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Characters who have reached their Birthday will send you a mail with their Special Dish and one or more additional gifts. Characters will always mention these miscellaneous gifts in their letter, but rarely the special dish that is also attached.

It is not required to own the specific characters, as players will receive the celebratory mail, regardless. However, the mail is only sent on log-in of that specific day and will not be able to be received the day after.


  • A character's Birthday Mail does not adhere to the server's daily reset timer; The Mail will be received when the server's time passes 00:00 (Midnight).
  • A character's Birthday Mail is only available for that particular day, from 00:00 to 23:59. The player must log in to the game during that time period to receive the mail. If a player logs on at 00:01 the following day, despite being in the same server reset cycle, the mail will not be received.
  • Currently, a character's Birthday Mail is the only way to receive their special dish if the player does not own the character in question. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule however, such as the special dishes obtained from unlocking different endings of Hangout Events.

The Traveler

The Traveler's birth date depends on the player's choice in their profile customization and cannot be changed again once set. Once the Traveler celebrates their birthday, the Dev Team, via the mailing system, will send birthday wishes, along with a special gift of one Cake for Traveler, which rewards one Fragile Resin and an unusable version of the cake when used.

On top of this, any characters the player currently has will have their "Birthday" voice-over permanently unlocked. Future characters that the player obtained after their birthday has passed will still unlock their "Birthday" voice-over.

Table of Birthdays

Icon Name Birthday Constellation Birthday Message
Character Traveler Thumb.png Traveler 00-00/​Player's Choice Viator (Male)
Viatrix (Female)
Traveler's Mail
Character Thoma Thumb.png Thoma 01-09/​January 9th Rubeum Scutum Thoma's Mail
Character Diona Thumb.png Diona 01-18/​January 18th Feles Diona's Mail
Character Rosaria Thumb.png Rosaria 01-24/​January 24th Spinea Corona Rosaria's Mail
Character Beidou Thumb.png Beidou 02-14/​February 14th Victor Mare Beidou's Mail
Character Sangonomiya Kokomi Thumb.png Sangonomiya Kokomi 02-22/​February 22nd Dracaena Somnolenta Sangonomiya Kokomi's Mail
Character Bennett Thumb.png Bennett 02-29/​February 29th Rota Calamitas Bennett's Mail
Character Qiqi Thumb.png Qiqi 03-03/​March 3rd Pristina Nola Qiqi's Mail
Character Shenhe Thumb.png Shenhe 03-10/​March 10th Crista Doloris Shenhe's Mail
Character Jean Thumb.png Jean 03-14/​March 14th Leo Minor Jean's Mail
Character Noelle Thumb.png Noelle 03-21/​March 21st Parma Cordis Noelle's Mail
Character Kamisato Ayato Thumb.png Kamisato Ayato 03-26/​March 26th Cypressus Custos Kamisato Ayato's Mail
Character Aloy Thumb.png Aloy 04-04/​April 4th Nora Fortis Aloy's Mail
Character Xiao Thumb.png Xiao 04-17/​April 17th Alatus Nemeseos Xiao's Mail
Character Diluc Thumb.png Diluc 04-30/​April 30th Noctua Diluc's Mail
Character Gorou Thumb.png Gorou 05-18/​May 18th Canis Bellatoris Gorou's Mail
Character Yun Jin Thumb.png Yun Jin 05-21/​May 21st Opera Grandis Yun Jin's Mail
Character Fischl Thumb.png Fischl 05-27/​May 27th Corvus Fischl's Mail
Character Paimon Thumb.png Paimon 06-01/​June 1st Paimon's Mail
Character Arataki Itto Thumb.png Arataki Itto 06-01/​June 1st Taurus Iracundus Arataki Itto's Mail
Character Lisa Thumb.png Lisa 06-09/​June 9th Tempus Fugit Lisa's Mail
Character Venti Thumb.png Venti 06-16/​June 16th Carmen Dei Venti's Mail
Character Yoimiya Thumb.png Yoimiya 06-21/​June 21st Carassius Auratus Yoimiya's Mail
Character Raiden Shogun Thumb.png Raiden Shogun 06-26/​June 26th Imperatrix Umbrosa Raiden Shogun's Mail
Character Yae Miko Thumb.png Yae Miko 06-27/​June 27th Divina Vulpes Yae Miko's Mail
Character Barbara Thumb.png Barbara 07-05/​July 5th Crater Barbara's Mail
Character Kujou Sara Thumb.png Kujou Sara 07-14/​July 14th Flabellum Kujou Sara's Mail
Character Hu Tao Thumb.png Hu Tao 07-15/​July 15th Papilio Charontis Hu Tao's Mail
Character Tartaglia Thumb.png Tartaglia 07-20/​July 20th Monoceros Caeli Tartaglia's Mail
Character Klee Thumb.png Klee 07-27/​July 27th Trifolium Klee's Mail
Character Yanfei Thumb.png Yanfei 07-28/​July 28th Bestia Iustitia Yanfei's Mail
Character Amber Thumb.png Amber 08-10/​August 10th Lepus Amber's Mail
Character Ningguang Thumb.png Ningguang 08-26/​August 26th Opus Aequilibrium Ningguang's Mail
Character Mona Thumb.png Mona 08-31/​August 31st Astrolabos Mona's Mail
Character Chongyun Thumb.png Chongyun 09-07/​September 7th Nubis Caesor Chongyun's Mail
Character Razor Thumb.png Razor 09-09/​September 9th Lupus Minor Razor's Mail
Character Albedo Thumb.png Albedo 09-13/​September 13th Princeps Cretaceus Albedo's Mail
Character Kamisato Ayaka Thumb.png Kamisato Ayaka 09-28/​September 28th Grus Nivis Kamisato Ayaka's Mail
Character Xingqiu Thumb.png Xingqiu 10-09/​October 9th Fabulae Textile Xingqiu's Mail
Character Xinyan Thumb.png Xinyan 10-16/​October 16th Fila Ignium Xinyan's Mail
Character Sayu Thumb.png Sayu 10-19/​October 19th Nyctereutes Minor Sayu's Mail
Character Eula Thumb.png Eula 10-25/​October 25th Aphros Delos Eula's Mail
Character Kaedehara Kazuha Thumb.png Kaedehara Kazuha 10-29/​October 29th Acer Palmatum Kaedehara Kazuha's Mail
Character Xiangling Thumb.png Xiangling 11-02/​November 2nd Trulla Xiangling's Mail
Character Keqing Thumb.png Keqing 11-20/​November 20th Trulla Cementarii Keqing's Mail
Character Sucrose Thumb.png Sucrose 11-26/​November 26th Ampulla Sucrose's Mail
Character Kaeya Thumb.png Kaeya 11-30/​November 30th Pavo Ocellus Kaeya's Mail
Character Ganyu Thumb.png Ganyu 12-02/​December 2nd Sinae Unicornis Ganyu's Mail
Character Zhongli Thumb.png Zhongli 12-31/​December 31st Lapis Dei Zhongli's Mail



  • Itto has the longest message for the Traveler in his "Birthday" voiceline.
  • The Raiden Shogun has two birthday voicelines, one from The Shogun ("Birth Date") and one from Ei ("Birthday").
    • Yae Miko also has a birthday voiceline called "Birth Date."
  • Xingqiu also has two separate birthday voicelines for the Traveler: "Birthday: Wishing," and "Birthday: Customs."