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Duration: Indefinite until all 20 wishes have been made

Dear Travelers: The Beginners' Wish is available! Win new characters, grab new weapons, and assemble your dream team!

The Beginners' Wish Banner has no time limit and is aimed at Travelers who have recently landed in Teyvat, serving as the introduction to the Wish system.

The Beginners' Wish expires automatically after amounting a total of 20 wishes, after which the Banner will disappear permanently. It is not possible to exceed the limit. A limited selection of non-promotional characters and weapons are available.

For the Beginners' Wish, 10-wish sets cost 20% less Acquaint Fate (only 8 instead of 10), and your first 10-wish set is guaranteed to include "Chivalric Blossom" Noelle (Geo)! Your second 10-wish set is guaranteed to include one other 4 or 5-star character!.[1]

For more information about rates and mechanics, see the Wishes page.

Item Pool

The starter characters Amber, Lisa and Kaeya and 4-star characters added to the Standard Wish after Version 1.0 cannot be obtained from this wish. Apart from the single guarantee, which is always on the 8th wish,[2] Noelle cannot be obtained from this wish.

The Wish's pool does not contain any 4-star or 5-star weapons.


5 Stars
4 Stars


3 Stars


  • It is possible for the Beginners' Wish to temporarily reappear after all 20 wishes have been made, but no more wishes can be made and will disappear the next time the Wish Menu is accessed.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0