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Benny's Adventure Team, assemble!


Benny's Adventure Team is a team of adventurers in the Mondstadt Adventurers' Guild. Its sole member and leader is Bennett. Due to his infamous bad luck, all other members have left the team.


I once belonged to a rather nice brigade... But "Unlucky Bennett" was also there... We all thought it was just a joke about him being "unlucky," but... All the commissions he took on, somehow always failed in the least expected way...


Benny's Adventure Team is led by Bennett, a young adventurer with notoriously bad luck. Although it previously had three other members, they left after incidents that they attributed to his luck.[1] Jack, who initially thought the rumors of "Unlucky Bennett" were just a joke,[2] left after a traumatizing incident involving a rare Geo Turbulence. Royce abandoned the team after Klee of the Knights of Favonius mistook a cave that Benny's Adventure Team was exploring as a rabbit hole and blew it up. Another member, Heckler, suffered severe diarrhea a week after joining the team. Although it turned out to be a case of food poisoning, he blamed the incident on Bennett's bad luck.[1]

Although the usual requirement for an adventure team is 3 or 4 regular members as a safety measure, Bennett begged the Adventurers' Guild to categorize them as "on leave" and swore they would be back, avoiding the invalidation of his team's registration. Katheryne of the Adventurers' Guild chose to spare his feelings and allowed the team to remain.[1] Despite the attempt to spare his feelings, Bennett is aware the other members left because they did not want to deal with his apparent poor luck.[3]


Name Role
Bennett Leader
Jack Former Member
Royce Former Member
Heckler Former Member
Traveler Informal Member


  • After adventuring with and becoming close to the Traveler, Bennett views them as a member of his team and dreams of becoming the greatest adventure team ever together. Despite this, the Traveler is not formally registered as a member of the team[4] and leads their own group, "(Traveler)'s Adventure Team".[5]


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