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These intelligent weasels live underground within the mining tunnels and caverns depths of The Chasm. Their fur has a unique blue sheen.
Having long become used to life in the darkness, they now have excellent hearing and olfactory senses.
Their jade-colored eyes and unusual fur have led miners to see them as an omen that gemstones are to be found nearby. However, there is no real connection between the two.

Archive Description

Bluethunder Weasel is a type of beast which can be found both as Wildlife and as a pet for the Serenitea Pot. When killed, it will restore 1 energy to the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

Outdoor creatures, as the name implies, can only be placed in outdoor spaces within the Housing system.

See the Official Interactive Map for specific locations.


Killing one for the first time will add this creature's entry into your in-game archive.


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishBluethunder Weasel
Qīng Léi Yòu
Cyan Thunder Weasel
Qīng Léi Yòu
Seirai Itachi[!]
Blue Thunder Weasel
Korean푸른 번개 족제비
Pureun Beongae Jokjebi
Blue Lightning Weasel
SpanishHurón electroazulElectroblue Ferret
FrenchBelette foudrazuréeAzure Lightning Weasel
RussianХорёк синей молнии
Khoryok siney molnii
ThaiBluethunder Weasel
VietnameseChồn Sóc Sét Xanh
GermanBlaudonner-MarderBluethunder Marten
IndonesianBluethunder Weasel
PortugueseFurão do Trovão Azul

Change History

Released in Version 2.6