoThe Past is Like Dust
French Un passé telle la poussièreA Past Like Dust
Russian Пыль прошлого
Pyl' proshlogo
Dust of the Past
Thai อดีตเปรียบดังฝุ่นธุลี
The Past is Like Dust
Vietnamese Chuyện Xưa Như Cát Bụi
German Wenn der Staub der Vergangenheit erzählen könnteIf the Dust of the Past could tell
Indonesian Waktu Berlalu Layaknya Butiran DebuTime Passes Like Grain of Dust
Portuguese O Passado como uma Poeira

Change History

Released in Version 2.4