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Azhdaha was unable to unseal itself in the end, and the quaking earth was last put to rest.
Yet the memories of facing the sealed dragon in the heart of the earth itself remain ever so vivid.
Challenge it in your memories once more, and you may gain something new from that encounter...

Beneath the Dragon-Queller is a Trounce Domain unlocked after completing Zhongli's Story Quest Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act II - No Mere Stone. Players can relive the fight they had with Lord of Vishaps Azhdaha and receive bountiful rewards.

It is located under the Dragon-Queller in Nantianmen, Liyue.

The domain entrance is marked with the elements that Azhdaha will absorb inside the domain, which change every week based on a fixed rotation.

Boss Description

An enormous dragon as ancient as the mountains themselves. In an age that has all but faded from memory, he stood shoulder to shoulder with one who ruled over a harbor of stone. But in the end, the two came into conflict, and the dragon was banished to a dark place deep underground.
Over the long years of his imprisonment, his power has slowly dissipated. He has also become disfigured from the various kinds of erosion he has been subjected to.
The faint rattling of this dragon lord's shackles and his deep, angry growl echo through the bowels of the mountains like memories of a bygone era.

Ley Line Disorder

When Azhdaha's Cryo, Pyro, Electro, and Hydro attacks hit characters who are not under the protection of a shield, that character will be marked. Marked characters will continuously take Elemental DMG.


  • Trounce Domains contain unusually powerful opponents. After successfully completing the challenge, you can obtain abundant rewards.
  • Players can complete this domain as many times as they want, but can only collect rewards once per week by using 30 Original Resin to open the Ley Line Blossom for the first three Weekly Bosses, and 60 Original Resin subsequently. Rewards are refreshed with Weekly World Reset.


Beneath the Dragon-Queller offers the following exclusive Talent Level-Up Materials:

Item Gilded Scale.png DL II+ Gilded Scale

The boss also drops the following Artifact Sets.

Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

In addition there is a chance to receive Dream Solvent Dream Solvents as well as Northlander Sword BilletNorthlander Bow BilletNorthlander Claymore BilletNorthlander Catalyst BilletNorthlander Polearm Billet Northlander Billets.
Other than Prithiva Topaz Geo, the possible Ascension Gems obtained depend on the Elements Azhdaha infuses. In order to enter the higher levels of the domain, you must have a certain Adventure Rank (AR).

Level AR Party
Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Character
Artifacts Materials
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Ascension Talent
I 35 60 300 7,100 60 Prithiva Topaz SliverVarunada Lazurite SliverVajrada Amethyst SliverAgnidus Agate SliverShivada Jade Sliver
Prithiva Topaz FragmentVarunada Lazurite FragmentVajrada Amethyst FragmentAgnidus Agate FragmentShivada Jade Fragment
Prithiva Topaz ChunkVarunada Lazurite ChunkVajrada Amethyst ChunkAgnidus Agate ChunkShivada Jade Chunk
4–5 1–2 0–1 4–6
II 40 70 300 7,600 65 3–5 2–3 1–2 4–7 1
III 45 80 300 8,000 70 Previous Rewards +
Prithiva Topaz GemstoneVarunada Lazurite GemstoneVajrada Amethyst GemstoneAgnidus Agate GemstoneShivada Jade Gemstone
4–5 2–3 1–2 5–7 1–2
IV 50 90 300 8,100 70 4–5 2–3 1–2 5–8 2–3

Artifact and material drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team


The four elements which can be infused by Azhdaha are Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, and Electro; each infused element produces different effects.

  • The Pyro element enhances his attack radius and demands better character positioning
  • The Hydro element focuses on projectiles and ranged attacks
  • The Cryo element unleashes simultaneous attacks and increases the risk of elemental reactions
  • The Electro element is tailored around evasion and precision.[1]

Azhdaha infuses the first element, either Hydro or Pyro, when he reaches ~66% HP. He infuses a second element, either Electro or Cryo, upon reaching ~33% HP. Damage dealt by Azhada will be converted to the respective elemental damage after triggering Elemental Infusion. After the second element is absorbed, all damage done by Azhdaha is considered elemental damage and will mark the current character until the element is dispelled.

The elemental combination can be seen on the seal of the domain, and the element color will also be reflected on several of his body parts, such as his paws for the first element and his tail for the second element.

Variation First Element Second Element Current?
1 Hydro Electro
2 Pyro Cryo
3 Hydro Cryo
4 Pyro Electro
Azhdaha Element Electro.png Azhdaha Element Pyro.png Azhdaha Element Cryo.png Azhdaha Element Hydro.png
Electro () Pyro () Cryo () Hydro ()

Defeating every variation once will grant the achievement Sternest of Souls.


Note: All attack and ability names are unofficial.

Phase 1: Geo Element

Azhdaha has 70% Geo Resistance, 40% Physical Resistance, and 10% Elemental Resistance to all other elements.

Earthen Skull: Slams his head and unleashes ground explosions that move in a straight line.

  • Pyro: Damage type converted to Pyro, fires several fireballs into the air that will hit the ground randomly and leave a burning mark, which continuously damages players in its AoE. (Phase 2)
  • Hydro: Damage type converted to Hydro, leaves a moderately-sized Hydro mark on the ground which explodes shortly after. (Phase 2)

Body Slam: Slams his body sideways, dealing damage in a large AoE that extends towards the attack's direction.

  • Electro: Damage type converted to Electro. (Phase 3)
  • Cryo: Damage type converted to Cryo. (Phase 3)

Seismo-Waves: Slams his foreleg once and emits three consecutive shockwaves. Each one pushes players next to him away.

  • Hydro: Damage type converted to Hydro, launches projectiles in multiple direction from Azhdaha's location. (Phase 2)
  • Pyro: Damage type converted to Pyro, fires several fireballs into the air that will hit the ground randomly and leave a burning circle, which continuously damages players in its AoE. (Phase 2)

Earthshock: Jumps, then greatly impacts the earth and leaves cracked earth that will explode twice around him in a large AoE. The second explosion has a larger AoE than the first. This ability will produce several effect based on the current infused element.

  • Hydro: Leaves Hydro-infused cracked earth that will explode twice, and launches water streams in multiple directions from Azhdaha's location.
  • Pyro: Leaves Pyro-infused cracked earth, that will explode twice, and leave several fireballs midair, that will hit the ground randomly and leave a burning circle, which continuously damages players in its AoE.

Tail Slam: Slams his tail once if target is behind him.

  • Electro: Damage type converted to Cryo. Slower than normal Tail Slam, but cause two Electro explosions around the impact area. (Phase 3)
  • Cryo: Damage type converted to Cryo. Slower than normal Tail Slam, but will summon several Ice Spikes around the impact area that will explode twice. (Phase 3)

Sweeping Branch: Performs a quick sweep attack.

  • Electro: Damage type converted to Electro. Leaves multiple Electro orbs that deal damage upon contact with the player. (Phase 3)
  • Cryo: Damage type converted to Cryo. Leaves 3 Cryo orbs that will explode after a short while. (Phase 3)

Skewing Tusk: Rushes forward, goring enemy units on with his tusks and tossing them into the air.

  • Electro: Damage type converted to Electro. (Phase 3)
  • Cryo: Damage type converted to Cryo. (Phase 3)

Burrow: Submerges underground and digs around the arena. This action will trigger a massive earthquake and many rocks will rains to the arena for a while. Azhdaha deals damage every time he resurfaces.

Primeval Spring: Spawns a barrage of Elemental-infused stones to the target. The stones will explode shortly upon impact. This ability will produce additional effects based on the current infused element. (Phase 3)

  • Electro: Explodes on impact while releasing small thunderstrokes which extend outwards from the initial AoE, dealing Electro damage. (Phase 3)
  • Cryo: Explodes on impact and leaves raining ice shards upon impact, dealing continuous Cryo damage to characters in the affected area for a while. (Phase 3)

Phase 2: Single Elemental Infusion

Upon reaching ~67% HP, Azhdaha infuses an element (Hydro or Pyro), gaining an additional 60% Elemental Resistance to this infused Element, resulting in a total of 70% Elemental Resistance to this element.

Azhdaha can still use any ability from Phase 1. These Phase 1 abilities will be infused with the current infused Element.

Tremors: Slams his legs unto earth, unleashing continuous shockwaves around him for 5 times and ending with one final huge shockwave. This ability will produce several effects, based off the current infused element, and can potentially stun-lock the player. Notably, Azhdaha only uses Tremors during a phase transition (when he gains an elemental infusion) and in the final Phase 3.

  • Hydro: Damage type will be converted into Hydro. Six lines of water streams splinting evenly on each sides will follow instantly after the final huge shockwave.
  • Pyro: Damage type will be converted into Pyro. Leaves several fireballs in the air, that will hit the ground randomly upon impact shortly after the final huge shockwave and leave burning circles on the ground, damaging players who step on it.

The King's Roar: Summon several moving Elemental orbs, that will slowly rotate around the arena and deal damage per second upon impact.

  • Hydro: Summon several moving large Hydro orbs, that will slowly rotate around the arena and deal damage per second upon impact.
  • Pyro: Summon several meteors that fall from the sky. The meteors leave a large pool of lava upon impact, that lasts for a while and deals continuous Pyro damage to characters in the affected area.

Phase 3: Dual Elemental Infusion

Upon reaching ~33% HP, Azhdaha will infuse himself with another Element (Electro or Cryo), therefore gaining a dual Elemental Infusion. Azhdaha will gain an additional 50% Elemental Resistance to this second infused Element, resulting in a total of 60% Elemental Resistance to this second element.

Azhdaha can still use any ability from Phases 1 and 2. These Phase 1 or 2 abilities will be infused with the corresponding elements.

After gaining the second infusion, Azhdaha will use cycle through these attacks in order with some Phase 1 attacks in-between depending on the player's position: Moonlit Tree, Thunder Sphere (Electro) or Fractal Lance (Cryo), King's Roar, Tremors, Thunder Sphere (Electro) or Fractal Lance (Cryo), King's Roar, Moonlit Tree, Tremors.

Moonlit Tree: Submerges underground while leaving his tail on the surface. Azhdaha cannot be killed in this state, but can still be damaged.

  • Electro: The tail will periodically zap parts of the arena in a cone AoE, that changes after every occurrence of this attack. Targeted areas are indicated with a purple AoE.
  • Cryo: The tail will unleash a massive hailstorm around it. The fallen ice chunks will explode upon impact, followed by circular Ice Spikes that will pulse thrice in the affected area.

Thunder Sphere: Forms several Thunder Spheres and launches them towards the target, dealing Electro Damage.

Fractal Lance: Forms a Cryo Sphere in the air, that will then periodically summon several crystal lance 5 times, homing towards the target.


During the encounter against Azhdaha, a Ley Line Disorder will be in effect for the entire duration. This disorder is extremely dangerous; if the player is struck by one of Azhdaha's secondary elemental attacks, they will suffer a continuous bleed of said element unless the element is removed or the player is under the effect of a Shield, so it is almost required to bring characters who can deploy shields or Geo characters, who can cause Crystallize reactions.

At the end of phases 1 and 2, Azhdaha will slam the ground three times, emitting a shockwave that deals high damage if not protected against. These shockwaves also have significant AoE, so it is recommended to stand as far away as possible to avoid taking damage from the attack. This attack concludes when he jumps into the air and slams the ground a final time, emitting a slightly larger shockwave than the previous three. It is used at random during phase 3.

Since the fight does not include a true time limit like the other weekly bosses (with the exception of Stormterror, in which an artificial "time limit" is implemented), it is highly suggested that the player be extremely cautious with any aggressive maneuvers they might take, especially in the second phase. While the behaviors of Azhdaha are different for each elemental infusion, it should be noted that the player needs to be careful when facing situations where Azhdaha is idle (such as when he is buried into the ground with his tail sticking out). During this idle phase, the safest option is to attack from afar and not close up contrary to the instincts that many players may have. The most concentrated attacks of Azhdaha will begin to heavily bombard and encapsulate the player, almost always ensuring death if the player does not possess a shield character. Fortunately, there is initially a short window when Azhdaha's movements are idle during that phase where the player may get up close and unleash as much damage as possible before Azhdaha starts to bombard the player with elemental attacks.

The Pyro (bottom) and Cryo (top) sigils at the domain's entrance.

Before entering the Trounce Domain, players should check the two symbols on the entrance. Azhdaha will infuse himself with the elements corresponding to those sigils, as Azhdaha will be significantly resilient to those attacks for the duration of the fight. Azhdaha will infuse himself with the element corresponding to the bottom-most symbol first. See Elements for each elemental symbol.

In all phases, it is advisable to attack him from the front or the back, but never from the side. Attacking from the side triggers the sideways Body Slam attack, which has a large AoE and cannot be countered by sprinting iframe.

In phases 2 and 3, it is not advised to utilize Elemental Burst iframes to avoid damage, as the effects of the Ley Line Disorder will still apply on hit even if the player is in an Elemental Burst animation.

Character Recommendations
  • Shield characters, although they're not essential, are extremely helpful to have in this fight. These include Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, Xinyan, and Beidou. Geo characters who can generate shields via Crystallize reaction can also be helpful.
  • Healers, like Jean, Qiqi, Barbara, Bennett, etc., are especially important for this fight. Sometimes having multiple healers is better, as Azhdaha will do great AoE damage and his elemental marks will do continuous DoT.
  • That said, sometimes the best defense is offense. Azhdaha has a lot of HP, so having a lot of DPS is just as important, and defeating him before he can use some of his most powerful attacks (especially in his last phase) is helpful too. Some notable DPS users include:
    • Xiao, that can do consistent damage against Azhdaha, no matter what element he is infused in. Azhdaha does switch between multiple elements, but dealing Anemo damage can act as a way to bypass this. Moreover, with Bane of All Evil, Xiao can also jump to avoid many of Azhdaha's earth-shaking attacks.
    • Characters like Diluc, Hu Tao, Klee, and Ganyu can work. Because Azhdaha has a large body, Diluc's Dawn which has a large hitbox can deal extended damage to him.
    • In general, bow users and catalysts are safe for doing damage at a distance. But as a DPS, it is important to avoid as many of Azhdaha's attacks as possible, even with a shield or healing.
    • As Azhdaha gains Elemental RES to his infused Elements, using DPS characters of other elements (such as Anemo) can avoid prolonging the fight. An Anemo character equipped with the 4pc Viridescent Venerer artifact set can also help counter the increased Elemental RES.
  • Triggering certain elemental reactions can completely purge the elemental mark without generating a shield. Jean can remove all of the elemental marks, Beidou can remove the Pyro and Cryo marks, Xinyan and Bennett can remove the Hydro, Cryo, and Electro marks, and Barbara can remove the Pyro and Cryo marks.

Video Guides

Battle Dialogue

For the quest version of the battle dialogue, see Beneath the Ancient Tree.

If Zhongli is in your party:
(The battle begins)
Azhdaha: It is time, Morax... We settle this now!
(Upon defeating Azhdaha)
Azhdaha: Morax...!
If Zhongli is not in your party:
(The battle begins)
Azhdaha: You dare overstep your mortal authority!?
(Upon defeating Azhdaha)
Azhdaha: I... will not be destroyed!
Azhdaha: Crumble!
Azhdaha: Fissure!
(Tail Slam)
Azhdaha: Cowardly insect!
Azhdaha: Face me!
(The King's Roar)
Azhdaha: Back to the earth!
Azhdaha: There is no atonement for a thousand years of pain!
Azhdaha: The enraged earth will not absolve you!
(First infusion)
Azhdaha: Today you witness your reckoning!
(Second infusion)
Azhdaha: You stand upon your tomb, though you know it not!
(Elemental Tree)
Azhdaha: Come, experience an eon of suffering!
Azhdaha: Shifting sands know not the mountain's permanence.
Azhdaha: From rock to dust, sooner or later.

Story Domains

The following Story Domains take place in the Beneath the Dragon-Queller:


The background music of the Azhdaha boss fight is the first Genshin Impact soundtrack to feature Chinese lyrics.[1]

Soundtrack Name Soundtrack No. Played In
Ode to Azhdaha 05 Beneath the Dragon-Queller Phase 1
Rage Beneath the Mountains 06 Beneath the Dragon-Queller Phase 2
Phase 1 - "Ode to Azhdaha"

肃雍! Sù yōng!

昔若陀徽土 Xī Rětuó huī tǔ,

越天遒广及青墟浦 Yuè tiānqiú guǎng jí Qīngxū-pǔ,

川亹亹毖流兮 Chuān wěiwěi bìliú xī,
金阙连望舒 Jīnquē lián Wàngshū,

哀时兮时兮 焉薄余属 Āi shí xī shí xī yānbáo yú shǔ,
恚君常违兮 灵囿作堀 Huì jūn cháng wéi xī língyòu zuò kū,
夫黯黮命兮 险巇壅阻 Fū àndǎn mìng xī xiǎn xī yōng zǔ,
咄! Duō!
怨憺兮 瞀乱 Yuàndàn xī mào luàn,
山峦耸荡 Shānluán sǒngdàng,
龙躣之出 Lóngqú zhī chū,

嗟! Jiē!
安归乎? Ān guī hū?
蕙园憭栗兮 宫为渚 Huìyuán liáolì xī gōng wèi zhǔ.

Unofficial English Translation


In the past, the territory of Azhdaha was vast

Crossing Tianqiu Valley and Qingxu Pool

As the mountains and rivers flowing slowly
The imperial palace even reached Wangshu

Saddened by the lost of time, why did you (Rex Lapis) fail me?
Maddened by your (Rex Lapis) annoyance too often, turning the rich earth into wasteland
(I lamented) the injustice and vagaries of fate, as dangerous and painful as the rugged mountain road
Annoyed by this peaceful (Liyue), such serenity never belonged to me
When the mountains are crumbling
The dragon leaps forth

Can I still go back to the past?
But the homeland's now a sorrow land, and the palace's now an oasis.

Phase 2 - "Rage Beneath the Mountains"

(邃宇兮 黑翳逐) (Suìyǔ xī hēiyì zhú)
(山野兮 窘步) (Shānyě xī jiǒng bù)
出!(幽宫兮 余既伏) Chū! (Yōugōng xī yú jì fú)
君常违兮 国隳芜(乌有兮 归处) Jūn cháng wéi xī guóhuī wú (Wūyǒu xī guīchù)
蓄雠怨增欷(零落兮 困洿渎) Xù chóuyuàn zēng xī (Língluò xī kùn wūdú)
惶惶兮 索陵迟恶途(奈何乎!) Huánghuáng xī suǒ língchí ètú (Nàihé hū!)
归兮! Guī xī!
巉石峦岳毂转乎 Chánshí luányuè gǔzhuǎn hū
万川湍流吞穹庐 Wànchuān tuānliú tūn qiónglú
山崩岩崒 Shānbēng yánzú
愆辜安除?(愆辜安除?) Qiāngū ān chú? (Qiāngū ān chú?)

零落兮 困洿渎 Língluò xī kùn wūdú
浇季兮 穷路 jiāojì xī qióng lù
林峻茂兮 掩殊途 Lín jùnmào xī yǎn shūtú
审行迷延伫远兮 山穹覆 Shěn xíngmí yánzhù yuǎn xī shānqióng fù

Official English Translation

(Long ago) In the field of the stars, expelling the dark shadows
(Now) Lost in the mountains and the wilderness, with no way to go
Show yourself!
Since you left, this country has fallen into a terrible state
Hatred, sorrow, and grief accumulate day after day
Panicking and not knowing where to go, I embark on the treacherous journey ahead
It's time to return
The steep rocks and mountains withstood the test of time
Thousands of rivers rush rapidly, seemingly swallowing the sky
(But even if) Mountains fall and the earth tremors
How can the evil (which caused all this) be eradicated?

(Fate) Lonely and wandering, trapped in such a harsh place
There is no way out of this miserable generation
The mountains are precipitous and lush, hiding the path that diverged (between you and me)
Recounting how I lost my way and wandered away from you, engulfed by the shadow of a mountain ridge

Official Japanese Translation

凋落し 此処まで落ちた
吾が成せることなど いずこに在る?
貴下が背いてより この国土は荒れ堕ちた
惧れに導かれ 嶮しき道を歩んだ
帰りし時 今来たれり!
万本の川は天穹をも呑み かの勢いで荒らかに流れたり
山崩れ 岩砕かれても

凋落し 此処まで落ちた
乱世よ もう往く先がない
葉を茂らせる林よ 貴下を吾が違えし道程を隠し
彷徨い立ち留まり 貴下と遠ざかりし吾を顧みて 峻嶺の影に覆われん

Official Korean Translation

(한때는) 심연의 우주 속에서 어두운 그림자를 내쫓았지만
(지금은) 산과 황야에서 길을 잃었지
네가 따난 뒤, 나라는 황폐해지고
증오, 원만, 슬픔만 계속 쌓여가네
방황 속에서 길을 잃고 험난하고 위험한 길을 나섰지
이젠 돌아와야 해!
험준한 바위와 산악이 반복되고
하늘을 삼킬 것처럼 세차게 흘러가는 강줄기
(비록) 산이 무너지고 바위가 부서져도
(이 모든 것을 초래한) 악을 어떻게 없앨 수 있을까?

(운명) 외롭게 따돌아다니다 이런 혹독한 곳에 갇혔지
벗어날 수 없는 고난한 세대
가파르고 울창한 산, (나와 나의) 갈라진 길을 숨기고 있네
길을 잃고 헤매며 너와 멀어지는 난, 산의 그림자에 갇히게 되네


  • Surrounding the "arena" where Azhdaha is sealed, and around the forcefield that Azhdaha breaks out of when combat begins, stand a large number of Stone Steles, which have the same markings as those created by Zhongli's Elemental Skill. Unlike those other Steles however, the ones surrounding the arena no longer seem to be functioning and show signs of heavy erosion, some having to be held up by chains.
  • The element symbols marked on the entrance are written in the Liyue script, based on the Chinese characters for each element.
    • These symbols are also used as particle effects in his infused states.
  • The boss fight was originally supposed to have all 12 combinations of Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, and Electro, but this was dropped during development because it was too challenging in terms of the color schemes, special effects, and processing power.[1]
  • Defeating all four variations of Azhdaha (as listed above) will give the Achievement, "Sternest of Souls."
  • Defeating Azhdaha without using a shield (character OR Crystallize shields) will give the Achievement, "The Finishing Touch," which was introduced in Version 2.0 as part of Challenger: Series IV.
  • Defeating Azhdaha in Co-Op Mode will give the Achievement, "Blast From the Past," which was introduced in Version 2.0 as part of Meetings in Outrealm: Series II.

Change History

Released in Version 1.5