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Behind Enemy Lines is a Story Domain during the Aphros Delos Chapter: Act I Quest, "Through the Motions, to the Heart".

Trial Character

Royal FloraRoyal PlumeRoyal Pocket WatchRoyal Silver UrnRoyal Masque
Artifact Lv. 20

Set Bonus
Noblesse Oblige 4-Piece

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  • Normal Attack Lv. 7
  • Elemental Skill Lv. 7
  • Elemental Burst Lv. 10
  • Max HP: 27,440
  • ATK: 2,347
  • DEF: 891
  • Elemental Mastery: 105
  • Energy Recharge: 135%
  • Crit Rate: 57.1%
  • Crit DMG: 130.3%
  • Physical DMG Bonus: 20.7%


  1. Enter the Domain
  2. Talk to Schubert
  3. Follow Schubert
    • There is a Common Chest located in a small enclosed space near Ivan
  4. Talk to Boris and Daler
  5. Proceed to the next room and activate the Door of Resurrection. Then follow Schubert to talk to Sergei.
  6. Defeat opponents
  7. Chase Schubert
  8. Talk to Eula
    • Obtain Eula as a trial character
  9. Cross the passageway safely by avoiding the flamethrowers; wait for the platforms to flip or deactivate the cores with a Cryo Skill
  10. Use a Cryo Skill to deactivate the flamethrower's core to enter the next room
  11. Defeat opponents
  12. Enter the next room and activate the Door of Resurrection
  13. Defeat opponents while avoiding damage by the flamethrowers
  14. Proceed to the next room
  15. Activate the Cryo Monument to start the lift
  16. Enter the room and activate the Door of Resurrection
    • There is an Exquisite Chest in the room to the left
  17. Defeat opponents
  18. Talk to Eula
    • A Precious Chest will appear after the cutscene
  19. Leave domain

Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 10000 Mora


Change History

Released in Version 1.5