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Flying insects with large, brightly-colored wings that are drawn to flowers.
Their wings release a fine powder when touched that shimmers a little. Butterfly wings have special properties that help with withstanding more extreme conditions when processed into potions. It seems that once the wings have been harvested, they will turn bright blue even if they were yellow before.

Butterflies are a type of insect which can be found all throughout Teyvat. Despite being a living being, it is not listed in the living beings archive category.


  • Blue Butterfly[1]
  • Yellow Butterfly
  • Pink Butterfly (Inazuma)
  • Light Blue Butterfly (Inazuma)


Currently not listed in the Archive



  • Despite sharing a part of its name with the Butterfly, the Coral Butterfly is much more akin to a Crystalfly rather than a Butterfly.


Butterflies currently do not have an Archive image.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 2.0
  • Added Pink Butterfly and Light Blue Butterfly to Inazuma.

Version 1.0

  • Butterflies were released with Blue Butterfly and Yellow Butterfly.


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