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Blazing Heat is a temperature effect that appears in very hot areas. Currently, this is only present in Narukami Island: Tenshukaku during the fight with Signora in her second phase.

Currently, it is only known that the blazing heat effect can be halted or reversed when standing near Eyes of Frost or destroying it in Narukami Island: Tenshukaku during the fight with Signora in her second phase.


Similar to Stamina, Blazing Heat is shared between characters for each player.

When Blazing Heat begins to accumulate, a sound effect plays and a gauge appears over the active character's HP bar. When the gauge is 70% full, it begins to beep every 2 seconds and pulse with a red glow. In addition, the edges of the screen become fiery, reducing the player's peripheral vision. When the gauge is full, the gauge takes on a steady red glow, the beeping stops, the edges of the screen burn over more to further reduce the player's peripheral vision, and the player begins to lose HP.

The Blazing Heat gauge depletes quickly over time when leaving the Trounce Domain Narukami Island: Tenshukaku.

Accumulation Rate

The rate at which Blazing Heat accumulates depends on what the active character is doing and where they are.

If the character is idly standing, then Blazing Heat accumulates at a rate of 1% per second, similar to Sheer Cold. Taking Pyro DMG from Signora's attacks can cause this to spike dramatically by up to 10%.

HP Loss

When the Blazing Heat gauge is full, the active character will lose HP at a rate of 1% max HP + 150 HP per second. If not mitigated, then the active character will die to Blazing Heat in roughly one minute, give or take as much as half a minute depending on how much HP a character has.

HP loss from Blazing Heat is unaffected by the conditions that increase and decrease the Blazing Heat accumulation rate if the Blazing Heat gauge remains full. HP loss only stops once the Blazing Heat gauge is no longer full.

Some max HP thresholds and how long it takes for all HP to be depleted by Blazing Heat:

  • 6,200 HP - 30 seconds
  • 10,000 HP - 40 seconds
  • 15,000 HP - 50 seconds
  • 22,000 HP - 60 seconds
  • 35,000 HP - 70 seconds
  • 60,000 HP - 80 seconds

Change History

Released in Version 2.1