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Bough Keeper: Dainsleif is a World Quest that serves as the prologue to Chapter I Act IV: We Will Be Reunited of the Archon Quests.


Start the quest by talking to Katheryne in the City of Mondstadt.

  1. Ask Lawrence about the stranger
  2. Ask Wagner about the stranger
  3. Ask Charles about the stranger
  4. Go to the second floor of the tavern and wait on the seat by the railing
  5. Go to the first floor of the tavern and find the stranger
  6. Go to the Temple of the Falcon
  7. Enter the Temple of the Falcon
  8. Continue exploring
  9. Talk to Dainsleif
  10. Look for clues related to the Abyss Order in Wolvendom (0/2)
  11. Talk to Dainsleif
  12. Go to Stormterror's Lair
  13. Go deeper into Stormterror's Lair
  14. Defeat all the opponents
  15. Talk to Dainsleif
  16. Catch up to Dainsleif
  17. Follow Dainsleif
  18. Go and examine the dandelion


  • Despite being categorized as a World Quest, the quest is treated like part of the Archon Quest story line and follows up on the Chapter I of the Archon Quests, as well as being structured and styled like a Character Story Quest.
    • On the quest screen, it is listed under the category "Chapter I: Act IV - Prelude", similar to Archon/Story Quest Chapter categories.
    • However, unlike Archon and Character Story Quests, it does not show up in the completed quests list.
  • Wolfhooks can be found in the Abyssal Traces domain, which cannot be found inside the Temple of the Falcon's permanent one-time domain level, Explore: Windy Cliff.



(Talk to Katheryne)
Katheryne: Traveler, please, over here.
Katheryne: It has been a while since you joined the Adventurers' Guild. Are your adventures going smoothly?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm recruiting new allies...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg More companions would be nice...
Katheryne: Hmm... is that so? Apart from your own skills, reliable teammates are also indispensable when adventuring.
Katheryne: Another person to count on is always good, after all. But recruiting such dependable companions is no easy matter, is it?
Paimon: Yup, and it's even harder to get a guide as good as Paimon.
Katheryne: Ah, yes, I do have some information that may be of help to you...
Katheryne: Let me consult our records... Ah, there it is. There's been a certain blond stranger who arrived in Mondstadt lately, dressed in the most unusual clothes.
Paimon: Blond... dresses all funny... It feels like Paimon's heard this one before...
Paimon: W—wait— do you mean...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could it be...?
Paimon: Does that stranger's face look... anything like (his/hers)!?
Katheryne: Hmm? Like the Honorary Knight's? No, they couldn't look more different. This stranger is a very tall man, and even has an eyepatch...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, just some distant relative of Kaeya's, then...
Paimon: Seriously? How does this have anything to do with Kaeya? Eyepatches can't prove that you're related, anyway!
Katheryne: That stranger declined the Guild's invitation, so I can't say that I know anything about the relationship between him and Mr. Kaeya.
Katheryne: Nonetheless, you can look for him if you're interested. Perhaps he might accept your commission instead.
Katheryne: After all, it is not uncommon for some adventurers to not want to be limited by the Guild, but be happy to accept a fellow adventurer's requests.
Katheryne: And should this stranger be a strong adventurer indeed, he would certainly be a big help on your journey.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg But if he's already rejected the Guild...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sounds like a tough customer...
Katheryne: Please don't talk down on yourself like that. You are the Honorary Knight of the Knights of Favonius, after all.
Katheryne: Your deeds are the stuff of song for all the bards in the city even now.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, alright then. About that stranger...
Katheryne: Well, as to further news about him... You may want to ask Mr. Lawrence.
Katheryne: He stands guard at the city gate, so he may know something about that stranger.
Katheryne: I wish you every success, adventurer.
(Ask Lawrence about the stranger)
Lawrence: Ah, Honorary Knight. Is something the matter?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, I'm looking for a stranger with an eyepatch...
Lawrence: A stranger with an eyepatch? Hmm... let me think. Oh yeah. I remember seeing someone like that. A blond stranger dressed in unusual garb.
Lawrence: He was wandering all over Mondstadt at first, which I found rather suspicious, so I decided to keep an eye on him for a while.
Lawrence: I lost him pretty quickly... Still, I didn't think that this was such a huge matter that we needed our Outrider to pursue him by air.
Lawrence: As long as Master Jean is here, there's nothing to fear from some suspicious unusual-looking person.
Paimon: That might be true, but if it were up to Jean, she'd take this way more seriously.
Lawrence: Haha, that is true. But on the other hand, knowing that Master Jean may overreact to the situation is all the more reason to not tell her, no?
Lawrence: Anyways... Oh, yeah! He was at Wagner's smithy for a while before I tried tailin' him. He might have said something to Wagner.
Lawrence: You should go ask, him. Maybe he has more news about our stranger.
(Talking to Lawrence again)
Lawrence: Huh... I wonder what trouble this stranger brings with him...
(Ask Wagner about the stranger)
Wagner: What? You need something?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, I'm looking for a stranger with an eyepatch...
Wagner: I remember him. He showed up a few days ago, asking to buy a bunch of forging materials.
Wagner: Can't say I've heard of any of the materials he mentioned, though.
Wagner: He then had a look at the weapons in my shop before leaving. I've heard that he can be found drinking at the Angel's Share.
Wagner: If the Knights or the Guild want to get a hold of him, that's the only place to be, haha.
Paimon: The Angel's Share? Well, Master Diluc probably has his eye on that stranger too, then.
Paimon: Anyway, let's go to the Angel's Share and have a look.
(Talking to Wagner again)
Wagner: Do those forging materials even exist?
(Ask Charles about the stranger)
Charles: What will it be? grape juice or apple cider?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Another day, another lack of alcoholic options...
Paimon: Hey Charles, have you seen a blond stranger who wears an eyepatch around here by any chance?
Charles: That I have. He comes here every night — just to drink, though. Doesn't order anything else.
Charles: He even sometimes mixes his own drinks after he orders them.
Charles: I don't know anything else about him, but from his selections and mixes, I'd say that he's quite the connoisseur.
Paimon: And what's Master Diluc's opinion?
Charles: Why, I just gave it to you — "quite the connoisseur."
Paimon: Investigating everything as always — guess that's Diluc for you...
Charles: If you're looking for that gentleman, he ordered some new bottle of wine in advance yesterday, so he should be here today, too.
Charles: There's too many raucous patrons on the first floor, so if you want to wait, best to go to the second.
(Talking to Charles again)
Charles: That customer will most likely be here tonight. You can wait on the second floor until he arrives.
(Go to the second floor of the tavern and wait on the seat by the railing)

(You and Paimon start waiting on the second floor...)
Charles: Ah, welcome sir. The wine that you previously ordered is here.
Paimon: He's really here!? Let's go downstairs and have a look.
(Go to the first floor of the tavern and find the stranger)
???: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hi, I'm an adventurer with the Adventurer's Guild.
???: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How do you do? I'm an Honorary Knight of Favonius...
Paimon: Wow, he's got no intention of paying us any mind, huh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So, uh, I'm a traveler...
???: A traveler... you say? Hmph. Why are you traveling?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm looking for my lost relative.
???: ...
???: Well, that's as good a reason as any... Sit down over there, then.
Paimon: So... guess we've broken the ice... What a weird guy.
???: Hmm. That little one beside you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Emergency food.
Paimon: That's not true, and you know it!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg My best chum.
Paimon: Uh-huh, we're the best of friends!
???: It's indeed a good thing to have someone accompany you on your travels.
Dainsleif: My name's Dainsleif. I suppose you have some business with me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, I was hoping to invite you to adventure with us...
Dainsleif: Sure.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Huh?
Paimon: (And he was so cold just a moment before... Paimon's got a baaaad feeling about this!)
Dainsleif: But I will require advance payment.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg P-payment, you say...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg H-how much?
Dainsleif: 500 Mora, and three answered questions.
Dainsleif: The 500 is a one-time fee, and we'll settle the questions in a moment.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's... it?
Dainsleif: That's it.
Paimon: Well, now Paimon's got a really bad feeling. That kind of compensation can't be right...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, here's the 500 Mora...
Dainsleif: Ah, thank you. Now, as for my questions, I'd like you to answer them here and now...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And if I answer wrongly?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Do I need to answer them all correctly?
Dainsleif: The answer to a question says nothing about right and wrong. Only about differences in attitude.
Dainsleif: I only wish to know what your choices are. You need only answer.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, alright then.
Dainsleif: Question one.
Dainsleif: The crisis Mondstadt faced was resolved by an alliance between yourself and that... Anemo Archon who calls himself Venti. Who, in your view, was the key to ending that crisis?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How did you know that Venti is...!?
Dainsleif: I know everything that I should.
Dainsleif: Haha... Well...? Answer the question.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It was Venti.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It was me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The unity of Mondstadt's people gave us the victory.
Dainsleif: Is that your answer? Hm... I see.
Dainsleif: Question number two.
Dainsleif: Rex Lapis, who has defended Liyue Harbor for millennia on end, used his Gnosis to lay down a Contract to End All Contracts, or which the stipulations are still unknown.
Dainsleif: Who do you think will defend Liyue Harbor in the future, now that they've lost their deity?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The adepti.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Liyue Qixing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Everyone in Liyue Harbor.
Dainsleif: So that's your answer... I see.
Dainsleif: Now for my final question.
Dainsleif: This world has people who gained Visions, and those who did not.
Dainsleif: Which of the two do you think hold more importance in the eyes of the gods?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Those with Visions.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Those without Visions.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Perhaps... none of them do.
Dainsleif: So... this is your answer, then... I understand.
(If the player picked the third option at least twice)
Dainsleif: As I thought... you really are similar to (her/him).
Dainsleif: It seems that you're different from (her/him)...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What do you mean, "(her/him)"?
Dainsleif: ...
Dainsleif: I'll take that 500 Mora... and now I also understand your views on this world. As we agreed, you may now commission me.
Dainsleif: That said, I only take commissions related to the Abyss Order.
Dainsleif: Like you, I am currently on a journey. You intend to find your sibling, while I wish to oppose the Abyss.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, I have met some Abyss Mages in the past...
Dainsleif: Ugh... Those creatures that serve the Abyss are the fangs and claws by which the Order spreads chaos in this world.
Dainsleif: I have come to Mondstadt this time while on the trail of an Abyss Herald...
Paimon: An Abyss Herald?
Dainsleif: An even more twisted Abyssal being, one that commands the Abyss Mages.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Come to think of it, since the Stormterror incident ended, we haven't...
Paimon: Ooh, that's right! We've just been fighting against the Fatui in Liyue, who are human too...
Paimon: We haven't encountered the non-human Abyss Order at all.
Dainsleif: There's some reason behind that, I'm afraid.
Dainsleif: It's possible that they may have been under orders to avoid your path.
Paimon: That does sound pretty dangerous... Maybe they're looking for a better time to ambush us or something...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg They won't defeat me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll defeat them.
Paimon: Uh-huh! We're super-duper strong!
Dainsleif: (That manner... it's just like hers/his.)
Dainsleif: Well then, let's go see for ourselves, shall we? According to the leads I have on hand, the Abyss Order has re-infiltrated the Temple of the Falcon.
Dainsleif: Let's meet up at the temple. Perhaps your questions about the Abyss will be answered there.

(Go to the Temple of the Falcon)
Dainsleif: This abandoned temple does bear some marks of the Abyss.
Dainsleif: The Falcon of the West... though it can soar in the wind, it ultimately does naught but hover under the light of the gods...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What are you talking about?
Dainsleif: Mm? Oh, it's nothing. Let's head inside.
(Enter the Abyssal Traces domain)

(After entering the Abyssal Traces domain)
Dainsleif: The scent of the Abyss is getting stronger. It's not far now.
Paimon: Paimon wonders what the Abyss Heralds look like. Do they look something like the Abyss Mages?
Dainsleif: Let's head further in first. If we do see that creature, that'll spare me the explanation either way.
(After clearing the Abyssal Traces domain)
Dainsleif: Just a few Abyss Mages? Seems like that Herald might have already left.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could you tell me more about the Abyss Order?
Dainsleif: The Abyss...
Dainsleif: It is chaos, and it is also destruction. It is a morass of inconceivable madness that encroaches upon this world's very foundations.
Dainsleif: That... is why even the Dragon of the East, a servant of a deity, was unable to resist its corrosive powers.
Dainsleif: And the creatures of the Abyss desire nothing less than the overthrow of a world ruled by the archons.
Paimon: You seem to know a lot about the Abyss, Dain.
Dainsleif: Haha, well, we do have... some history.
Dainsleif: I suppose that's as far as chit-chat goes. We should head to Wolvendom.
Dainsleif: Judging by the traces I'm following, their next appearance my be within the territory of that old wolf.
Dainsleif: Perhaps we may find our Abyss Herald there.

(Meet Dainsleif in Wolvendom)
Paimon: Well, we're in Wolvendom now. Think Dain's waiting for us up ahead?
Paimon: We should meet up with him quick, in case the wolves decide they don't like him.
(Talk to Dainsleif)
Dainsleif: Lord of Wolvendom, Great Wolf King of the North...
Dainsleif: Sharp of fang and keen of claw, and yet dwelling here only...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You know that wolf?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You familiar with that wolf?
Dainsleif: No, nor does it know me.
Dainsleif: I only know these things because a previous traveling companion of mine once wanted to hear its story.
Dainsleif: Alright, let's go see if that Abyss Herald has stopped by here.
Paimon: But where do we begin? ...Hmm, are you standing here because of these strange bonfires, Dain?
Dainsleif: Indeed. See that, floating above the flames? It's an Abyssal spell.
Dainsleif: Knowing what I do of the Order's habits, they've probably left similar marks behind elsewhere. Let's have a look nearby.
(Talk to Dainsleif again)
Dainsleif: So, their reach extends here, too... Let's have a closer look.
(While searching for clues related to the Abyss Order)
Paimon: Do you think that those monsters by the bonfire are under the Abyss Order's control? Looks kinda scary... Let's beat 'em up first.
(After defeating enemies)
Paimon: Phew! That's that. Let's go check out that bonfire.
(Investigating the bonfire)
Paimon: Looks like this bonfire's also got something to do with the Abyss...
(Upon finding the second clue)
Paimon: And there's another one of those bonfire-spells!
Paimon: Looks like the Abyss really has been around here...
(Investigating the bonfire)
Paimon: Yikes! Where did these monsters pop out from? Let's clear them out, and quick!
(Talk to Dainsleif after defeating enemies)
Dainsleif: Have you finished searching?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We found lots of signs of the Abyss Order...
Dainsleif: I searched around these parts and found some signs myself.
Dainsleif: But they were left behind by Abyss Mages, and there was no deeper Abyssal power to them.
Dainsleif: It seems that even an Abyss Herald would not wish to make trouble with the Wolf King of the North.
Dainsleif: We should leave as well. If there's anything praiseworthy about that old wolf, it's his territorial nature.
Paimon: But now we're out of leads. Are we going to have to give up?
Dainsleif: No, there is one more place we can go.
Dainsleif: Let's get a move on, then. I'll wait for you at Stormterror's Lair.

(Meet Dainsleif in Stormterror's Lair)
Dainsleif: I've heard about what happened to you during Mondstadt's crisis. When you came, this place was known as Stormterror's Lair.
Dainsleif: But I suppose that this place is more "lair" than "Stormterror" at this point.
Dainsleif: In fact, if my memory serves, this ruin has had largely nothing to do with that dragon for a long time.
Dainsleif: The first time I laid eyes upon the ruins of Old Mondstadt, the Dragon of the East had yet to fall, much less come to nest in this place.
Paimon: Huh? But Paimon remembers that Dvalin first got into trouble hundred of years ago...
Dainsleif: Don't think too much about it.
Dainsleif: Do you remember the Light Actuators that once sealed this ruin?
Dainsleif: If the Abyss Order is interested in this location, then they will not neglect those mechanisms.
Dainsleif: Let's go see what the situation is at those Light Actuators.
(Go deeper into Stormterror's Lair)
Paimon: Look, there are lots of monsters gathered over there!
(After defeating the enemies)
Paimon: So in the end, we still couldn't find that Abyss Herald. Bummer.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It is quite a shame.
Dainsleif: I wouldn't call not having to gaze upon such a creature a "shame," exactly. Still, I do believe that you will come across one eventually.
Paimon: N—No... You're right. If it's a really powerful monster, it would be best to go around it...
Dainsleif: *sigh* How good it would be if all perils one encounters in their journeys could simply be solved by going around them.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You seem to be familiar with journeys.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Speaking from experience, are we?
Dainsleif: Once upon a time, yes... I simply have the experience from adventuring together with that traveling companion.
Paimon: Uh, you know, Dain, you keep talking about that person this, and that person that...
Paimon: Where are they now, anyway?
Dainsleif: (She/He)... *sigh*
Dainsleif: No longer travels.
Dainsleif: I'm afraid that traveling can be... too exhausting at times.
Paimon: Oh, is that how it is... Well, why are you traveling alone, then?
Dainsleif: I... still have some things left unfinished. Once they are done, I too will return home to rest.
Paimon: Yup, and it's good to have a home to come back to, isn't it? We camp out a lot when we travel.
Paimon: Hey Traveler, once you find your sibling, we should find a place to stay too, shouldn't we?
Paimon: Hmm... Mondstadt's Fisherman's Toast is pretty tasty, but Liyue's Wanmin Restaurant is great too...
Paimon: Eh, either way, we should settle down in a place where there's good food!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, I think...
Dainsleif: Home...
Dainsleif: Well, it won't be too late to think about where you stay once your journey reaches its end.
Dainsleif: While you're still traveling, you should...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...I sense something familiar. On that cliff.
Paimon: Eh? What's familiar?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I felt it for a moment the previous time we came here, too...
Dainsleif: A familiar feeling, you say? It could be someone you know well, or perhaps a monster.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Could it be... the Abyss?
Dainsleif: Whichever it is, we should see it for ourselves, and thus see clearly.
Dainsleif: We can reach the top of that cliff from over there. Let's go.
(Catch up to Dainsleif)
Paimon: Dain moves really fast, doesn't he...
Paimon: Let's use that wind current nearby to catch up.

(Talk to Dainsleif)
Dainsleif: Can you still sense that familiar feeling that you spoke of earlier?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg It's nearby.
Paimon: But... it doesn't feel like there's anything around here. No monsters, no people, nothing.
Dainsleif: Indeed, there doesn't seem to be anything strange about this place. It doesn't look any different from the last time I was here...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Last time," you say?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You've been here before?
Dainsleif: My traveling companion brought me here on our previous journey.
Paimon: So, Dain, what about you? What's your favorite place?
Dainsleif: Me? I... no longer remember.
Dainsleif: I merely followed that person around on that journey. That's all there was to it.
Dainsleif: ...Hmm?
(Follow Dainsleif)
Dainsleif: A Ruin Guard's footprint... A Ruin Guard was wandering around here?
Dainsleif: No peace to be found, even for a single dandelion...
(Go and examine the dandelion)

(The Traveler remembers their encounter with the Unknown God)
Paimon: What's gotten into you? You were just spacing out!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This dandelion... reminds me of...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I... could feel her/him.
Paimon: Eh? You mean your (sister/brother)?
Paimon: But, how could that be... You only touched that dandelion for a second!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Yes, the moment I touched it...
Dainsleif: ...
Dainsleif: Perhaps that dandelion bears some sort of "scent" that only you recognize.
Dainsleif: As for why... has it perhaps experienced something related to you?
Paimon: Uh, you're saying some real confusing stuff. Paimon doesn't get it at all...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Regardless, I have to get to the bottom of th—!
Dainsleif: Do not rush.
Dainsleif: Vexation and anxiety are the enemy of rational thought. Your journey has only just begun, has it not?
Dainsleif: At least you now know that (she/he) is still on this world.
Dainsleif: At this time, the most important thing is the journey to find (her/him) itself.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And I will find her/him.
Dainsleif: Yes, and this is something you must keep in mind as the meaning behind your journey.
Dainsleif: May your find your kin at the end of that journey. Well then, let us part ways here for now.
Paimon: Eh? You're leaving? Already?
Dainsleif: Only for now. Don't worry, we will meet again.
Dainsleif: After all... I did take 500 Mora... and those three answers you gave me.


  • The 500 Mora commission fee is merely a storytelling device for this quest. Neither is the amount deducted from the player at any time, nor does it matter if they actually have less than 500 to begin with.
    • 500 is potentially symbolic of alluding to the number of years since Khaenri'ah's cataclysm ravaged Teyvat. It is also implied to be when the Traveler's Twin first travelled Teyvat
  • During the quest line you and Dainsleif visit locations all pertaining to the Four Winds, the guardians entrusted by Barbatos.
    • Dainsleif was first exploring Mondstadt, home to the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius (The Lionfang Knight and Lion of the South).
    • Second was the Temple of the Falcon of the West.
    • After that you traveled to Wolvendom, home to Andrius the Wolf of the North.
    • And finally Stormterror's Lair, Dvalin being the Dragon of the East.
  • Unused voice files: What do you mean, "(her/him)"?
  • The quest has a unique icon associated with it (similar to a respective nation's emblem for Archon Quests or a character's Constellation for Story Quests) combined out of both Siblings' Constellations (Viator and Viatrix) representing Aether and Lumine as well as their two shooting stars.
    • This seems to allude to it being the first "true" quest of your story in finding your Sibling, as opposed to the past Archon Quests primarily dealing with your encounters with one of the Seven and not really helping to further your mission after solving their problems.

Change History

Released in Version 1.3
Version 2.0
  • "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif" unlock criteria was lowered to AR 28 or above.

Version 1.3

  • "Bough Keeper: Dainsleif" was released with unlock criteria of AR 36 or above.