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The Bloodstained Knight, formerly known as the White Knight, was a noble-born member of the Knights of Favonius that served under Arundolyn 500 years ago.[1] He was mentored by the Knights' second-in-command, Wolf Pup Rostam,[2] who taught him chivalry, justice and swordsmanship,[3] and as a result became a powerful knight obsessed with justice.

The Black Sword was his weapon, while the artifact set Bloodstained Chivalry were once his possessions.


While training with Rostam under the Knights of Favonius, Rostam instilled him the principles of chivalry, justice, and swordsmanship. Afterwards, the White Knight would often jump at the opportunity to correct any injustice he witnessed[3] and on one such occasion he saved the maiden in Maiden Beloved who fell in love with him. She tried to give him various rewards, but he insisted chivalry was its own reward and only accepted a white flower from her.[1]

Sometime during his many expeditions, the knight began to lose himself in the cutting down of his foes. He convinced himself that the feeling he was getting was satisfaction in justice being served and continued towards his goal of purging the world of evil. Another person tried to counsel him by telling him that slaughter in the sake of justice is still slaughter, but the knight didn't take their advice and continued on his path.[3]

As the knight continued towards his goal, he became increasingly stained by blood from all the monsters he fought, changing the appearance of his sword, armor and accessories as they all became stained black. The people that he saved from monsters understandably fled in fear from him, seeing him as another monster.

He eventually came to the realization that there was no place left for him and went to an ancient fallen kingdom, intending to die in battle against the monsters there. However, he instead learned that the monsters were in fact the people of the fallen kingdom under a curse. He decides that this was the "ultimate injustice," and pledges himself to the Abyss.[1]


  • His name may be Roland, a name that a dying Rostam mentions alongside Arundolyn's in Elegy for the End's description. Because Rostam died during the Knights of Favonius' expedition to Khaenri'ah, this indicates that Roland was also a member of the Knights, which the White Knight was.
  • Maiden Beloved details the story of a certain woman's unrequited love for him. The flower that she gives him is the Bloodstained Chivalry set's Flower of Life.


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