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Bird's Eye View is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.


  1. Follow the path
  2. Go to Paimon
  3. Follow Paimon
  4. Swim to the island in Starfell Lake


  • Walking too far away from Paimon during Step 4 resets back to Step 3 and shows a notice on-screen until the player returns:
    • Return to quest point Icon Dialogue Quest.png
      Left Ctrl + F
  • Completing this quest unlocks the ability to use Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts.


UI Quest.png Quest Description

You begin your journey in Starfell Valley, exploring the land and seeing its sights together with Paimon.
(Upon reaching the ledge)
Paimon: Oh wowwwww!
(After admiring the scenery)
Paimon: That's a Statue of The Seven!
Paimon: There are a few of these statues scattered across the land to show The Seven's protection over the world.
Paimon: Among the seven gods, this god controls the wind.
Paimon: Paimon's not sure whether the god you're looking for is the Anemo God, but...
Paimon: Paimon'll take you to the Anemo God's place first, and there's a reason why~
(If the player walk away from quest area)
Paimon: Hey! Where are you going? Come to Paimon!
Paimon: Don't stray too far from Paimon!
(If the player continues to walk away from quest area)
Paimon: You should follow Paimon for now...
(As the player go towards the statue)
Paimon: As we all know, poetry and language flow like the wind...
Paimon: There'll definitely be someone there who knows about your (sister/brother). At least, that's what Paimon thinks!
Paimon: Whether the gods actually answer you is a different story. You never know unless you try.
Paimon: So, let's hop to it!
(When the player reaches the lake)
Paimon: You can swim right over!
(After communing with Anemo)
Paimon: Ooh! Did you just feel the elements of the world?
Paimon: Seems all you had to do was just touch the statue and you got the power of Anemo!
Paimon: As much as they may want it, people in this world can never get a hold of powers as easily as you...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I think I know why, it's because...
Paimon: Ah-ha, it's because you're not from this world to begin with.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png This can't be good...
Paimon: It's a bit rude to say that about the power the gods just gave you!
Paimon: If we keep heading west from here, we'll eventually reach Mondstadt, the City of Freedom.
Paimon: Mondstadt is the city of wind, because they worship the God of Anemo.
Paimon: So perhaps, because you got power from the God of Anemo, you can find some clues there.
Paimon: There are also lots of bards there, so perhaps one of them has heard news of your (sister/brother).
Paimon: Let's move then!
Paimon: The elements in this world responded to your prayers and Paimon thinks that's a lovely sign.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Bird's Eye View
Niǎokàn Fēngwù
Bird's-Eye View Scenery
Niǎokàn Fēngwù
Japanese 風物鳥瞰
Fuubutsu Choukan[!]
Scenery Bird's-Eye View
Korean 내려다본 경치
Naeryodabon Gyeongchi
Overlooking View
Spanish Vista panorámicaPanoramic View
French Vision d'oiseauBird's Vision
Russian Взгляд с высоты
Vzglyad s vysoty
View from Above
Thai มุมมองจากเบื้องบน
Mum mong chak bueangbon
View from Above
Vietnamese Nhìn Bằng Mắt ChimSeeing With a Bird's Eyes
German Aus der VogelperspektiveFrom a Bird's-Eye View
Indonesian Pandangan MembentangVast View
Portuguese Visão de PássaroBird's View

Change History

Released in Version 1.0