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Beneath the Abandoned House is a Quest Domain encounted during the World Quest Where the Dandelions Find Rest.


  1. Glide down into the room and defeat the enemies.
  2. Go into the corridor and get the first amulet from the altar.
  3. Open the door and go into the next room with the floor gate.
  4. Go down the stairs and defeat the enemies.
  5. Use the lever near the blue flags to bring down the ladder.
  6. Climb up the ladders and defeat the enemy.
  7. Go into the southern room and get the second amulet.
  8. Go back to the room with the floor gate (see step 3).
  9. Use the lever to open the floor gate.
  10. Glide down into the room and defeat the enemies.
  11. Get the third amulet from the altar.
  12. Go to the eastern wall and choose "Knock Once".
  13. Go south and use the floor elevator to go up.
  14. Defeat the enemies.
  15. Open the door with the amulets.
  16. Go into the room to start a cut scene.
  17. Defeat the enemies to obtain Cell Key.
  18. Go back to the eastern wall of the room with the third amulet (see step 12).
  19. Choose "Open", followed by "Move" to unlock and open the cell door.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Beneath the Abandoned House
Qìwū zhī Dǐ
Bottom of the Abandoned House
Qìwū zhī Dǐ
Japanese 廃屋の底
Haioku no Soko[!]
Bottom of the Abandoned House
Korean 폐가지하
Pyega-ui Jiha
Basement of Deserted House
Spanish Bajo la casa abandonadaUnder the Abandoned House
French Sous la maison abandonnéeBeneath the Abandoned House
Russian Под заброшенным домом
Pod zabroshennym domom
Thai เบื้องล่างแห่งบ้านร้าง
Bueanglang haeng Ban Rang
Bottom of the Abandoned House
Vietnamese Phía Đáy Nhà Hoang
German Unter dem verlassenen HausBeneath the Abandoned House
Indonesian Beneath the Abandoned House
Portuguese Sob a Casa Abandonada

Change History

Released in Version 2.4