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Bishui Plain (Chinese: 碧水原 Bìshuǐ-yuán, "Blue Water Plain") is an area in the northern part of Liyue.

The Bishui River passes through it.


Notable Features


  1. One-time Domain part of Historia Antiqua Chapter, Act I Quest "Farewell, Sweet Salt."



Geo Statue Puzzles

In some areas of Bishui are a series of puzzles consisting of multiple Geo Statues, usually surrounding a glowing Incomplete Writing pedestal. The Geo Statues need to be activated in a specific sequence according to hints given in the writing typically given in blue text.

Hastily-Written Notes

The following notes relate to "The Chi of Yore," but can be read outside of the quest as well.

Hastily-Written Notes: "Day 4: No progress. No idea why the boss is so obsessed with this place."
Hastily-Written Notes: "Day 7: Boss says she's had an idea, but so far it mostly seems to involve her waiting by the ruin... Don't ask me what for, because there's a great big Ruin Hunter guarding it, so there's no way she's getting in. Not quite sure how this counts as progress."


The following soundtracks are played at Bishui Plain.

Soundtrack Name Soundtrack No. Player Played In
Winding River 13
Bishui Plain
Mild Waves 14
Bishui Plain
Rhythm Amidst the Reeds 15
Bishui Plain
Flows of Jade-Like Water 16
Bishui Plain
Blossoms Across the Valley 17
Bishui Plain
Flow of Mildness 18
Bishui Plain
Stroll in the Shadows 19
Bishui Plain
Melodious Flute 20
Bishui Plain
Gentle Rain 21
Bishui Plain; Cool Isle
Vague Whispers 22
Bishui Plain
Legends Swept Away 23
Bishui Plain
Joy of Returning 24
Bishui Plain

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Bishui Plain
Blue Water Plains
Japanese 碧水の原
Heki-sui no Hara[!]
Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese name
Korean 벽수원
Sino-Korean reading of Chinese name
Spanish Llanura BishuiBishui Plains
French Sources de JadeJade Springs
Russian Долина Бишуй
Dolina Bishuy
Bishui Valley
Thai Bishui Plain
Vietnamese Bích Thủy NguyênSino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name
German Bishui-EbeneBishui Plains
Indonesian Bishui Plain
Portuguese Planícies BishuiBishui Plains

Change History

Released in Version 1.0