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Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Quest Guide

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Quest Guide


The sword cemetery is right in the middle of the large lake in Dadaupa Gorge, Mondstadt. The three camps you're asked to find are located directly south, directly north, and directly south-east of the sword cemetery.


  1. Explore and unlock the tri-seal
    1. The village to the south requires you to fight a Wooden Shield Mitachurl. Defeat it to unlock a Precious chest and the Electro monument.
    2. The village to the north requires you to fight a few rounds in an arena against slimes, samachurls, and a Wooden Shield Mitachurl. Defeat them to unlock the Cryo monument, 2 Exquisite chests, and 2 Common chests. You must defeat them all within 100 seconds.
    3. The village to the east requires you to fight a Wooden Shield Mitachurl, an Anemo Samachurl, and a Cryo Abyss Mage. Defeat them to unlock a Precious chest and the Pyro monument.
  2. Obtain the treasure at the center of the Sword Cemetery
    1. The Luxurious Chest contains a Northlander Claymore Billet, a 4-star artifact, and Mystic Enhancement Ore.


(Talking to Dr. Livingstone)
Dr. Livingstone: What should we do... Although we worked out how to break the seal barrier, with so many monsters around...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What happened?
Dr. Livingstone: Hmm? Excuse me, I was lost in thought. I am Livingstone, a career adventurer.
Dr. Livingstone: You! Amidst the valley flooded by monsters, I never thought I'd encounter another living being that's not a monster!
Dr. Livingstone: You must be one of my peers, a great pioneering adventurer!
Dr. Livingstone: With the mysterious stars above and the brooding abyss below, this is what our adventurous souls are made of!
Dr. Livingstone: An ancient battlefield protected by triple seal barriers, which were set up by the survivors using elemental powers, to let their fallen comrades – their graves marked with swords – rest undisturbed.
Dr. Livingstone: But... what should we do...
Dr. Livingstone: ...
Dr. Livingstone: Sorry, I was lost in thought. Where were we?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Rest undisturbed."
Dr. Livingstone: Well, these swords... and the treasures among them were the relics of the warriors who fought and died here. How could anyone let three hilichurl camps come rummaging and disturb their sleep?
Dr. Livingstone: We're not hilichurls, so you can't say that what I'm doing is disturbing their sleep. We are adventurers who use their wits to conquer all mysteries and secrets!
Dr. Livingstone: I understand where you are coming from, but the seal...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The seal? (same as "The seal?" below)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hilichurl camps? (same as "The seal?" below)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The seal?
Dr. Livingstone: Based on the flow of elemental forces, I, the great Livingstone, have successfully worked out the location of the seal which keeps the barriers intact!
Dr. Livingstone: The three seal barriers correspond to three Elemental Monuments located in three nearby hilichurl camps.
Dr. Livingstone: The northern hilichurl camp matches the records of the "Meaty Tribe" found in the works of the great scholar Allan. They basically are a tribal race that loves nothing more than thick muscles and thick meat. They, unlike us, do not have the spirit to seek wisdom!
Dr. Livingstone: The Elemental Monument is located in the "Meaty Tribe" arena. I snuck into their camp to activate it without realizing that stepping into the arena meant challenging them. Next thing I knew – hilichurls everywhere...
Dr. Livingstone: *whimpers*
Dr. Livingstone: If we can teach them a lesson in fighting, we might have a chance at breaking the seal...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Some other mechanism...
Dr. Livingstone: The other Elemental Monument is located in the southern camp of the "Sleepy Tribe." They are hilichurls that sleep like logs when night falls. Once again, they lack our hardworking spirit that never sleeps!
Dr. Livingstone: The Elemental Monument is located in the pool in the camp. When I sneaked in under the dark, there was a huge hilichurl with a shield...
Dr. Livingstone: Head east and climb up the hill, and you will find the camp of the Eclipse tribe. According to the records, they are rigid followers of Shamanic traditions. They do not have our adventurous, mold-breaking spirit!
Dr. Livingstone: The Elemental Monument is at the center of the camp. But the Elemental Monument is surrounded by Eclipse tribe shamachurls, and Abyss Mages can also be found alongside them...
Dr. Livingstone: I, Livingstone, the adventurer bearing the wisdom that could match the stars and the courage to embrace all ruins, lacks only the brute force to triumph over them!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg A shame...
Dr. Livingstone: You feel sorry for me too, don't you?
Dr. Livingstone: But wrong! In the dictionary of adventurers, there is no such phrase as "feeling sorry!"
Dr. Livingstone: Only the phrase "not enough effort!" We must exert our utmost efforts to not leave any regrets! The stars and the abyss are waiting for us, young adventurer!
Dr. Livingstone: A pity that there are things that can never be achieved even for a person who bears the Livingstone name...
Dr. Livingstone: Clear out the three hilichurl camps and activate the three seal Elemental Monuments... You can't achieve such things without brute force no matter how adventurous you are!
Dr. Livingstone: Oh! I am dying, so very dying to see what treasures lie behind the seal barriers!
Dr. Livingstone: If you are a true adventurer and believe you have the wisdom and courage to match anyone, then take up the challenge!
Dr. Livingstone: But my fellow adventurer, take good care of yourself!
Dr. Livingstone: Do not let excitement and adventure pass you by – not when there are still infinite mysteries in our world to behold!

(Talking to Dr. Livingstone again)
Dr. Livingstone: This Sword Cemetery is quite the conundrum...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about the Sword Cemetery...
Dr. Livingstone: This Sword Cemetery is ancient. Presumably, it was left by soldiers on an expedition against monsters some time back in history...
Dr. Livingstone: To stop the hilichurls desecrating the site, the heroes of the past set up three concentric seals to cover it. They can only be broken by defeating the three hilichurl tribes and activating the mechanism at each camp.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me about these hilichurl tribes.
Dr. Livingstone: There are three hilichurl tribes surrounding the Sword Cemetery. To the north, the Meaty tribe; to the south, the Sleeper tribe; and in the valley to the east, the Eclipse tribe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Meaty tribe?
Dr. Livingstone: That's the tribe to the north.
Dr. Livingstone: As the name suggests, the Meaty tribe likes eating meat. They go crazy for it.
Dr. Livingstone: That's why they are so muscular... and complete meatheads.
Dr. Livingstone: The unfortunate thing is that the mechanism is slap bang in the middle of the ring they use for fighting contests...
Dr. Livingstone: If you set foot in the ring, it's seen as a challenge, and a massive brawl ensues.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sleepy tribe?
Dr. Livingstone: They're the ones to the south.
Dr. Livingstone: They spend most of the day dozing, but don't be fooled — they are crafty sons of witches...
Dr. Livingstone: Don't let them catch you off guard. They are no fun at all to deal with!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Eclipse tribe?
Dr. Livingstone: The Eclipse tribe is based in the valley to the east. Of the three hilichurl tribes, they are the most dangerous. They are also shaman worshipers — you should see the zany stuff they get up to every day!
Dr. Livingstone: The shaman there doesn't believe in The Seven, but somehow, he can still command the elements.
Dr. Livingstone: There's also an Abyss Mage who crops up there now and then... Honestly, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I'd have sworn it was just a myth from some old book.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why are the mechanisms in hilichurl camps?
Dr. Livingstone: Now that is a good question... Hilichurls lack the intelligence to craft and operate mechanisms like this, so... Perhaps they are also relics left here by the heroes of old?
Dr. Livingstone: The mechanisms create the seals covering the Sword Cemetery, while the hilichurls serve as de facto guardians of the mechanisms.
Dr. Livingstone: This solution makes full use of human intelligence while also using hilichurl stupidity to its advantage... Maybe this is the wisdom of the ancients in action.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sounds dangerous.
Dr. Livingstone: Indeed it is. But to us adventurers, danger is just our bread and butter!
Dr. Livingstone: We adventurers live to conquer the stars and the abyss. Anyone who is put off their quest by a spot of bother is going to have a boring life!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Take care.
Dr. Livingstone: You take care of yourself as well.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.0
  • Break the Sword Cemetery Seal was released.

Version 0.7.1 (CBT2)

  • Description: This sword cemetery is defended from all sides by three different Hilichurl tribes. There appears to be an adventurer from the Adventurers' Guild nearby. Talk to her and see what she knows.