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My dearest friend.

Sender: Hu Tao

Time/Date: 2021-07-15 xx:xx

My dear friend, I have some especially good news to deliver to you - it's my birthday today! When I woke up, I felt myself brimming with creativity and was dying to write you a poem.

The daughter of Hu came into being, all the world now to be seeing.

Flame butterflies flutter like falling plum petals, in a transient dream a fragrance settles.

The wind rises, the clouds drift, the impermanence of life is a gift.

The flowers bloom, the mountains still, and with it the truth reveals.

Moreover, I have passed Wuwang Hill many a time, where the flowers bloom among cliffs. The vigor and vitality it embodies brings me such joy, much like your own.

It is said that consuming these delicate flowers with coconut milk whets one's appetite. I've tried it, I hope you try for yourself soon!

Come visit Wangsheng Funeral Parlor when you have time! I miss you!