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Bantan Sango Case File: Mystery of the Black Shadow is the first quest of the Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog Event.


  1. Go to the Adventurers' Guild in Inazuma
  2. Go to Bantan Sango Detective Agency
  3. Go to the investigation site
  4. Save the small animals
  5. Report back to Ryuuji
  6. Head to the other investigation site
  7. Save the small animals


UI Quest.png Quest Description

Someone needs to help take up a mysterious case that has come up in Inazuma...
(Talk to Katheryne)
Katheryne: Hello, Traveler. You couldn't have come at a better time...
Paimon: Ooh, Paimon knows where this one's going.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yes, let me guess. Next, you'll say...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Something something, new commission for me?
Katheryne: Mm, as expected of an experienced adventurer. It is as you say: we do have a new commission that may suit you.
Katheryne: Bantan Sango Detective Agency is in need of manpower, and they requested your help specifically in investigating the "large scale disappearance of many small animals."
Paimon: Eh? Just a couple of small animals?
Paimon: Aw, come on. You sure something this simple needs our glorious (Traveler) to step forward?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I mean, even take-out deliveries aren't beneath me...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Sure. I've fixed carts in the past, too...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hey, I mean, I beat Stormterror way back when...
Katheryne: You consider defeating Stormterror a simple matter? That's... very impressive.
Paimon: Actually, isn't Bantan Sango that detective agency? Why would they need to hire adventurers?
Katheryne: Well, here's the situation: Sango has requested that a highly-experienced adventurer accompany Ryuuji on some investigations.
Katheryne: Additionally... Hmm, let me see. Sango requested that I say this:
Katheryne: "Many people have had their pets disappear, which has seen many commissions come our way in one go. If this matter can be resolved, a generous bounty shall be guaranteed."
Paimon: "A generous bounty," she says...! Hmm, y'know what, (Traveler)? Paimon thinks these poor, poor animals deserve to be rescued!
Paimon: And anyway, commissions great and small are all avenues for self-improvement, aren't they?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You're so easily led, Paimon.
Paimon: Whatever~ Let's go look for Sango!

(Talk to Bantan Sango or Ryuuji)
Sango: Pretty good. You arrived more quickly than I thought.
Paimon: Of course! We came running the moment we heard about the gener— Uh, about the missing animals!
Paimon: Alright then. What's the issue? Never fear, Paimon and (Traveler) are here!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Come on, we both know who's gonna do all the work...
Paimon: Paimon'll cheer for you! That counts for something, right?
Sango: Ah, energetic as always. Well then, here's the issue. We've received a ton of commissions lately concerning lost animals. To the effect that we should find them, of course.
Sango: They're mostly pets of some kind, which means that they really shouldn't have run off by themselves.
Sango: Inazuma does have its fair share of strange tales. But everything happens for a reason, and there is nothing that cannot be solved through logic. Our on-scene investigations have borne this axiom out.
Ryuuji: Wait, don't you mean "my on-scene investigations"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ehe, looks like Paimon's gonna have to cheer you on too, huh?
Paimon: What!?
Ryuuji: Thanks for the offer, but it's fine.
Ryuuji: I've been on the trail of the missing animals these past few days, and I wound up discovering some encampments out in the wild. Some of them were guarded by monsters — no big deal, really.
Ryuuji: However, just as I was attempting to release some of the trapped animals in one of the camps...
Sango: ...He was taken out by "a dark shadow that suddenly appeared."
Ryuuji: When I woke up, the camp was empty as a grave.
Sango: Tsk, not a good look for our Ryuuji, eh? *sigh* Whatever happened to the Ryuuji who roared like the wicked oni Torachiyo himself as he defeated the perpetrator of the "Sanbongatana Kinpachi" incident?
Sango: Why, and then he held me fast as I feigned death, crying out...
Ryuuji: Wait, stop! Stop, I say!
Paimon: Oh, come on! What happened next?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let's settle the issue on hand first, shall we?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Yeah, what happened next?
Sango: Oh ho, are you interested in a case we closed previously? Well, back then, the usually kindly [sic] policeman named Kinpachi...
Ryuuji: P—Please, let's just return to the current issue...
Sango: ...You know what? Sure. Sorry, Ryuuji.
Sango: Whatever the case, we at Bantan Sango require the aid of an adroit adventurer such as yourself to help us save these animals!
Sango: As long as you're there, we'll have an eyewitness even if Ryuuji gets knocked out again.
Paimon: Uh, Sango, so why don't you go yourself again?
Sango: Ah, ah, don't forget. I'm the brains of the party here. That's my job — using my brain. As far as I'm concerned, my flesh is but an accessory to my mind.
Paimon: (Whoa, she's lazy, and insistently so, too!)
Sango: Of course, you won't be working for free. You will be paid, just as we agreed.
Paimon: That's what Paimon likes to hear! C'mon, let's go!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, Paimon...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png High speed low drag.
Sango: One moment, if you will. Please take this with you.
Paimon: Ooh... Uh, sorry, what is this thing again?
Sango: This is the Ubiquity Net. I had a friend make this based on records of Kamuna Onmyoudou.
Sango: It's not strong enough to capture criminals, no, but with a little aim, it should have no problem catching small animals.
Sango: With this, bringing the missing animals back should be a breeze!
Paimon: Woohoo! Easy-peasy! Thanks, Sango, you're the best!
Sango: I couldn't call that being "the best." Consider this more "an insurance policy to avoid failure," instead.
Sango: Ryuuji, go along with them, would you?
Ryuuji: Certainly.
Ryuuji: I've discovered some more traces of missing animals. Follow me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, here we go.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Thanks, Sango.
Sango: No problem.
(Obtain Ubiquity Net)
(Talk to Sango again)
Sango: Do you need anything, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png About the Ubiquity Net...
Sango: Ah, that. Well, I was originally going to have Ryuuji use it.
Sango: It's not as if our work isn't dangerous, you know? Ryuuji's been injured several times before. So I was thinking — how do I extend the range at which we can capture criminals?
Sango: I read a lot of old books and wound up designing this net, even commissioning a friend to construct it. In the end, however, "catching small animals" was as far as we got...
Sango: But whatever the case, it's come to good use in your hands, so that's a plus.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You know, I'm curious about what happened with Sanbongatana Kinpachi...
Sango: Ooh, so you're curious about that, huh? Well, here's what happened...
Sango: ...Actually, you know what? Nevermind. If Ryuuji's that opposed to me discussing that matter, I'll refrain.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I should be heading off.
Sango: Please do. Stay safe!

(Approach the investigation site)
Ryuuji: According to our current investigations, this should be the place.
Paimon: Huh, there really are a ton of lil' critters here. Did they all go missing?
Paimon: And this is a... dog?
Paimon: There's a dog guarding this place?
Ryuuji: Huh, so that's how it was. Mm... This is embarrassing.
Paimon: Eh? What are you embarrassed about, Ryuuji?
Ryuuji: ...This dog is the "dark shadow" that took me out in one go.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Don't worry, maybe it was just a really strong dog.
Ryuuji: There's... no need to comfort me like that. My skills were lacking.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Huh, so you kinda suck then, eh Ryuuji?
Paimon: Hey! The dog was just too strong, that's all! Paimon doubts she'd win either, you know?
Paimon: Still, that upright stance and that high-flown pride...
Paimon: Huh, doesn't that remind you of someone?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Right. Komore Teahouse's...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Taroumaru.
Paimon: Exactly! Paimon thought about him, too! We even originally thought that he could speak. Shame, though, he really couldn't.
Ryuuji: You speak of Komore Teahouse's owner?
Paimon: You know of him, Ryuuji?
Ryuuji: Somewhat. They do look similar, to be sure. We shouldn't drop our guard.
Ryuuji: Taroumaru is known to be friendly due to his many dealings with humans. But as for this dog, we don't know anything about it. As such, I advise caution.
Paimon: Mmm, point taken, Ryuuji.
Ryuuji: It's just experience talking, that's all.
Paimon: Still, why would this dog gather all these animals and stand guard over this place? Paimon doesn't get it.
Ryuuji: We may need more leads to figure this out. For now, let's focus on saving these animals. Their owners are starting to panic.
Ryuuji: This is where you come in, (Traveler). I will handle what comes after you find the animals. I will ensure that they are taken home as soon as possible.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Not gonna team up and attack?
Ryuuji: We do not yet know if this foe can be beaten with a "team attack."
Ryuuji: ...Actually, do you have any experience in "stealth"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, back when we tried stealing the Holy Lyre der Himmel...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We did avoid capture that one time at the Rite of Descension...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We did tail a certain government official back in Ritou...
Ryuuji: ...That... must have been an interesting experience.
Ryuuji: Nonetheless, we should be able to rescue the animals if we can safely avoid the guard.
Ryuuji: I've planted some objects that can attract its attention. I hope that they will be of use to you.
Ryuuji: Alright then. Let's do this. I will stand guard here.
(Talk to Ryuuji again)
Ryuuji: Leave what comes after the animals are found to me. I will take them home as soon as possible.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What can you tell me about the Black Shadow?
Ryuuji: I've heard tell of a secret organization that trains ninken, or ninja dogs.
Ryuuji: They say that one such dog, code-named Inujin, destroyed countless monsters that threatened Inazuma in the shadows...
Ryuuji: ...Of course, this is just a legend. Still, I wonder if this Black Shadow could be the legendary ninken...
Ryuuji: Whatever. I shouldn't make excuses for my defeat...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, tell me about those distractions you set up...
Ryuuji: I was unable to save the animals while evading its case, but while I was casing the joint, I did find the time to place a few smoke dispensers nearby.
Ryuuji: If you activate these mechanisms, should be able to temporarily divert its attention. I hope that they will help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'll be back soon.
Ryuuji: Good, thank you. I will stand guard here.

(Capture all 3 animals)
Paimon: That should be all the animals in this area. Time to look for Ryuuji!
(Talk to Ryuuji)
Ryuuji: Very impressive! You really do have some spectacular moves.
Paimon: Hehehe! Piece of cake for our (Traveler), don'cha know?
Ryuuji: Well, then. On to our next target.
Paimon: Wait. There's more?
Ryuuji: There's more. If the number of commissions Sango received is no exaggeration, this must be the biggest disappearance of small animals in Inazuma's history.
Ryuuji: I say this, but even without history as our judge, having this many small animals disappear at once is simply abnormal.
Ryuuji: I did follow the trails I detected to other areas, and I found trapped animals there, too.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Stealth required?
Ryuuji: Not this time.
Ryuuji: The opponents there should be no match for your skills. You'll know when you get there.

(Approach the other site)
Paimon: Ooh, so they're the ones who stole the animals!
Paimon: These rascals! C'mon, (Traveler), time to show them what's what!
(After freeing the animals)
Ryuuji: Thank you very much. You've been a big help.
Paimon: Right? (Traveler)'s the strongest there is!
Paimon: Does the number of animals tally up now?
Ryuuji: One moment... Huh. There's still some missing.
Paimon: Huh? But how...
Ryuuji: I'd hardly consider this a loss. We weren't taken out by our Black Shadow, and we managed to get a number of animals back.
Ryuuji: As such, our investigation's making progress. We're just out of leads for the time being.
Ryuuji: Let me tell you what. I'll keep investigating. You keep doing what you usually do for a while... Let's meet up at Bantan Sango Detective Agency once something new comes up.
Paimon: Well, it's not as if we've got better options.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Bantan Sango Case File: Mystery of the Black Shadow
Wànduān Shānhú Shìjiànbù - Hēiyǐng zhī Mí
Wànduān Shānhú Shìjiànbù - Hēiyǐng zhī Mí
Japanese 万端珊瑚事件簿・黒い影の謎
Bantan Sango Jikenbo - Kuroi Kage no Nazo
Bantan Sango Case File - Mystery of the Black Shadow
Korean 만능 산고 사건부・검은 그림자의 비밀
Manneung Sango Sageonbu - Geomeun Geurimja-ui Bimil
Bantan Sango Case Files - Secret of Black Shadow
Spanish Expediente Sango: el misterio de la sombraSango File: The Mystery of the Shadow
French L'affaire du Bantan Sango : Le mystère de l'ombre noireBantan Sango Case: The Mystery of the Black Shadow
Russian Дело Бантан Санго: Тайна Чёрной тени
Delo Bantan Sango: Tayna Chyornoy teni
Thai แฟ้มคดีของ Bantan Sango - ปริศนาในเงามืด
Vietnamese Hồ Sơ Bantan Sango - Bí Ẩn Bóng Đen
German Fallakte Bantan Sango: Das Geheimnis des schwarzen SchattensCase File Bantan Sango: The Mystery of the Black Shadow
Indonesian Berkas Kasus Bantan Sango: Misteri Bayangan HitamBantan Sango Case File: Black Shadow Mystery
Portuguese Dossiê de Bantan Sango: Mistério da Sombra

Change History

Released in Version 2.3