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Broken Isle is a limited time subarea located in the west part of Golden Apple Archipelago.

Part 1

There is another big island northeast of the one with the Teleport Waypoint. Climb to the top and there will be four Ruins Torches that when lit will unlock a chest. Nearby there is an Echoing Conch.

A bit south is a small island with an Anemo Pinwheel that creates a Wind Current.

Part 2

North Island

A new island cluster will appear north of Broken Isle. There will be a new Teleport Waypoint and Waverider Waypoint. There will be two Echoing Conches located at the top of two of the mountain peaks. Here the player can start the Who Wields the Wild Wind? quest.

Story Echoing Tales A Father's Thoughts.png

On the right side of the island there will be a wooden staircase leading up the mountain. There will be Hydro Elemental Ambers along the way and vines that can be climbed like ladders. Once the top is reached, there will be 3 peaks with Hilichurl mobs. Defeat these 3 mobs to unlock the chest at the bottom that is sealed by a red force field. Note that around the top of the northern-most peak of the island there will be 1 Echoing Conch (A Father's Thoughts) and at the top of the southwest peak of the island there will be 1 Echoing Conch in a cage.

Once the red force field is broken, defeat the Stonehide Lawachurl to access the chest at the bottom.

After completing Act 3 of Midsummer Island Adventure, Diluc could be found here near the teleport point until the end of the event.

Main Island

On the main island just above the words Broken Isle on the map: there will be 1 Echoing Conch (Tidewatch Sentries) located on the ground above a Hydro Abyss Mage.

Story Echoing Tales High Tide Warning.png

In the northwest part of the island there will be a conch at the top of the peak. There will also be a Bloatty Floatty and Time Trial Challenge.

To the west of the Teleport Waypoint, there are some Hymnal Rings, including a moving Pyro Hymnal Ring. Throw the Wind-Blessed Harpastum at the right time to get it through the red ring and unlock the chest.

At the southwest part of the island there is a group of rings. One of them can be rotated upon interaction. Rotate it 270 degrees (3 times), and then throw the harpastum to break both targets.

A large puzzle with multiple steps is present on the island, involving the Broken Isle Mural, 5 ponds of adjustable water level and the 5 pillars and buttons in the shallow waters north of the teleport waypoint. See the Mural Lake Puzzle section of this article for a walkthrough.

Nameless Island

To the northeast towards Twinning Isle is an island with 1 Waverider Waypoint and 2 Echoing Conches. On the beach there is 1 Echoing Conch (Sudden Attack).

After completing a Time Trial Challenge involving destroying 3 Dodo-walls, a Wind Current will appear that can take the player to the top of the island. There the player will find an Echoing Conch (Where Duty Lies) and a wooden ship. Around the ship, they can pick up a Somewhat Rotten Wooden Plank as part of the From Outer Lands quest.

At the base of the mountain there will be another mural that the player can take a photo of to obtain the Nameless Island Mural.

Stray Northwest Island

Story Echoing Tales Stone and Phantom.png

To the far northwest of the map is another small island with 1 Echoing Conch (Stone and Phantom).

Mural Lake Puzzle


Use the Wind-Blessed Harpastum to break one of the Dodo-King's painted walls at the bottom of the island. This will lead to a cave entrance, and inside one can observe the Broken Isle Mural as part of the quest The Other Side of Isle and Sea.

Quest The Other Side of Isle and Sea Broken Isle Mural.png

There are 5 lakes located at the peaks of the island. For each lake, there will be two rock pedals that can be used to raise and lower the water level. There are 3 water levels (1 being empty, 2 being middle, 3 being full). The mural tells which level each lake should be at.

  • South Lake: Level 1
  • Southwest Lake: Level 3, one needs to break the Hydro Elemental Amber to fill the lake first
  • Northwest Lake: Level 2
  • Southeast Lake: Level 2
  • Northeast Lake: Level 1, one needs to break the Rock Pile to get a waterfall to fill the lake. Elemental Sight can help locate such breakable rocks. This lake can be easily accessed from the southeast lake by activating the Windmill Mechanism to ride a Wind Current leading here.

After setting the lakes to the correct levels, head to the 5 pillars located at the north of the island. In front of the pillars there will be 5 rock pedals. The player will have to step on these pedals in a specific order. Each pillar will be marked with a number of stripes from 1 to 5. These tell the order to step on the pedals:

  1. South pedal
  2. Southwest pedal
  3. Northeast pedal
  4. Northwest pedal
  5. Southeast pedal

After doing this correctly, three Chests (one Luxurious and two Precious) will spawn. There will be a cutscene, and some steel drum music will play. Paimon will say some dialogue too.

  • The tune played by stepping on the pedals in the correct order matches the high tide alarm that plays at the beginning of Conch Retrospection VII: Island Bygones - Incoming Tide in the Chinese audio. It is also a simplified version of the cutscene music, which is the beginning of one of the OSTs that plays during the day on the isle.
  • If the lake is not filled with water, then there will be no tune when stepping on the pedals.


(Upon interacting with the rock pedals near one of the mountaintop lakes without having interacted with the stone pedals by the five pillars)
(If the Broken Isle Mural was already observed)
Paimon: The mural we saw below must be related to this pool somehow...
Paimon: But we can't be sure how they're related...
Paimon: The water level can be raised and lowered. Question is, what for?
Paimon: The water level must be connected to something else around here.
Paimon: Let's check this area out. Maybe we might find some clues!

(Upon nearing a group of five pillars with rock pedals)
Paimon: Those rocks look a bit... weird.
Paimon: Let's go take a look.
(After stepping on a rock pedal)
Paimon: Wha—? That rock made a sound when you stepped on it!
Paimon: Felt like the whole island was rumbling...

(Upon stepping on the rock pedals at the pillars in correct order)
(A cinematic begins)
(After the cinematic ends)
Paimon: Whoa, it's like the whole island is making that noise. This tune's kinda catchy, huh...
Paimon: Still, Paimon wonders what it's for. So strange...

Notable Features


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishBroken Isle
Broken-Broken Island[• 1]
Ragged Island
Ragged Island
SpanishIsla PartidaBroken Island
FrenchÎles briséesBroken Islands
RussianИзломанный остров
Izlomannyy ostrov
Broken Isle
ThaiBroken Isle
VietnameseĐảo Vỡ VụnBroken Island
GermanRuineninselIsle of Ruins
IndonesianBroken Isle
PortugueseIlha AbandonadaAbandoned Island
  1. Chinese: The reduplication of "broken" is used to make the name sound cuter.

Change History

Released in Version 1.6