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Bloatty Floatties,[1][2] colloquially known as Balloon Flowers, are strange plants that can be found growing near the cliff edges. Attacking or investigating them causes the three balloons to pop off and float around the vicinity. Upon popping the balloons, a chest will spawn.

They can be popped with the help of a Bow character. However, if they are close enough, other close-combat attacks can suffice too.


See the Teyvat Interactive Map for locations.

As of 2.0, there are currently 52 Bloatty Floatties throughout the land of Teyvat. The very large majority of Bloatty Floatties can be found in Liyue. A single one can be found in Mondstadt near the Statue of The Seven of Windwail Highland, and a couple are present in the Golden Apple Archipelago event area.



Change History

Released in Version 1.0