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By Thy Pale Beams I Solitary Rove is the third quest of the Lunar Realm event.


  1. Talk to Kujirai Momiji
  2. Go to Araumi and look for the special Magic [sic] Crystal Ore
  3. Collect 3 Special Magical Crystal Ore (0/3)
  4. Talk to Kujirai Momiji
  5. Defeat the Ruin Guard
  6. Talk to Kujirai Momiji


  • It is possible to collect more than 3 Special Magical Crystal Ore, but it is removed from the player's inventory upon completing the quest.
  • The location of the ore vein also contains standard Crystal Chunks, which will stay in the players inventory after completing the quest.


(Talk to Kujirai Momiji)
Kujirai Momiji: Look, guys! I flipped through my father's sailing log again.
Kujirai Momiji: There's an appendix in there that mentions a special lure recipe they had developed.
Kujirai Momiji: When they encountered the "Lunar Leviathan", they used a special bait that mixed Seagrass and Magical Crystal Ore.
Kujirai Momiji: If we can also make this, we may be able to attract the "Lunar Leviathan."
Kujirai Momiji: I have a lot of Seagrass, but the Magical Crystal Ore...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Don't worry, I have them.
Kujirai Momiji: Eh? Really? Were they mined at Araumi?
Kujirai Momiji: My father's log mentioned that the Magical Crystal Ore must be mined from the ruins at Araumi.
Kujirai Momiji: Although I'm not sure what the difference is, compared to ordinary Magical Crystal Ore, but since we have decided to do so, we should be more rigorous and follow the sailing log closely.
Kujirai Momiji: Speaking of which, there are a lot of dangerous monsters over at Araumi. Let's go to the Adventurers' Guild and put up a commission.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's okay, I'll handle them.
Kujirai Momiji: Ah... Right, I forgot you are a powerful adventurer!
Kujirai Momiji: I'm so lucky to have your help, I'm counting on you!
Kujirai Momiji: I'll go back and get some bait-making tools, let's meet up later at the beach on the west of Araumi.
(After collecting the 3 pieces of Special Magical Crystal Ore)
Paimon: These three pieces should be enough, right? Let's quickly go back and show them to Kujirai Momiji.

(Talk to Kujirai Momiji)
Kujirai Momiji: You found them so quickly? You're a powerful adventurer indeed!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Will these be enough?
Kujirai Momiji: Well, watch me next, I just have to do this...this...and this...
(Kujirai Momiji starts making unique bait)
Kujirai Momiji: This should be it, that's all.
Paimon: The next step is to scatter the bait and wait for the "Lunar Leviathan" to appear, right?
Kujirai Momiji: Yes, I purposely chose this place, from where we reached the shore back then.
Kujirai Momiji: The "Lunar Leviathan" that guided us back to the ship also disappeared here.
Kujirai Momiji: So, is everyone ready? Don't forget to make a wish when you see the "Lunar Leviathan."
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What if it doesn't work?
Kujirai Momiji: ...
Kujirai Momiji: Don't say such discouraging things, it will work. The "Lunar Leviathan" will definitely come.
Paimon: Yeah! It will work! Big fish, big fish, you must be good and bite the bait! I'm counting on you!
Kujirai Momiji: Look! Look at this! It's glowing under the water! Something's coming!
Paimon: Really? Is the "Lunar Leviathan" really here?
Paimon: Help, it's a Ruin Guard!
Paimon: Why is it this guy!
(After defeating the Ruin Guard)
Kujirai Momiji: did this happen, even my father's bait formula didn't work?
Paimon: Don't be sad, it's that Ruin Guard's fault! It must have scared the "Lunar Leviathan" away! Let's try again!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Yeah, let's try again.
Kujirai Momiji: ...
Kujirai Momiji: ...
Kujirai Momiji: Let's forget it for now, I'm a little tired. Maybe Nantuck is right?
Kujirai Momiji: Sigh... I want to go and take a stroll outside. I have to think about what happens after this.
Kujirai Momiji: Here's your payment. Whatever the case, thank you very much for your help.
Paimon: Looks like Ms. Kujirai wants to be left alone now, let's come back to see her later.

Change History

Released in Version 2.1