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Brave Heart, also called Heart of Bravery in the Adventurer Handbook, is a 3-star and 4-star Artifact Set obtained from Domain of Guyun and Ridge Watch.



Item Medal of the Brave.png Medal of the Brave

A simple flower brooch that is a keepsake from someone's first adventure.

The little hero slipped out of doors by night, and with his friend rushed headlong into wolves' forest.
With his slingshot he chased boars, and with sturdy branches he would battle imaginary monsters.
Following the shining Seelie deep into the woods, he discovered a treasure that had laid buried for a thousand years.

The treasure was a small yellow flower.

When the tired hero returned to his childhood bedroom, and flipped through the proof of his first adventures,
He discovered to his surprise that the long-hidden flower had yet to wilt.
Yet in this it was alone, for everything else had changed with the passing of years.

Item Prospect of the Brave.png Prospect of the Brave

A shimmering feather from a songbird that brings a nudge of courage to its wearer.

To comfort his crybaby of a companion, the young hero gave his friend a bird's feather.
This was proof of their shared adventure, of the treasure they found together, and was meant to embolden his comrade.

Much later, one of them was named a "lion,"
And became a crownless king at the head of many knights.
The other became a "wolf,"
Supporting his friend from the shadows, and running affairs of state.

In those turbulent times, the two defended their home and each other like sword and dagger.
But this was a story from long ago.
So many were lost during the cataclysm.

Item Fortitude of the Brave.png Fortitude of the Brave

A dated miniature hourglass that serves no practical purpose. It seems as elusive as time itself.

When the black curses poured forth, and the roots of disaster infested the earth,
The knights, on expedition in a foreign land, would face the horror head on, their formation steely as the northern glaciers.

The steel of their greatswords flashed brightly, and the dark ichor fell like poisoned rain.

At last the hero returned home, but this time, without his old friend.
So much had changed, save for the hourglass that childhood companion had gifted him.

Item Outset of the Brave.png Outset of the Brave

A crude wooden vessel filled only with memories.

The young hero's first battle ended, and for the first time he tasted the sweet wine of victory.
That day, deep of the vine he drank together with his closest friend — supportive, joyful, and blissfully ignorant.

Many years later, when the cataclysm came, he led the knights to fight for his homeland.
On the eve of battle, he advised his childhood friend and long-time deputy to come drink with him.

"If you do not return, I will not mourn you."
"Nay, I will toast you, and drink in your honor, just as we do today."

Item Crown of the Brave.png Crown of the Brave

A rough-and-ready laurel wreath that seems as precious as a king's golden crown.

The little hero entered the deep, mysterious forest, and henceforth walked the path of resistance.
His best playmate played the role of the champion knight of the aristocracy.

"Like a lion I stride the battlefield, like she did a thousand years before."
"Songs I will inspire with my sword, to give to generations to come."

Their toy greatswords and tree branches clashed in their fierce duel—
Till at last the hero won the day, and seized the aristocrats' crowns from their heads.

Many years later, this wreath of flowers, though crudely made,
Would seem more precious still than the power a master of knights held...


  • This artifact set is based around Arundolyn and his childhood friend Rostam.
  • In the description for Crown of the Brave, "she" is Vennessa. However, the cataclysm takes place 500 years before the main story, making it 500 years after Vennessa's rebellion and not 1000. This error is also present in the original Chinese text.

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishBrave Heart
Yǒngshì zhī Xīn
Heart of a Warrior
Yǒngshì zhī Xīn
Yuushi no Kokoro
Heart of the Brave Warrior
Korean용사의 마음
Yongsa-ui Ma'eum
Heart of the Champion
SpanishCorazón del GuerreroHeart of the Warrior
FrenchCœur du BraveHeart of the Brave One
RussianДуша храбреца
Dusha khrabretsa
Heart of the Brave One[• 1]
ThaiBrave Heart
VietnameseTrái Tim Dũng SĩHeroic Heart
IndonesianBrave Heart
PortugueseCoração ValenteBrave Heart
  1. Russian: Душа Dusha commonly is translated as "soul", but sometimes it may be translated as "heart" in a figurative sense.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0