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Beneath the Ancient Tree is a Story Domain during the Zhongli's Story Quest, Historia Antiqua Chapter, Act II: No Mere Stone Quest, "Amidst Chaos, the Rock Is Unmoved."

In this domain, the player engages in a battle against Azhdaha. After completing No Mere Stone, the Trounce Domain Beneath the Dragon-Queller is unlocked, allowing you to relive this battle.

Trial Character

Royal FloraRoyal PlumeRoyal Pocket WatchRoyal Silver UrnRoyal Masque
Artifact Lv. 16

Set Bonus
Noblesse Oblige 4-Piece

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  • Normal Attack Lv. 5
  • Elemental Skill Lv. 8
  • Elemental Burst Lv. 5
  • Max HP: '
  • ATK: '
  • DEF: 684
  • Elemental Mastery: 72
  • Energy Recharge: 135.0%
  • Crit Rate: 51.8%
  • Crit DMG: '

Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 10,000 Mora

Attacks and Abilities

Unlike the Trounce Domain Beneath the Dragon-Queller, during the story domain, Azhdaha stays in Phase 1 and does not infuse himself with any elements. Note: All attack and ability names are unofficial.

  • Linear Strike: Slamming its head below, Azhdaha unleashed ground explosions that move in a straight line.
  • Body Slam: Slamming its body sideways.
  • Three Waves: Slamming its foreleg once, and emits three consecutive shockwaves.
  • Double Slam: Slamming both of its forelegs, and emits shockwave upon each impact.
  • Tail Slam: Slamming its tail once if target is behind.
  • Tail Sweep: Performs a quick Tail Sweep attack.
  • Skewer: Rushes forward, goring enemy units on with its massive tusks, tossing them into the air.
  • Burrow: Submerge underground and dig around the arena. This action would trigger a massive earthquake and many rocks would rains to the arena for a while. Azhdaha would deals damage every time it resurfaces.


During the encounter against Azhdaha, a Ley Line Disorder will take effect as soon as Phase 2 starts and last until the end of the fight. This disorder is extremely dangerous; if the player is struck by one of Azhdaha's secondary elemental attacks, they will suffer a continuous bleed of said element unless the element is removed or the player is under the effect of a Shield, so it is almost required to bring characters who can deploy shields or Geo characters, who can cause Crystallize reactions.

At the end of phases 1 and 2, Azhdaha will slam the ground three times, emitting a shockwave that deals high damage if not protected against. These shockwaves also have significant AoE, so it is recommended to stand as far away as possible to avoid taking damage from the attack. This attack concludes when he jumps into the air and slams the ground a final time, emitting a slightly larger shockwave than the previous three. It is used at random during phase 3.

Since the fight does not include a true time limit like the other weekly bosses (with the exception of Stormterror, in which an artificial "time limit" is implemented), it is highly suggested that the player be extremely cautious with any aggressive maneuvers they might take, especially in the second phase. While the behaviors of Azhdaha are different for each elemental infusion, it should be noted that the player needs to be careful when facing situations where Azhdaha is idle (such as when he is buried into the ground with his tail sticking out). During this idle phase, the safest option is to attack from afar and not close up contrary to the instincts that many players may have. The most concentrated attacks of Azhdaha will begin to heavily bombard and encapsulate the player, almost always ensuring death if the player does not possess a shield character. Fortunately, there is initially a short window when Azhdaha's movements are idle during that phase where the player may get up close and unleash as much damage as possible before Azhdaha starts to bombard the player with elemental attacks.

The Pyro (bottom) and Cryo (top) sigils at the domain's entrance.

Before entering the Trounce Domain, players should check the two symbols on the entrance. Azhdaha will infuse himself with the elements corresponding to those sigils, as Azhdaha will be significantly resilient to those attacks for the duration of the fight. Azhdaha will infuse himself with the element corresponding to the bottom-most symbol first. See Elements for each elemental symbol.

In all phases, it is advisable to attack him from the front or the back, but never from the side. Attacking from the side triggers the sideways Body Slam attack, which has a large AoE and cannot be countered by sprinting i-frame.

In phases 2 and 3, it is not advised to utilize Elemental Burst i-frames to avoid damage, as the effects of the Ley Line Disorder will still apply on hit even if the player is in an Elemental Burst animation.

Character Recommendations
  • Shield characters, while not essential, are extremely helpful to have in this fight. These include Zhongli, Noelle, Diona, Xinyan, and Beidou. Geo characters who can generate shields via Crystallize reaction can also be helpful.
  • Healers, like Jean, Qiqi, Barbara, Bennett, etc., can also be of great help as Azhdaha will do great AoE damage and his elemental marks will do continuous DoT.
  • That said, sometimes the best defense is offense. Azhdaha has a lot of HP, so having high DPS is just as important, and defeating him before he can use some of his most powerful attacks (especially in his last phase) is helpful too. Some notable DPS users include:
    • Xiao, that can do consistent damage against Azhdaha, no matter what element he is infused in. Azhdaha does switch between multiple elements, but dealing Anemo damage can act as a way to bypass this. Moreover, with Bane of All Evil, Xiao can also jump to avoid many of Azhdaha's earth-shaking attacks.
    • Characters with abilities with large hitboxes such as Diluc, Klee, and Ganyu can can deal extended damage to him thanks to his massive body.
    • In general, bow users and catalysts are safe for dealing damage at a distance, especially in Co-Op Mode where Azhdaha tends to target teammates who are in melee range.
    • As Azhdaha gains Elemental RES to his infused Elements, using DPS characters of other elements (such as Anemo) can avoid prolonging the fight. Anemo characters equipped with the 4pc Viridescent Venerer artifact set, or talents that decrease enemy Elemental RES such as Zhongli's Dominus Lapidis can also help counter the increased Elemental RES.
  • Due to the sheer strength of many of Azhdaha's attacks, it is still important to avoid as many of Azhdaha's attacks as possible, even with a shield or healing.
  • Triggering certain elemental reactions can completely purge the elemental mark without generating a shield. Jean can remove all of the elemental marks, Beidou can remove the Pyro and Cryo marks, Xinyan and Bennett can remove the Hydro, Cryo, and Electro marks, and Barbara can remove the Pyro and Cryo marks.
  • Fast runners, such as tall male characters and characters with access to Alternate Sprints may be helpful against Azhdaha's AoE attack spams.

Video Guides

How to Easily Beat Azhdaha


(Enter the Domain at the end of the underground tunnel)
The missing miners doggedly dig away inside the tunnel, at the end of which an ancient seal starts to come into view. The miners seem to have been somehow seduced into tunneling here... Just when you start to realize something is amiss, the miners and the rumored blue-haired child suddenly attack you. Chaos ensures, the ground begins to blow, and you are all sucked through the sealed door...
Zhongli: This is...
Paimon: The missing miners are here!
Paimon: Wh—What are they digging for?
Zhongli: I'm afraid that this whole tunnel
Zhongli: Is the fruit of their strenuous labor
Paimon: That gate...
Paimon: Has it been there all along?
Zhongli: Digging a tunnel to this ancient seal
Zhongli: Had they not been discovered
Zhongli: They would undoubtedly persevere
Zhongli: Until they opened the gate.
Paimon: ...So behind this seal, there's...
(The miners rush towards Paimon with pickaxes)
Paimon: Aah!!!
(Zhongli conjures a shield around everyone)
Paimon: What do we do? We can't hurt them!
(As Zhongli pushes the shield forward, black smoke gathers behind him)
(The blue-haired girl appears out of the smoke and launches an attack)
(Kun Jun notices and blocks the attack from hitting Zhongli)
(The seal breaks and a strong gust of wind blows everyone into the cavern)

On the other side of the door, you are greeted by the daunting sight of an enormous dragon — the cause of all the strange events that have occurred. Having torn away the seal, he now proceeds to vent his fury upon you...

(A battle with Azhdaha begins)
Paimon: What type of monster is this!?
Azhdaha: Morax... you arrive at my doorstep of your own volition. Excellent... taking revenge for sealing me away will be all the easier!
Zhongli: So.... the little girl is your power incarnate.
Zhongli: But if you recall, Azhdaha... this is not how we intended for events to transpire.
Azhdaha: Waste not your words! Your life is mine!
(During the battle)
Azhdaha: Argh...! Is once not enough!? You would forsake me again!?
Zhongli: If that is what you choose to believe, so be it.
Zhongli: He who bears the weight of memory is destined to shoulder the burden of truth. As it ought to be.
(If a character dies during the battle)
Paimon: Watch out!
???: Allow me.
Zhongli: You've recovered? How can that...
???: Focus your efforts, Morax!
(Further into the battle)
Azhdaha: Morax! You think you can destroy me!?
Zhongli: ...
(Defeat Azhdaha)
Azhdaha: Ah...!

(After defeating Azhdaha)
(Jiu bears the title "Azhdaha")
Jiu: Morax! A thousand years after you sealed me underground... you return for the second time...
Zhongli: ...
Zhongli: You should call it by its name, Azhdaha... fate.
Jiu: Fate?
Jiu: Fate!!! Hahahaha!
Jiu: So here lies the wisdom of the gods? Destroy all deemed redundant, enlist tyrants to ravage the wilderness!
???: No. You have forgotten.
Paimon: ...That... that voice...
Zhongli: Azhdaha...
Paimon: Huh? Kun Jun!?
Kun Jun: Morax. It's been a while.
Jiu: Y—You're...
Kun Jun?: Azhdaha... the very same.
Zhongli: During the battle... you embued us with your power...
Kun Jun?: Haha... yes. It was all I could manage.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then... which one is the real Azhdaha?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're not Kun Jun?
Kun Jun?: Forgive me for concealing the truth, Traveler. There were things that only became clear to me upon reaching this tree.
Kun Jun?: Allow me to elaborate. I am not Azhdaha the whole... but a fragment.
Kun Jun?: Heaven and earth, yin and yang, opposing forces... You can consider the existence of me and the Azhdaha you see there, to be a reflection of such polarities. "We" are a schism of the will... the will of Azhdaha.
Paimon: So... so there are two Azhdahas!?
Jiu: No! It can't be! That's impossible...!
(Kun Jun gains the title of "Azhdaha")
Kun Jun: When the seal loosened, your power manifested in this world as a child. With this new identity, you were able to vent about the forces that suppressed you... but would anyone listen... would they even care?
Kun Jun: That's when it occurred to you. The loosening of the seal constituted an opportunity to strike back. Kidnapping the miners was all in aid of digging to the entrance to the seal itself. Your plan was to launch an attack on both ends. From outside... and within. Thereby fully destroying the seal.
Jiu: The audacity! Are you insane!? If you truly are a part of me, how is it you find yourself standing on the side of the betrayer!?
Kun Jun: I was another power awakened with the loosening of the seal. Too weak to reincarnate, but strong enough to possess a human body.
Kun Jun: I was barely conscious... I couldn't remember who I was. Only the past would elicit a reaction from me... But my aim was clear: Find Morax... and aid him in stopping you.
Zhongli: I had sensed that something was amiss when you mentioned Dragonfall. Had your power been but a little stronger, I would've recognized you.
Kun Jun: Don't blame yourself, I have changed beyond all recognition. Only when I touched the stone tablet... did I truly remember.
Kun Jun: It's been so long. A secret beyond all comprehension, of youthful humanity and ancient dragon-kind... Morax, do you want to tell the tale?
Zhongli: There would be no harm in it. The decision is yours.
Kun Jun: Haha, you haven't changed. Then allow me.
Kun Jun: Azhdaha was once a friend and ally of the Geo Archon, Morax, with a lifespan far exceeding that of mankind. However, that which is derived of the earth is no more or less than the earth itself...
Kun Jun: The memories of rocks do not last long. Those memories that survive are rooted in powerful emotion. But as time passes, so these memories fade into obscurity. Erosion is the world's greatest destroyer of memories.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Erosion...?
Kun Jun: Erosion ground Azhdaha's consciousness into oblivion. Slowly, he forgot the face of his old friend, and his memories of defending Liyue Harbor disintegrated.
Kun Jun: Azhdaha, now incomplete, became irascible... aggressive.
Jiu: What would you expect!? It was humanity that attacked the Ley Lines that sustained me!
Kun Jun: This much is true. Which is why "you" attacked The Chasm... why "you" waged war against Morax.
Kun Jun: In the beginning, in order to open up new territory and increase production, the citizens of Liyue came to the mountains to mine. Overexploitation caused the Ley Lines to quake, which brought untold suffering to "us."
Kun Jun: Erosion made "us" even more savage. No matter how we struggled, we lost the ability to coexist with humanity... we lost all reason.
Kun Jun: Morax shared with us some of his power, to prevent further erosion. But... it was futile. Everything returns to dust. It is the natural order, an unstoppable force.
Kun Jun: And so, "we" became "you." And from your will... "I" emerged.
Jiu: ...
Kun Jun: I am your final contract. Witness the promise between Azhdaha and Morax. You can hate me... but you cannot deny me.
Jiu: No... no...
Kun Jun: I am the remnants of Azhdaha's benevolence, the echo of a contract set in stone. I harbor a willingness to go further, a willingness to coexist peacefully with mankind.
Jiu: No, no! It is I, Azhdaha, forged of elemental crystal, bearer of the weight and memories of the earth, older than the mountains and the oceans that decides! I will not swear allegiance to this insect!
Kun Jun: Morax is not an insect.
Jiu: A lord over insects is nothing but an insect in turn!
Kun Jun: You forgot yourself. Nobody held Morax in higher regard than you or I.
Kun Jun: That which you have forgotten, I hold here in my heart. If you are the memory of the earth... then I am the memory of coexistence... of coexistence with humanity.
Kun Jun: All powers under heaven,[Note 1] rise and fall of land and sea...
Jiu: ...A star appears within the wild... a sun ascends as bright as... jade...
Zhongli: ...
Jiu: Strange... What... what is this feeling? And all this...
Kun Jun: You are spent, and I will soon disappear. Before I do, heed these words.
Kun Jun: In the wilderness, snow falls on a spring day. In an instant it will melt. Even where it is fleeting and leaves no trace. Even where it will never fall again...
Jiu: No, that isn't true! I don't accept this as fate!
Kun Jun: Perhaps it isn't. But it remains... an inevitable misfortune.
Jiu: Mor... ax...
Paimon: The little girl vanished...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sealed away?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Eroded?
Zhongli: Are you satisfied, Azhdaha?
Kun Jun: I had to make amends. Satisfaction had no part in it.
Kun Jun: So, Morax... you call yourself Zhongli these days?
Zhongli: I do.
Kun Jun: Well, I'm afraid old habits die hard. To me, you're Morax.
Zhongli: As you please.
Kun Jun: I never did forget your gift of sight.
Zhongli: I hardly lifted a finger. Think nothing of it.
Kun Jun: And yet you could see. You wouldn't know the yearning of a blind dragon, searching for the sun. A pair of eyes, from Morax to Azhdaha. This... I will remember this.
Kun Jun: ...
Zhongli: Your power is nearly spent.
Kun Jun: ...Perceptive as always, my friend.
Zhongli: Shall we get going, you and I?
Kun Jun: Surely the pressing matter is still that of the miners trapped outside the seal?
Zhongli: Indeed. Hence the need to get going, to fix the damage left in your wake.
Kun Jun: Ha... straight down to business, as always. Let's go.


  1. (Chinese: 天动万象 tiān dòng wàn xiàng, "all powers under heaven") is Zhongli's signature elemental burst voiceline in Chinese, being the voiceline used in his Character Demo. The English version uses "I will have order!" for Zhongli's elemental burst voiceline, which is not a direct translation of the CN version. The translation used by Kun Jun is a more accurate translation.

Change History

Released in Version 1.5
Version 2.2

Version 1.5

  • Beneath the Ancient Tree was released.