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Hu Tao Poo Tao Hu Tao Poo Tao 4 days ago


Here are some people I have (but don't apparently use)

Level 1 Klee and Level 1 Zhongli. Boo! Hehe, I'm just lazy!

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Hu Tao Poo Tao Hu Tao Poo Tao 4 days ago

caca klee

hi there i was just wondering if i should use caca klee

idk why i just dont like her

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Deeznutslucdiluc Deeznutslucdiluc 4 days ago


pls help me i have no idea who to put on my team (ar 34, started playing september 2020)

current: diluc, sucrose, fischl and qiqi

all my characters

lvl 1-caca chongyun

lvl 20-no noelle

lvl 21- lisa bisa and sharp razor

lvl 26- bar barbara

lvl 28- amber stone

lvl 30- sissy rosaria and kaka kaeyak

lvl 31-geo lumine

lvl 34- prinzessin der verurtalifja

lvl 36-suc ros and xian xianling

lvl 40-badou and dina

lvl 41- benny boy

lvl 50- deeznutsluc diluc and quiqui

thank you

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Deeznutslucdiluc Deeznutslucdiluc 4 days ago

caca chongyun

hi there im an ar 34 f2p in genshin and i was just wondering if i should use caca chongyun, i got him instead of literally any other 4 star

idk why i just dont like him

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Happy Breadfu Happy Breadfu 6 days ago

The question Blog

Hello Everybody, This is my blog where you can ask my questions. And I will try my best to answer your question's. You can ask me questions by clicking my profile and sending your question on the message wall.

Introduction: Hi, so I will be introducing myself and what the blog will have possibly, so I am Breadfu and I created this blog to answer mainly questions. And This blog will have answers to your questions and possibly some theories. So feel free to ask questions but I might not be able to answer every question so please don't be mad if your question is not answered.

Taifsimpai: To find the quest you first have to finish Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves which is like the introduction quest and the Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia que…

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IiKhico IiKhico 7 days ago

Genshin Interactive Story

  • 1 Information
  • 2 Most recent part
  • 3 Chapter 1
    • 3.1 Most Recent Part (in total story)


You start walking to the inn and get a room, once it got midnight you decide to walk to the cathedral, I mean, whats the worst that could possibly happen. You walk out of the Inn still curious of what the mystery person's name is.

Once you got to the cathedral you feel somebody pulling you arm away.


Before you could finish somebody put their hand over your mouth.

???: Shhhhhh

Now afriad you start kicking the mystery person, trying your best to get out of their grip. After a while of kicking you finally get out of their grasp then look at the mystery person.

You: HEY!

???: Ke…

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Nightlightdream Nightlightdream 12 days ago

New mail!

Let’s read it together

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Rainbowmuffinn Rainbowmuffinn 14 days ago

Miracle Medicine Comission from Anthony

Part 1: ✅

Part 2: ⬜

Part 3: ⬜

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Hyperus18 Hyperus18 17 days ago

Official EN VAs - Ayaka, Yoimiya + Sayu

Ayaka K. - Erica Mendez

Yoimiya - Jenny Yokobori

Sayu - Lily "LilyPichu" Ki

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Rainbowmuffinn Rainbowmuffinn 20 days ago


Love is All Around

✅ Seeing that Granny Shan has good business

✅Leaving the pigeons alone

⬜ Leave the dogs alone

⬜Leaving the cat and fish alone

⬜ Leaving the leaves alone

Open to Interpretation

⬜ Attack the pigeons

⬜ Scare away the dogs

⬜ Collect the fish

⬜ Blow away the leaves

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Glitch Playz -0- Glitch Playz -0- 25 June

Upcoming Banner's And Info

On the genshin impact program, They mentioned for the next 5 Kaedehara Kazuha.. Basically after Klee Banner Ends Both Inazuma And Kaedehara Kazuha Banner will be released, But if they release inazuma after Kaedehara Kazuha then your ready to waste your wallet enjoy :)

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Awesome Aasim Awesome Aasim 21 June

How to avoid leaks

Leaks occur when information currently unreleased or unannounced by miHoYo is made publicly available via news and social media. Leaks are in violation of intellectual property laws and Genshin Impact's terms of service, not to mention any non-disclosure agreements beta testers sign with Genshin Impact. With all the lore around Genshin Impact upcoming content and such, leaks have become common and almost appear inevitable. After all, it has appeared in my news feed, in my YouTube/TikTok feed, and basically everywhere.

The social media algorithms look at your interests to recommend content you might like. Leaks are quite popular because they allow for players to comment on a character before official release. Many things get leaked in the re…

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TacoWeeb777XX TacoWeeb777XX 19 June



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AetherIsBest AetherIsBest 8 June

Can anyone help me with the Strange Ice quest?

You can give me tips or co-op with me if you would like to help! My current characters are C1 Barbara, Kaeya, C1 Traveler, C1 Noelle, C1 Amber, C1 Lisa, and Diona. If you want to co-op with me, tell me what characters you have, and your UID. If you don’t know your UID, ask for mine. I am available somewhere around 8:00 PM CT. If you want to contact me, here is my discord: Stellaa#2240.

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AetherIsBest AetherIsBest 8 June

What are some good artifacts for Noelle?

Ignore this. My prayers have been answers already.

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Hjskira Hjskira 8 June

need help with my diluc stats

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Hyperus18 Hyperus18 28 May

Kazuha confirmed via 1.6 livestream

So I got myself muted on Hoyolab, but I watched the Korean livestream. HE IS COMING!

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what do i do when this happens?

i press install button and the "install bar" goes up, goes down, and goes up and takes me back to the page where it says "install now"?

plz help

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Echoblast53 Echoblast53 22 May

Windtrace - A decent game of Hide and Seek

Today, I played Windtrace, an event that centers around PvP of two teams, hunter(s) and rebels (seekers and hiders). At it's core, it's a pretty simplistic event, with simple rules. It's not the most godly PvP game, but for a game not centered around PvP, this is a welcome break.

  • 1 The Beginning
  • 2 The Hunter
  • 3 The Game Theory
  • 4 Whoops
  • 5 The Last Game
  • 6 Conclusion

I started out my day thinking about deception. I was on team rebels, and had entered the map "Small Town Guerilla War" (did the i18n team mess up the spelling of guerrilla?) located in Springvale, Mondstadt. Immediately, I spotted the windmill, ran up it making sure that the hunter saw me, and on the backside where the hunter couldn't see me, I jumped down and disguised myself as a hay roll tu…

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Cianxan Cianxan 21 May

Battlefront: Misty Dungeon - Characters Overview

All the Trial Characters are at Level 80 with fixed weapon and artifacts. All Weapon are at Level 80/80 (Ascension 5). All Artifact are Level 20 and set bonus varies between Trial Characters. All Talents are at Level 8.

Lion's Roar

Set Bonus
Thundering Fury
2-Piece Set: Electro DMG Bonus +15%

4-Piece Set: Increases damage caused by Overloaded, Electro-Charged and Superconduct by 40%. Triggering such effects decreases Elemental Skill CD by 1. Can only occur once every 0.8s.

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DeltaDoodle DeltaDoodle 17 May

Thingy Lists

A2, C1, D2, B5, D4, C2, A3, A6, A4, B6, C4, C3, D5, D6, A1, C6, B2, C5, D1, A5, B1, B3

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Lonestarkiwi Lonestarkiwi 17 May


Bruh what?

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Midnight Diary Midnight Diary 16 May

F2P team

Is it bad that I still use the starter team even tho I’m AR 32??

Even tho I got Zhongli and Yanfei (even though I was pulling on Geo Daddy’s rerun banner for no reason whatsoever) I actually had no intention on using them bc I got to attached to the characters that started with me on my journey in Teyvat.

My Traveler is my Main DPS while Kaeya is a Sub DPS

I mostly use Amber for her taunt (and because Baron bunny is a meme) and for that Pyro damage to get that sweet sweet Swirl damage with Anemo Traveler. I only use Lisa for her range againts flying enemies (Ruin Hunter, Eye of the Storm) and for that good ol’ Superconduct with Kaeya.

Since I’m very lazy, my Traveler has 4-piece Instructer’s set + Physical dmg bonus goblet. Amber has Berserker…

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Cianxan Cianxan 15 May

Twisted Realm - Last Day get Carried Formula

  • 1 Setting for Energy Amplifier
    • 1.1 4 Stars: Fractured Fruit Shard
    • 1.2 3 Stars: Fractured Fruit Fragment
    • 1.3 2 Stars: Fractured Fruit Bit
  • 2 (1st) Domain of Deceit
  • 3 (2nd) Domain of Furious Thunder
  • 4 (3rd) Domain of Chaos
  • 5 (4th) Domain of Heresy

  • Intertwined Steps

  • Refined Burst
  • War Breeds War
  • Emboldened
  • Challenger OR Steelwing (for Xiao carry only)

  • Burst Damage
  • Overmastered
  • Song of Steel

OR Crushing Blow (for Xiao carry only)

OR Keen Edge (for Razor carry only)

OR Fierce Strike (for Catalyst carry only)

Mode: Expert

  • Challenge time may not exceed 300 seconds.
  • Opponents' HP increased by an additional 100%.
  • Opponents' Electro RES increased by 50%.
  • Opponents' ATK increased by 50%.
  • All party members' Movement SPD decreased by 15%.
  • All party members' Healing Effectiveness decreased by …

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Dsym57 Dsym57 7 May

Why are blogs so dead and "Discuss" so alive lol

Rip blogs, someone should bring them back.

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HalluciGem HalluciGem 29 April

Genshin Books

Can we talk more about the ingame books of Genshin and not the ones youre "forced" to read. They have amazing stories and it contains so much lore about the characters and cities its worth reading.

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Tohukin Tohukin 28 April

The Nyxie test page

This is for important things for my edits or just testing something.

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HahaYesLeLad HahaYesLeLad 17 April

Eggs are great

Eggs are great.

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Hyperus18 Hyperus18 13 April


Here's proof:

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Lemonsama39 Lemonsama39 9 April

Why my luck so bad

Ive lost the 50/50 TWICE and won ONCE

And then I got a random 5 star weapon


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Catyellow123 Catyellow123 5 April


Character Name

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DeltaDoodle DeltaDoodle 4 April

Pixel Impact Pings

@Razzclouds, @ATQUEVALE, @SakuraYako, @Soupkeyi

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Catyellow123 Catyellow123 31 March

Template Characters

was here but then wasnt

check comments

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Majesticjoer Majesticjoer 21 March

Why Childe is the perfect antagonist

This will be a bit of a long paragraph with more than just a little detail, so.... i guess that's it lol. First off, it's introduced in the first Archon quest, Liyue's storyline, that he is initially a very bad guy, he's one of the Cyro Archon's Harbingers.

Of course, this is my own opinion, and I only work off of the established lore as of now, which is Version 1.4.

The summary of it is this- "Despite disliking how his plan could potentially harm innocents,[9] he puts it into motion to fulfill his mission — only to learn he was meant to fail as part of an even larger plan he was not privy to, much to his consternation." For a lack of a better summary, those was his thoughts after the story quest and the battle.

Of course, the importance of t…

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MisterVostok MisterVostok 21 March

Ajay Dakkar (OC)

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Awesome Aasim Awesome Aasim 18 March

My thoughts on leaks

Recently, there has been a lot of leaked content related to Genshin Impact. There is a lot of leaked content for any industry period. These leaks usually should not and do not happen because of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) signed by all parties involved. For example, those working on the next Apple phone will usually have to sign an agreement which in summary prevents them from disseminating information about the product being developed. They are used across the industry by businesses big and small to achieve the same goal of keeping trade secrets and developments, well, secret. After all, if everyone knew what corporation X was making, then they could build a competing product or outright rip off the intellectual property.

Leaks are a …

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J0es.c4prisun J0es.c4prisun 12 March

drew baron bnny!

idk how to change it- bt i cant find the photo of my baron bnny so take a vry old photo of me drawing klees bomb!!! srry for th clickbait!

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Dynamocha Dynamocha 11 March

Pronunciation Guide

The following is a guide I originally created for myself to pronounce names in Genshin somewhat accurately in English. Mondstadter names that already exist in English-speaking countries (and thus have an existing naturalized pronunciation), e.g. Lisa and Barbara, are omitted for now.

Words in "quotes" are read as normal English words.

Note that these are just approximations. Please let me know if any of these are inaccurate, or if you have requests for other pronunciations!

  • 1 Mondstadt
  • 2 Inazuma
  • 3 Fontaine

(source: )

Liyue (璃月): Li-ywe (the second syllable is yu quickly followed by eh)

  • Zhongli (钟离): J*ong-li (*the Chinese ZH sound is like the J sound, but the tongue is curled slightly further back against the hard palate)
  • Guizhong (归终): Gway-j*ong (*ZH is as above)…

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Monalover2137 Monalover2137 10 March

why mona is the best genshin character

I know, you were wondering guys why mona is the best genshin character. Well, she is just pro lmao

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Beautyandthemuffin Beautyandthemuffin 10 March

I like water

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Lemonsama39 Lemonsama39 1 March


Hi I main albedo

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ImpactZ ImpactZ 26 February

why is this boar what

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ImpactZ ImpactZ 26 February

Who eles is kinda concerned when xiao says when the snows thick enough we can eat it

why did xiao eat snow .-.

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KirikoShy KirikoShy 21 February

Rate my team

Main; Qiqi

Second Main: Xiangling

Decor: Beidou

Def: Noelle

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Lucasisaweeb Lucasisaweeb 18 February

Can someone pls give me anime recommendations pls

I'm bored, have nothing to do.

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NeverBeEnough NeverBeEnough 5 February

Modified Talent Table

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SleepyZeez SleepyZeez 28 January

Discord role color updates

Hex Codes and previews with dark and light mode:

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A68bfimh733g3 A68bfimh733g3 16 January

past 56


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SleepyZeez SleepyZeez 27 December 2020

Dainsleif's identity

  • Diansleif is probably an alternative form of Dianleif.

Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview Travial

  • "Defeat me, command me to step aside, show me that you are worthier than I to rescue her"
    • Talking to Aether (who is shown on the screen) about saving Lumine (who was "kidnapped" by the Unknown God).

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Cianxan Cianxan 22 December 2020

Resin Priority

  • 1 Resin Usage Recommendation
  • 2 Adventure Rank Unlocks & Efficiency
  • 3 Character Ascension
  • 4 Weapon Ascension
  • 5 Ley Line Outcrops
  • 6 Normal Bosses
  • 7 Domains of Mastery
  • 8 Domains of Forgery


  1. Assuming a party of a Main Carry, a Off-Carry, and 2 Supports (Utility / Healer).
  2. Weekly Bosses (including Trounce Domains) have the highest priority.
  3. Some Support doesn't need to level beyond Lv.60 (Ascension 4).

Activity[Goal] (High priority > Low priority)
8 - 15

Character EXP


Character Ascension
& Artifacts
(Boss Enemies)

Weapon Ascension
(Abyssal Domains)

Talent Level-up
(Abyssal & Trounce)

Artifacts & Fodders
(Abyssal Domains)

16 - 20
> /
21 - 24
> > /
25 - 27
> > /
28 - 29
> > >
30 - 34
> > >
35 - 39
> > >

40 - 44
> > >
45 - 49
> > >
50 - 54
> > > …

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