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Werkingclass Werkingclass 11 days ago


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Ena.X-X Ena.X-X 14 June

Whatever things you can post.

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LinzerChiori LinzerChiori 14 June

A Bloodtainted Mine

Bear with me if this is mid it's my first time writing

It was a peaceful night. The moon was shining bright, the stars all visible without a cloud in sight, and the breeze gently blowing.

So too, was the House of the Hearth. It was one of the few moments that I didn't have to worry about anyone, since no one was out on a mission.

I sat there, reading, as the hearth fire crackled from across the room.

I looked around at the sound of footsteps, and saw Lyney, Lynette and Freminet walking up to me.

They all retained their usual expressions, but with an undertone of nervous anticipation.

When they reached me, there were a few moments of awkward silence as I looked at them, waiting for someone to speak.

Finally, Lyney spoke up.

"Father, if you wouldn't…

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XianyunCloud11 XianyunCloud11 23 May

Crimson Shadows of Departure

Please read Arlecchino’s character story here before reading this short story!

DISCLAIMER: This story contains mentions of blood, gore, and suicide. Reader discretion is advised.

In the days before the name “Father” existed, there was a girl named Peruere. She had only two friends in the House of the Hearth: Clervie and Vivienne. Clervie was the daughter of “Mother," but she knew not of Vivienne’s origins, only that she was originally from the Fleuve Cendre and was abandoned by her parents because of a disease that made her lose control of her body at certain times. According to Vivienne, it took a couple months before “Mother” found her, unconscious and bloody, in a dark alleyway.

“Mother” was talking to the children in front of the hearth. …

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Dead like Qiqi Dead like Qiqi 21 May

Memories of the Lost

“Kiki, could you please hand me that bottle over there? Make sure not to break it!” said a young girl as she poured this and that into a pot. “Kiki,” whose real name was Okiku, nodded and handed her the bottle. Except the thing was, Okiku didn’t have a body. Or rather, she didn’t have a physical one. She was a ghost, and upon stumbling across the young girl she decided to follow her. The girl, whose name is unknown, was ecstatic when she found out. Ever since then, the two have bonded over their love of science…and killing

“What are you making now?” asked Okiku, looking into the pot, which was bubbling with some sort of clear liquid

“Ah, I’m so glad you asked!” she replied, looking up and smiling.”

“You know how there are 11 Harbingers in tot…

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Dead like Qiqi Dead like Qiqi 20 May

Insert Title Here

“Kiki, could you please hand me that bottle over there? Make sure not to break it!” said a young girl as she poured this and that into a pot. “Kiki,” whose real name was Okiku, nodded and handed her the bottle. Except the thing was, Okiku didn’t have a body. Or rather, she didn’t have a physical one. She was a ghost, and upon stumbling across the young girl she decided to follow her. The girl, whose name is unknown, was ecstatic when she found out. Ever since then, the two have bonded over their love of science…and killing

“What are you making now?” asked Okiku, looking into the pot, which was bubbling with some sort of clear liquid

“Ah, I’m so glad you asked!” she replied, looking up and smiling.”

“You know how there are 11 Harbingers in tot…

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Lxminate Lxminate 17 May

Experiment 168, Unit 731

“I can’t believe what he’s going to do.”

“How can Her Majesty commission him of all people to find a cure?”

“He’s a monster…”

The blizzard howled outside the fortress of ice, its fury rattling the windows of the hidden laboratory. Inside, the warmth of the hearth was an illusion; the true heart of this place was as cold as the glaciers that surrounded it. The walls, adorned with intricate ice sculptures, reflected the dim light of flickering torches. In this eerie luminescence, Il Dottore's shadow danced, a specter amidst the grim relics of his work.

Down the corridor, through doors that whispered secrets as they swung open, lay the chamber of experiments. Here, the scent of antiseptic failed to mask the underlying odor of decay. Glass tanks f…

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Epirus7 Epirus7 15 May

Undying Flesh, Decaying Heart (WIP)

Backing Track

Listen while reading for more effect, lyrics (which ARE important) can be found here.

Anything in parenthesis is an Author's Note. ().


"I have known nothing but pain."

The rain beats the excuse for skin on his back, seeping through the clothes he wears.


An unknown time ago. Shakkhei Pavilion.

Silence passes for him, the pillars no longer slumber.

The noises of storms outside this forsaken hell will never cease, a

n eternal reminder of who put him here.

The storms roar outside, but the rain isn't audible, the lightning unseen, thunder muffled.

All robbed of their purpose, just like him.

Silent years, passing in a blink of an eye, but lasting longer than the Eternity his creator sought.

"Am I a mistake? Is... Is this even real?"


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Lunenexe Lunenexe 7 May

"It runs in the family"

Cold atmosphere is quite rare in Fontaine. With the air filled with salt and the warm sea, it’s often quite tame. But the mother felt an eerie cold crawling and spreading against her skin. Frail fingers, with motherly warmth and a sorrowful hollowness in her bones, clenched at her sides.

Her youthful beauty was rotting away in this state, this stress had her hair pulled from its roots by gravity, her eyes pushed backward, and her steps trembling quietly over elevated ground. One thought ran through her head, and it was simple.

I’m a terrible mother.

The woman had a habit of hiding tears in the depths of her heart, they rarely surfaced. When they did, it was a quiet shudder that only her son could detect from a mile away.

Her son. How she’d mis…

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Witherite Armor Witherite Armor 9 February

Voice-Over Library (VOL)

This blog may be used to add voice-over interactions from your OCs! You don't need to add general voice-lines, as there would be too many. And please, don't vandalise. That should come without question.

Use DCLegend7's OC-verse section so you know how these interactions could play out.

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WillowXD7725 WillowXD7725 7 February


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WillowXD7725 WillowXD7725 7 February


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Chilli Crab Chilli Crab 30 January

Komaniya Express Registration

If you cannot edit my page, it means that you have less than 10 edits in this wiki. If you like to edit your userpage or edit the wiki, you should be able to add your name yourself.

This post is for the people who cannot edit my page to sign themselves.

Please comment below to register for Komaniya Express :D

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Little gaming theory

Uhhh so lantern rite 4.4 is coming up and the trailer dropped. and in one scene, where everybody talking about reuniting and stuff, we see Gaming being a bit sad and upset. So it got me wondering, did something happened to Gaming?

This is just pure speculation or theory. The 4.4 hasnt dropped yet, and im doing this just for fun!

"If you happen to hear the sound of drums and gongs as you're walking through the streets of Liyue Harbor, let your ears lead the way. With a bit of luck, you might just be fortunate enough to witness a performance of Gaming's remarkable Wushou Dance."

So, we know that Gaming is a Pyro vision, claymore user who works at a Transportation guard, and a dancer. However, i do think Gaming does perfomances in secret. As its …

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Sleepy.Katiee Sleepy.Katiee 15 December 2023

(Essay) Baizhu is underrated and here's how.

Baizhu. As long as you have finished the Liyue Archon Quest, you know who he is!

But, have you ever really sat down and thought about him? Let's be real, you might never think about him since he had gotten very short screen time in such an old part of the game.

Though my real question is: Do you like him?

Right now, I am staring directly at @CloudyBerryGirl who states; "Hu Tao is best, Baizhu sucks". I know either half or a quarter of that is a joke but I know that there are actually people who GENUINELY think that Baizhu is a bad character. And guess what? I've found out that a lot of them don't know anything about Baizhu besides the fact he's a doctor.

Sit back and relax while I explain to you why Baizhu is very underrated and actually a great…

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Paimon = Unknown God? BUSTED!

"Descender" is a term used by the Fatui and other notable individuals for outlanders who do not originate from the world of Teyvat but come to live within it. The Traveler is known as the Fourth Descender, and Lesser Lord Kusanali presumes that the Heavenly Principles is the First Descender, while the Third Descender is presumed dead and the Fourth Descender is the Traveler.

As Descenders come from worlds beyond Teyvat, they are not bound to the laws of Teyvat and the Traveler, the Fourth Descender, is called to be a 'witness of Teyvat's fate'. Their memories also are not changed if Irminsul is tampered with.

For example, when Greater Lord Rukkhadevata erased herself from Irminsul, the Traveler remembered her. However, Paimon and Nahida forge…

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HyBoxwood HyBoxwood 27 November 2023

Optimizing Image Quality and Source File Retrieval Tips for Twitter, HoYoLab, and Miyoushe

Let me tell you a little secret. When saving images from Twitter, HoYoLab, and Miyoushe, doing so helps in preserving the correct dimensions and bit depth of the images.

Before that, I want to tell you how to observe the differences in color and noise caused by file compression:

I recommend using Photoshop. After aligning two versions of the image in separate layers, change the blending mode of the upper layer to "Difference" to easily observe image differences. Of course, the "Difference" blending mode can also assist you in aligning the images, so you can choose the blending mode first and then align the images. At this point, two almost identical versions should appear as pure black, and any differences you can see beyond pure black are t…

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FallingBlossoms FallingBlossoms 20 November 2023

an even bigger mouthful: hidden kindreds in neuvillette's gameplay mechanics

As is natural, I have once again delved into the details (and the devils in them, respectively). After watching my sister complete Masquerade of the Guilty, I noticed many, many allusions to aspects of ever deep; even the shallower lore, included in specifically Neuvillette's character skills, passives, and stella activations.

  • 1 Sidenote
  • 2 Neuvillette's kit and what the names mean: an enigma indeed
    • 2.1 As Water Seeks Equilibrium
      • 2.1.1 What is Equilibrium?
      • 2.1.2 What About Fontainians?
      • 2.1.3 What Does This Mean?
    • 2.2 O Tears, I Shall Repay
  • 3 Neuvillette's stella ascensions and what the names mean: even more confusing
    • 3.1 Wrathful Recompense
  • 4 Wrap-up

Many concepts and hints pointed to in these observations are a stretch, and all content is speculation. I only wish to…

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FallingBlossoms FallingBlossoms 19 November 2023

a goddamn mouthful: why focalors was and always will be furina

As is natural, I have spoiled myself by watching my sister complete Masquerade of the Guilty. In it, I noticed five key things:

  • Furina is affected by Primordial seawater.
  • Furina is Focalors' "ideal" self.
  • The Hydro Gnosis was originally a portion of Neuvillette's authority over Hydro, collected after the Seven Sovereigns lost the war for Celestia.
    • The Archon War was likely the Heavenly Principles' own plan to assume chaos over Teyvat.
  • The divine seat of Hydro Archon ceases to exist.
  • Furina didn't dissolve during the fulfillment of the Prophecy.

Of course, only a couple of items on the list pertain to the matter at hand.

  • 1 A supposed TL;DR: from "original sin" to "final judgment"
    • 1.1 The Creation of "Mankind"
    • 1.2 Furina—Regina of All Waters
    • 1.3 Focalors: …

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CloudyBerryGirl CloudyBerryGirl 17 November 2023

Hu Tao is the best yes yes?

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NgKQ NgKQ 13 November 2023

Post for storing character portraits

Inspired from Salty Nori's page

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Lumon.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Lumon.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 6 November 2023

Furina btw

So i may of gotten 780 pulls for furina

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Traveller mya Traveller mya 9 October 2023

Guihuan (Genshin OC)

Yang Guihuan (Chinese: 楊貴環 Yáng Guìhuán) is a playable character in Genshin Impact.

She works as a gardener in Qiaoying Village and a performer in the Yun-Han Opera Troupe.

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Traveller mya Traveller mya 28 October 2023

Wuyin (Genshin OC)

Sun Wuyin (Chinese: 孙悟音 Sūn wùyīn) is a playable character in Genshin Impact.

She is the current Twenty-eight Head of the Sun Family and one of the Descenders who came after the Traveler. Wuyin currently works as a teacher and enforces Liyue's laws.

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Barsibobo Barsibobo 5 October 2023

Essay: Writing on the Wall

If you didn't know, Writing on the Wall is a song made by Will Stetson about Kaveh and his struggles with multiple problems (perfectionism, repeatedly having his ideas turned down by clients, his increasing debt, etc). And today, I will be sharing my thoughts on the song, as I think it's really well-done and that most people need to listen to it (god hopes I don't lose motivation halfway through).

This'll be split into two parts and one mini-part: Pre-Despair and Despair, and the mini part being Instru(mental breakdown).

Without further ado, let's get started.

  • 1 ~Pre-Despair~
  • 2 ~Mini-part: instrumental break/instru mental breakdown~
  • 3 ~Despair~
  • 4 ~New interpretations/edits~

As most of us should know, Kaveh was the architect behind Dori's Palace of Alc…

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Perroqing Perroqing 3 October 2023

Trying to complete a research

I'm here to ask you all what you like about Genshin Impact and if there are any cultural elements in Genshin Impact that draw you to play it? Please feel free to discuss this in the comments section!

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Lettuce129 Lettuce129 24 September 2023

Hi I’m Lettuce, What is your view on Qiqi?

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Mssunshine20 Mssunshine20 12 September 2023


The most painful feeling is when you lost 50\50 on character that you really went

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-sleepyokarii -sleepyokarii 25 May 2023

my favorite characters and why

i made this in an impulsive move to write about my favorite characters and why i like them instead of working on the essays i have due in an hour haha

  • 1 venti.
  • 2 layla.
  • 3 yanfei/ayaka
  • 4 xiao
  • 5 sucrose

The Traveler starts their journey off in Mondstadt, probably the easiest region to start in. Mondstadt is one of the three regions still governed by their original Archon, Barbatos, and it's the place of freedom. Barbatos keeps an eye on his people, and while he doesn't like to intervene, he will if there's a true emergency (see the Genshin Impact manga). He lives his life the way he likes to, and he trusts the people of Mondstadt to take care of themselves. Barbatos is, at least in my opinion, a good representation of freedom.

But what about Venti? Barb…

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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 17 May 2023

Oni King's Kanabou

The Oni King's Kanabou is a large geo-themed club belonging to Arataki Itto. Despite showing up in his wish art, it is only actually used in his Elemental Burst, where it also appears as the icon. It also appears in Paimon's Starlight Expedition as a background item.

The club is used in a way that arguably fits Itto better than most of the availiable claymores, being swing wildy and kicking up debris whenever he swings it around. It is currently unknown whether this kanabou is an heirloom or something Itto made himself. However, given his (possible) lineage and his bombastic personality, an arguement could be made for either.

  • The is a spiked or studded two-handed war club used in feudal Japan by samurai. It was also a mythical weapon, often u…

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Traveller mya Traveller mya 14 May 2023

Anyone knows the location?

Its been like 2 months since I have visited that interactable. Andddd I forgot the location of it. But I took a screenshot of it for some reason. I have a feeling it may be connected to the Farrokhzadan. This was before release of version 3.6

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SymbioteSandwich SymbioteSandwich 7 May 2023

Is it possible to do the abyss challenges in co-op mode? (Musk Reef)

I'm trying to get Xiangling, which requires me to get to floor 3 - chamber 3 of the abyss challenge.

I am currently stuck on floor 3 - chamber 1.

If it's possible to do this in c-op mode and anyone is up for it would you be able to give me a hand?

I also need to do the quest "Thaw out the shards"

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Paimon slays Paimon slays 5 May 2023

PAIMON is or is not food? (vT T)


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WanderingAsura WanderingAsura 3 May 2023

Kuki Shinobu's Whip Dagger

Kuki Shinobu's signature weapon is an nameless segmented, electro-infused, exorcism dagger that can separate into a whip. The weapon appears in her wish art, her Elemental Skill, her Elemental Burst, and is the basis of both her Namecard and her Constellation. The dagger can form a phantasmal whip-sword-like ring of Electro energy that both heals and deals damage, and it can form an eletric field in which the segmented blades emerge from below to damage opponents within its radius. Whether Shinobu stole the dagger from her family (or from the Shrine), or if she made it herself is currently unknown.

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Protelo Protelo 17 April 2023

First time completing Floor 12

I'll likely not do this again until I've properly levelled and built all my characters (the ones I've not benched i.e.).. 😂

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STBHMM STBHMM 17 April 2023

Its not letting me post on the discuss page in the Genshin Fandom.

i think im banned. @919dd can you unban me or atleast tell me why im banned...

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STBHMM STBHMM 14 April 2023


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Azzora Rose Azzora Rose 26 March 2023

Who is the best Archon so far?

Disclaimer: I always try to be as objective as possible, but when it comes to an essay like this, it’s near impossible to expect that. Not everyone is going to agree with me, and that’s fine because if everyone did agree with me, it would not only defeat the purpose of having an opinion, it would also be a bit scary. Everyone is biased and has their own favorite characters, and that’s completely okay because Genshin has such a large slew of characters, personalities and cultures. It’s one of the things I most admire about the game. So please be respectful of others who disagree with you and myself if I don’t have the same opinion as you.

  • 1 First off, in fourth place is Zhongli.
  • 2 3rd place, Venti.
  • 3 In second place, we have Ei.
  • 4 And, big shocker,…

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HelloItsMeYourLocalArtist HelloItsMeYourLocalArtist 1 March 2023



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Ms.sunshine63 Ms.sunshine63 28 February 2023



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HelloItsMeYourLocalArtist HelloItsMeYourLocalArtist 28 February 2023


My beloved

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JusthereforPatapon JusthereforPatapon 26 February 2023

Voiceline reserve thingy

This only exists when i have no clue where to put a file, what to type if its not english or am too lazy/scared to add it in

|vo_01_01_tx_zh = |vo_01_01_tx_ja = |vo_01_01_tx_ko = }}

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Salty Nori Salty Nori 25 February 2023

Generators and AI-Generated Content

Hi, everyone!

Using generators or AI-generated content has been super popular, and we understand the fun it can bring. But in terms of Discussions, and to be in line with our current policies, content from generators (like incorrect quotes) and AI (like chat bots) is considered low-effort and mostly off-topic.

Posts generated by these tools isn't really about Genshin, it's about the absurdity of the content and superimposing Genshin characters in it, no matter how well it's made. And due to how easily accessible it is, this type of post can get very spammy very quickly. In the case of AI-generated art, very controversial.

We have been handing out notices in this regard for a month or so now, but a formal update to everyone in Discussions wasn…

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ScaramoucheSimpAndCynoSimp ScaramoucheSimpAndCynoSimp 25 February 2023

Okay Cyno and Anubis art-

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JusthereforPatapon JusthereforPatapon 17 February 2023

My greatest fear has just been realized + A plee for help

So Genshin has damage voicelines for just about everything that is or looks human, Usually it would be when they get Staggered or hit alot and they usually have three, sometimes more

|vo_01_02_tx_en = Nobushi: Hitsukeban |vo_01_03_tx_en = Some random Shogunate Infantry Captain i kidnapped from Tenshukaku


But it turns out theres ANOTHER set of hurt voicelines, Light Damage Taken Lines! And i only discovered this by using my underpowered Sayu on some Fatui Skirmishers. Oh heavens my reaction when i found out..

Before i started my audio ripping escapade this wiki had NEITHER the Normal Stagger Lines or the Light Damage ones! So i had NO IDEA these even existed.

Now i say this to whoever runs the Audio ripping bot accounts...


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FaZe Liam FaZe Liam 25 December 2023


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Ediblebean Ediblebean 10 February 2023


Idk what dis does lol

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Azzora Rose Azzora Rose 17 January 2023

Kokomi vs. Cyno: How to Show, Not Tell

  • 1 Bit of an Intro(and a disclaimer)
  • 2 Kokomi: How to tell
  • 3 Cyno: How to show
  • 4 Conclusion

The Inazuma archon quest, particularly act 3, understandably gets a lot of heat for its pacing and lack of good usage of its characters. From Signora’s abrupt death to the story ending right after Ei abolishes the Vision Hunt Decree, the end of Omnipresence Over Mortals left a lot to be desired. But while I passively agree with some of these claims, my main gripe with the third act of Inazuma was what they did with Kokomi, or better yet, what they didn’t do. Which is pretty much everything the strategic leader of a resistance is supposed to do.

To the Kokomi mains and lovers out there, I just want to say that I’m not trying to hate on her or prove why you sho…

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Azzora Rose Azzora Rose 16 January 2023

A Winter Night's Lazzo Won't Be Released Until Natlan At The Latest, and Here's Why

This is a very speculative theory, one in which has become more and more believable as Genshin’s version patches go by, in my opinion. There are definitely holes in this theory, and it’s quite possible I could get proven wrong in the next 4 or so patches before Sumeru’s current storyline is wrapped up. We still have yet to get a part 2 of Nahida’s story quest, which will probably come in 3.6 if they follow the pattern of new archons getting the second part of their story quest 4 patches after their release(Venti sobbing in a corner rn), and next patch(3.5) we’ll most likely get our Traveler/Abyss quest. So there’s definitely more to Sumeru’s story we have yet to experience.

In terms of when they are released, Teyvat Chapter Interlude quests a…

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Azzora Rose Azzora Rose 14 January 2023

The Many Misconceptions of Scaramouche/The Wanderer

  • 1 Preface
  • 2 Playability
  • 3 The "Good Guy"
  • 4 Dottore and the Irminsul Erasure
  • 5 What Scaramouche is actually responsible for
  • 6 That child's death
  • 7 Wanderer vs. Scaramouche
  • 8 Conclusion

I am writing this out of exasperation.(about to get real personal here)

I've always been overly paranoid about people judging me based on my interests. So I tend to hide my true passions or downgrade them a ton. Today I'm throwing that all out the window, whether someone ever sees this post, whether I share it or not. Because the topic I'm about to discuss is something I feel very strongly about and I've gotten tired of listening to people talk about a certain character without fully expressing how I view him or my thoughts on the writing surrounding him. Maybe I've only worke…

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