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Characters who have reached their Birthday will send the player a mail with their Special Dish and one or more additional gifts. Characters will always mention these miscellaneous gifts in their letter, but rarely the special dish that is also attached.

It is not required to own the specific characters, as players will receive the celebratory mail, regardless. However, the mail is only sent on log-in of that specific day and will not be able to be received the day after.

Birthday Mail will be automatically transferred into the Gift Mail Box after the player has collected the rewards. Mail within this Box will not be quick-deleted, and will not expire over time.


  • A character's Birthday Mail does not adhere to the server's daily reset timer; The Mail will be received when the server's time passes 00:00 (Midnight).
  • A character's Birthday Mail is only available for that particular day, from 00:00 to 23:59. The player must log in to the game during that time period to receive the mail. If a player logs on at 00:01 the following day, despite being in the same server reset cycle, the mail will not be received.
  • Currently, a character's Birthday Mail is one of the only ways to receive their special dish if the player does not own the character in question. Another way to obtain certain special dishes is to unlock different endings of Hangout Events.

The Traveler[]

The Traveler's birth date depends on the player's choice in their profile customization and cannot be changed again once set. Once the Traveler celebrates their birthday, the Dev Team, via the mailing system, will send birthday wishes, along with a special gift of one Cake for Traveler, which rewards one Fragile Resin and an unusable version of the cake when used.

On top of this, any characters the player currently has will have their "Birthday" voice-over permanently unlocked. Future characters that the player obtains after their birthday has passed will still have their "Birthday" voice-over unlocked.

It is important to note that setting your birthday to a date that has already passed in the current year will not give you a cake. You will not receive your cake for that year.

Table of Birthdays[]

IconNameBirthdayBirthday Pages
Traveler IconTravelerPlayer's ChoiceTraveler's Birthday Page
Wanderer IconWandererJanuary 3rdWanderer's Birthday Page
Thoma IconThomaJanuary 9thThoma's Birthday Page
Chevreuse IconChevreuseJanuary 10thChevreuse's Birthday Page
Diona IconDionaJanuary 18thDiona's Birthday Page
Kirara IconKiraraJanuary 22ndKirara's Birthday Page
Rosaria IconRosariaJanuary 24thRosaria's Birthday Page
Lynette IconLynetteFebruary 2ndLynette's Birthday Page
Lyney IconLyneyFebruary 2ndLyney's Birthday Page
Alhaitham IconAlhaithamFebruary 11thAlhaitham's Birthday Page
Beidou IconBeidouFebruary 14thBeidou's Birthday Page
Sangonomiya Kokomi IconSangonomiya KokomiFebruary 22ndSangonomiya Kokomi's Birthday Page
Bennett IconBennettFebruary 29thBennett's Birthday Page
Qiqi IconQiqiMarch 3rdQiqi's Birthday Page
Yaoyao IconYaoyaoMarch 6thYaoyao's Birthday Page
Shenhe IconShenheMarch 10thShenhe's Birthday Page
Jean IconJeanMarch 14thJean's Birthday Page
Noelle IconNoelleMarch 21stNoelle's Birthday Page
Kamisato Ayato IconKamisato AyatoMarch 26thKamisato Ayato's Birthday Page
Sigewinne IconSigewinneMarch 30thSigewinne's Birthday Page
Aloy IconAloyApril 4thAloy's Birthday Page
Dehya IconDehyaApril 7thDehya's Birthday Page
Charlotte IconCharlotteApril 10thCharlotte's Birthday Page
Xianyun IconXianyunApril 11thXianyun's Birthday Page
Xiao IconXiaoApril 17thXiao's Birthday Page
Yelan IconYelanApril 20thYelan's Birthday Page
Baizhu IconBaizhuApril 25thBaizhu's Birthday Page
Diluc IconDilucApril 30thDiluc's Birthday Page
Candace IconCandaceMay 3rdCandace's Birthday Page
Collei IconColleiMay 8thCollei's Birthday Page
Gorou IconGorouMay 18thGorou's Birthday Page
Yun Jin IconYun JinMay 21stYun Jin's Birthday Page
Fischl IconFischlMay 27thFischl's Birthday Page
Sethos IconSethosMay 31stSethos's Birthday Page
Arataki Itto IconArataki IttoJune 1stArataki Itto's Birthday Page
Paimon IconPaimonJune 1stPaimon's Birthday Page
Lisa IconLisaJune 9thLisa's Birthday Page
Venti IconVentiJune 16thVenti's Birthday Page
Yoimiya IconYoimiyaJune 21stYoimiya's Birthday Page
Cyno IconCynoJune 23rdCyno's Birthday Page
Raiden Shogun IconRaiden ShogunJune 26thRaiden Shogun's Birthday Page
Yae Miko IconYae MikoJune 27thYae Miko's Birthday Page
Barbara IconBarbaraJuly 5thBarbara's Birthday Page
Kaveh IconKavehJuly 9thKaveh's Birthday Page
Kujou Sara IconKujou SaraJuly 14thKujou Sara's Birthday Page
Hu Tao IconHu TaoJuly 15thHu Tao's Birthday Page
Tartaglia IconTartagliaJuly 20thTartaglia's Birthday Page
Shikanoin Heizou IconShikanoin HeizouJuly 24thShikanoin Heizou's Birthday Page
Klee IconKleeJuly 27thKlee's Birthday Page
Kuki Shinobu IconKuki ShinobuJuly 27thKuki Shinobu's Birthday Page
Yanfei IconYanfeiJuly 28thYanfei's Birthday Page
Amber IconAmberAugust 10thAmber's Birthday Page
Mika IconMikaAugust 11thMika's Birthday Page
Navia IconNaviaAugust 16thNavia's Birthday Page
Chiori IconChioriAugust 17thChiori's Birthday Page
Faruzan IconFaruzanAugust 20thFaruzan's Birthday Page
Arlecchino IconArlecchinoAugust 22ndArlecchino's Birthday Page
Ningguang IconNingguangAugust 26thNingguang's Birthday Page
Mona IconMonaAugust 31stMona's Birthday Page
Chongyun IconChongyunSeptember 7thChongyun's Birthday Page
Razor IconRazorSeptember 9thRazor's Birthday Page
Albedo IconAlbedoSeptember 13thAlbedo's Birthday Page
Clorinde IconClorindeSeptember 20thClorinde's Birthday Page
Freminet IconFreminetSeptember 24thFreminet's Birthday Page
Kamisato Ayaka IconKamisato AyakaSeptember 28thKamisato Ayaka's Birthday Page
Xingqiu IconXingqiuOctober 9thXingqiu's Birthday Page
Furina IconFurinaOctober 13thFurina's Birthday Page
Xinyan IconXinyanOctober 16thXinyan's Birthday Page
Sayu IconSayuOctober 19thSayu's Birthday Page
Eula IconEulaOctober 25thEula's Birthday Page
Nahida IconNahidaOctober 27thNahida's Birthday Page
Kaedehara Kazuha IconKaedehara KazuhaOctober 29thKaedehara Kazuha's Birthday Page
Xiangling IconXianglingNovember 2ndXiangling's Birthday Page
Keqing IconKeqingNovember 20thKeqing's Birthday Page
Wriothesley IconWriothesleyNovember 23rdWriothesley's Birthday Page
Sucrose IconSucroseNovember 26thSucrose's Birthday Page
Kaeya IconKaeyaNovember 30thKaeya's Birthday Page
Ganyu IconGanyuDecember 2ndGanyu's Birthday Page
Nilou IconNilouDecember 3rdNilou's Birthday Page
Neuvillette IconNeuvilletteDecember 18thNeuvillette's Birthday Page
Layla IconLaylaDecember 19thLayla's Birthday Page
Dori IconDoriDecember 21stDori's Birthday Page
Gaming IconGamingDecember 22ndGaming's Birthday Page
Tighnari IconTighnariDecember 29thTighnari's Birthday Page
Zhongli IconZhongliDecember 31stZhongli's Birthday Page


  • For the Raiden Shogun's 2022 birthday mail, Miko sends the mail instead, which makes Raiden Shogun the only character to not send their own birthday mail and Miko the only character who sends somebody else's birthday mail in addition to their own.
  • The player may rename the Wanderer during Archon Quest As Though Morning Dew in Interlude Chapter: Act III - Inversion of Genesis, and the name chosen will be reflected in Wanderer's birthday mail as well.


  • If not in the Gift Mail Box, Birthday Mail has an expiration time of 365 days.
    • Before Version 1.3, only the Traveler's Birthday Mail had an expiration time of 365 days, while Birthday Mails for other characters had an expiration time of 30 days.
  • Birthday Mail that was received before the implementation of the Gift Mail Box in Version 2.4 was automatically moved into the Gift Mail Box as long as the mail remained in the player's Mailbox.
  • Due to the shorter expiration time, it is not possible for the Gift Mail Box to have any Birthday Mail (except for Traveler's) that was received before Version 1.3:


  • Characters whose birthdays are on February 29 will have their birthday mails sent on February 28 during non-leap years. This includes Bennett, as well as the player should their birthday be set to that date.
  • Characters who share the same birthday:
  • The character whose first birthday mail was delivered the soonest after their release date was Chevreuse. Her release was on January 9, 2024, and her first birthday mail was delivered 1 day later on January 10, 2024.
  • The character whose first birthday mail was delivered the latest after their release date was Kamisato Ayato. His release was on March 30, 2022, 4 days after his birthday, causing his first birthday mail to be delivered 361 days later on March 26, 2023.
  • The first to celebrate their birthday in a year is Wanderer, and the last to celebrate their birthday in a year is Zhongli.



  • Arataki Itto has the longest message for the Traveler in his "Birthday" voiceline.
  • The Raiden Shogun has two birthday voicelines, one from The Shogun ("Birth Date") and one from Ei ("Birthday").
    • Yae Miko also has a birthday voiceline called "Birth Date."
  • Xingqiu also has two separate birthday voicelines for the Traveler: "Birthday: Wishing," and "Birthday: Customs."
  • Ningguang has two separate birthday voicelines for Lumine and Aether; only one is available in-game depending on which Traveler you chose.