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Behind the Scenes is the eighth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Leave the tavern
  2. Wait till the tavern is closed (00:00 – 06:00)
  3. Go back to the tavern
  4. Talk to Diluc


(Talk to Diluc)
Venti: You're here.
Jean: Wait, you're... (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...Jean?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why is the Acting Grand Master here?
Diluc: Well, first of all, I contacted more than one person.
Diluc: Secondly, she came here as "Jean" herself, not as the Acting Grand Master.
Diluc: A Jean you would never see, even as an Honorary Knight.
Jean: What a surprise.
Jean: I heard about the Holy Lyre, but I never suspected it was you.
Jean: So, the sound of the Holy Lyre can purify Stormterror and return it to normal... Is that true?
Venti: That's right! (Traveler) is putting themselves on the front line to try and resolve this Stormterror issue.
Venti: Now that's the hotshot of the Knights of Favonius I'm talking about.
Paimon: Feels like we're breaking the law though...
Diluc: I understand this kind of absurd explanation is hard to believe.
Diluc: But, we can ask the bard to play the song again to try and persuade—
Jean: I believe you.
Diluc: To persuade our stubborn comman— Wait, what?
Jean: I can't think of any reason for Dvalin's betrayal, given it was once one of The Four Winds.
Jean: However, if it was poisoned in the battle over Mondstadt all those years ago...
Jean: And then corrupted by the Abyss Mage after it woke up — we can't really blame it.
Jean: But as Acting Grand Master I obviously cannot make such a statement publicly.
Jean: Diplomatic pressure from the Fatui makes it hard for us to seek a peaceful resolution to the Stormterror issue.
Jean: People would think I've lost grip on the gravity of the situation. That's why I can only do this in private.
Diluc: Hmph.
Diluc: That's one of the reasons I don't like the Knights of Favonius.
Diluc: What surprises me is that you would believe an outlander so easily...
Jean: My cautious and meticulous superior, even you trust (him/her). Don't you, sir?
Diluc: I already told you not to call me sir... Never mind. We don't often get to work together after all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sir?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png (Pretend to not have heard anything)
Jean: ...
Diluc: ...
Paimon: Wow! Um... This is really awkward...
Jean: I have a rough idea of where the Holy Lyre der Himmel is.
Venti: (Nice recovery! She's really talented at changing the subject...)
Jean: The conflict between Mondstadt and Snezhnaya stems from the conflict between the seven nations and their respective gods.
Jean: The Cryo God's Fatui seem to be after the Anemo God's power.
Venti: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So are they going to take over the defense of Mondstadt?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So they want to kill Dvalin?
Jean: Right.
Jean: If the Knights of Favonius publicly prevented an attempt on Dvalin's head, then...
Jean: The only other way to affect the Anemo God's power is to take the Holy Lyre.
Diluc: The number of Fatui that have come to Mondstadt is far from limited.
Diluc: I've already managed to... coerce a few reports out of them.
Jean: Diluc has determined that the Holy Lyre is not being held in the Goth Grand Hotel.
Jean: I imagine they don't want to leave something stolen in a place where it could be so easily found.
Paimon: Paimon gets it. If too much of a scene gets made then it becomes a big diplomatic issue.
Diluc: Hmph, such is the diplomacy between the seven nations.
Diluc: Outlander, ready to go?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's go!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wait a second. (doesn't progress the quest)

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishBehind the Scenes
Mùhòu Tánhuà
Backstage Chat
Mùhòu Tánhuà
Butai-ura no Hanashi
Offstage Talk
Korean막후 담화
Makhu Damhwa
Backstage Talk
SpanishDetrás de escenaBehind the Scenes
FrenchLes coulissesThe Backstage
RussianЗа кулисами
Za kulisami
Botsonthana thia-yu bueanglang
Background Conversation
VietnameseCuộc Nói Chuyện Sau Hậu TrườngBackstage Chat
GermanHinter dem VorhangBehind the Curtain
IndonesianDi Belakang LayarBehind the Scenes
PortugueseAtrás das CenasBehind the Scenes

Change History

Released in Version 1.0