Item Cake for Traveler.png

Characters who have reached their Birthday give you their Special Dish and 3 Talent Level-Up Material.

The Traveler will gain this cake beside here and a Fragile Resin if they reached their birthdate. It depends on the player's choice and you cannot change the date.

Table of Birthdays

Date Name Constellation Mail
February 14th Beidou Victor Mare ---
February 29th Bennett Rota Calamitas ---
March 3rd Qiqi Pristina Nola ---
March 14th Jean Leo Minor ---
March 21st Noelle Parma Cordis ---
April 17th Xiao Alatus Nemeseos ---
April 30th Diluc Noctua ---
May 27th Fischl Corvus ---
June 1st Paimon N/A ---
June 9th Lisa Tempus Fugit ---
June 16th Venti Carmen Dei ---
July 5th Barbara Crater ---
July 27th Klee Trifolium ---
August 10th Amber Lepus ---
August 26th Ningguang Opus Aequilibrium ---
August 31st Mona Astrolabos ---
September 7th Chongyun Nubis Caesor ---
September 9th Razor Lupus Minor ---
October 9th Xingqiu Fabulae Textile /Xingqiu
November 2nd Xiangling Ladle ---
November 20th Keqing Trulla Cementarii ---
November 26th Sucrose Ampulla ---
November 30th Kaeya Pavo Ocellus ---
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