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Barbatos, also known as Lord Barbatos or the God of Freedom, is the current Anemo Archon of The Seven who presides over Mondstadt. He is also one of the two original members of The Seven still alive at the start of the game. He currently wanders the world in mortal guise as the bard Venti.

Among The Seven, whose strengths are directly proportional to the level of control and worship they have over their respective nations, the freedom-loving Barbatos is undoubtedly the weakest as a result of his refusal to directly govern his people.[1] Nevertheless, he has many devotees in Mondstadt despite his lack of presence, which baffles many foreigners. On the other hand, some members of his own church are actually doubtful of his existence.



Still, the winds change direction.
Someday, they will blow towards a brighter future...
Take my blessings and live leisurely from this day onward.

Barbatos, in the description for Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone

Once a mere elemental spirit who existed among the winds, the entity known as Barbatos gained power through the faith of the people of Mondstadt during their rebellion against Decarabian, the God of Storms and founder of Mondstadt. After Decarabian's death, Barbatos ascended to godhood as the Anemo Archon and reestablished Mondstadt in its current form.

Currently, Barbatos wanders the world as the bard Venti, although he is mostly seen around Mondstadt.


Much like his Vision implies, Barbatos is a free-spirited entity, whose mischievous nature and sing-song attitude can sometimes irritate others around him with how flippant he is.[2] While he enjoys playing music and drinking, Morax, Barbatos' friend and original member of the Seven, states that he is a "drunkard" that is a "disgrace" to the arts.[3]

Unlike the other members of The Seven, who have some form of rule over their nations, Barbatos does not, but will personally intervene if his peoples' freedoms are threatened. He values freedom, especially those of children.[4] Due to his general absence, he is the weakest of the Seven, although he does not particularly mind, and despite not having much of a presence in his nation, the people of Mondstadt adore and worship him, much to the consternation of foreigners.[5]


Barbatos is depicted as a male figure wearing a cape and ropes, with two wings on his back. A closer look shows that his hairstyle consists of two braids, one on either side of his head. This form is later revealed to be based on that of the Nameless Bard who passed on in the first rebellion that freed Old Mondstadt.

Barbatos was originally a formless wind spirit. By the time of the rebellion 2,600 years ago, he gained the form of a wisp-like creature and was referred to as "the elf."[6] Albeit tiny when compared to the average human, it possesses green-and-white feathers, a green diamond on its chest, and a dark face with white eyes.



2,600 years ago, the entity now known as Barbatos was a nameless, formless wisp of wind in Old Mondstadt. He formed a bond with the Nameless Bard, who sought to see the world beyond the fierce storm that surrounded Decarabian's capital. Known as "the elf,"[6] he participated in the bard's rebellion, and after a fierce struggle, they vanquished the tyrannical lord.[7] With Decarabian's death, a power vacuum was left in Mondstadt, as both Andrius and Barbatos were qualified for the position of Anemo Archon. Andrius, believing himself incapable of the love for humanity that an Archon needed to have, conceded to Barbatos. The first use of his powers was to take up the form of the Nameless Bard in his memory, as he perished in the battle against Decarabian.[8]

Barbatos reshaped Mondstadt's terrain and climate into its current state, while Andrius — who was at the end of his life — realized his fierce blizzards could only take away lives and decided to allow his power to flow into Mondstadt so it could nourish the land. After his death, he became one of the Four Winds of Mondstadt and took on his current icy form seen in Wolvendom.

At the end of the Archon War 2,000 years ago, Barbatos was one of the original Seven who emerged victorious. He became rather close with Morax, the Geo Archon and ruler of the neighboring nation of Liyue. In an unknown incident around 500 years ago, his relationship with the Tsaritsa turned sour. After establishing his land as the land of freedom, Barbatos refused to directly rule over his people and departed.

Sometime after the Archon War, Xiao was saved by a person playing a flute. Xiao suspects that this person was Barbatos, as only one of the Seven was capable of creating soothing music that could affect him.[9]

End of the Aristocracy

Despite being a land of freedom, Mondstadt would not be free forever. Around 1,600 years after Decarabian's fall, the Lawrence Clan, a group of aristocrats ruling Mondstadt, had grown corrupt and oppressive, defying all that Barbatos left for his people. Seeing the state of his land, Barbatos descended to Mondstadt once again. Using his tricks,[7] he assisted Vennessa in her rebellion against the aristocracy. After toppling the oppressive rulers, she founded the Knights of Favonius and freedom returned to Mondstadt. Barbatos decided to remain in Mondstadt to see the results of Vennessa's work. Satisfied, he once again departed from the lands of Mondstadt.

The Cataclysm

During the cataclysm of 500 years ago, Barbatos was involved in the defense against the dark dragon Durin[10][11].

An alchemist named Gold created many dark monsters that spewed into Teyvat, destroying all in their path;[12] Durin was one such creation. Durin appeared in Mondstadt and laid waste to the area, and none in the nation were strong enough to fight it; the Knights of Favonius had led an expedition into Khaenri'ah to quell the monsters and suffered many casualties, including Wolf Pup Rostam, which left the then-Grand Master Arundolyn desolate and unable to fight. Upon hearing the cries of his people, Barbatos awakened and summoned Dvalin, doing battle alongside his old companion and ultimately slaying Durin over the mountain thereafter known as Dragonspine.[10][11]

According to Venti, Barbatos' mortal persona, Khaenri'ah was destroyed because of its practice of the Art of Khemia, a form of alchemy that allowed for the creation of life.[13] However, at some point during the cataclysm, a certain incident occurred that left the Tsaritsa greatly embittered. Whatever happened during that time angered her enough that she cut all ties with him as a result, despite having a relatively close relationship beforehand.[14]

Following the cataclysm, Barbatos returned to slumber. In the 500 years afterwards, the people of Mondstadt forgot about the cataclysm and the Four Winds.[11] As a result, they no longer remember Barbatos' appearance that protected them from Durin 500 years ago.[15]

Present Day

Barbatos awoke several months before the start of the game, roughly around the start of the Stormterror Crisis and the Traveler's awakening. Realizing Dvalin had been corrupted by Abyssal magic following his fight against Durin, Barbatos (as Venti) attempts to establish a link with Dvalin to heal him. However, they are interrupted by the Traveler and Paimon right at that moment, causing Dvalin to fly away and sever the connection. This infects Venti with Abyssal magic in turn,[16] forcing him to retreat.[17]

Alongside the Traveler, Diluc, and Jean, Venti works to save his old friend and ultimately succeeds after a showdown at Decarabian's Tower, where Dvalin had taken residence. However, despite his initial wariness of the Fatui,[15] an organization established by the Tsaritsa after the cataclysm, he lets his guard down and is ambushed by Signora of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, who successfully takes his Gnosis for the Tsaritsa.[14]

Venti makes his way to the massive oak tree at Windrise to recover from his injuries. When the Traveler finds him there, Venti gives a brief explanation about the Gnosis, allogenes, and answers some questions about the Fatui and the Abyss Order. He then informs the Traveler and Paimon that Liyue's Rite of Descension was soon approaching: If they missed it, they would have to wait another year for its Archon, Morax, to appear.[14]



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