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Duration: November 11, 2020 02:00:00 PM UTC+8 – Indefinite

The Baptism of Song event is about to begin!

After the Version 1.1 update, Travelers at Adventure Rank 18 or above that have completed the quest A Long Shot will win "Shining Idol" Barbara (Hydro)![1]


Tada! Barbara is here~ Leave the healing to me, I will not disappoint you!


Have you heard of Deaconess Barbara? Everyone in Mondstadt loves her. There seems to be something on her mind lately, and no one seems to know what's bothering her. If you happen to meet her by chance, why not stay and have a chat with her? It's up to you to help her smile return!


  • You can only claim the reward for this event once. The event page will close once you have claimed your reward.
  • Travelers who have already claimed rewards via in-game mail for the Barbara's Shining Debut event in Version 1.0 can still take part in this event and claim Barbara.
  • Once the event has been unlocked, Travelers may open the event menu by pressing F5 (PC), tapping the compass icon in the top-right corner (mobile), or holding the L1 button and selecting the compass from the Shortcut Wheel (PS4/PS5).


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishBaptism of Song
Qiǎnchàng Qílǐ
Qiǎnchàng Qílǐ
Kitou no Uta
Song of Prayer
Korean기도의 노래
Gido-ui Norae
Song of Pray
SpanishHimno fervorosoFervent Hymn
FrenchHymne ferventFervent Hymn
RussianМолитвенный гимн
Molitvennyy gimn
Prasansiang Phleng
VietnameseThánh Ca Cầu Nguyện
GermanAndächtiger GesangPrayerful Chanting
IndonesianHimne DoaPrayer Hymn
PortugueseHino da Oração

Change History

Released in Version 1.1