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Balethunder appears in areas affected by high Electro concentrations in Inazuma and the player will gradually lose HP. Carrying an Electrogranum and being near Thunderwood can protect from these harmful effects.

Balethunder can be encountered in some areas of Inazuma, such as around the river in Musoujin Gorge. While in an area affected by Balethunder, the edges of the screen will crackle over with Electro, reducing the player's peripheral vision.

  • This effect is caught in photos taken with the Kamera but not in Photo Mode, similar to the visual effects of high and maxed Sheer Cold.

Although Balethunder is represented with an Electro icon, the climate by itself never applies Electro to the player or other targets. Targets will be affected by Electro only from other sources, such as lightning strikes.

Areas affected by Balethunder may have an electric field around it.

HP Drain

When in an area affected by Balethunder, if an Electrograna or Thunderwood is not nearby, the player will lose 150 HP + 1% Max HP every 2 seconds. One such area is inside the Musoujin Gorge but not swimming in the river.

After extended exposure to the Balethunder (about 30 damage ticks, or 60 seconds), the damage per tick will triple to 450 HP + 3% Max HP every 2 seconds. Shielding from the Balethunder with an Electrograna or Thunderwood will reset the counter for extended exposure. Time spent being inside a Waverider will still count towards extended exposure even if the player is not actively taking damage.

Note that even when investigating an item or reading an object from the environment, the Balethunder will still drain the player's HP (it may not "turn off" when the player interacts with certain objects in the environment). It is not sure whether this is a bug or intentional.


The following locations are affected by Balethunder:


  • Having a character fall to Balethunder will grant the Wonders of the World achievement "Shocking... Positively Shocking."
  • Electro Water is similar to Balethunder and may be found in areas affected by Balethunder.
  • The entire nation of Inazuma is surrounded by a fierce storm that resembles areas with Balethunder. However, this storm is not Balethunder, even if the character is in an area that has a Special Environment icon with the Electro symbol. HP loss in the storm only occurs from normal sources of damage—namely, lightning strikes and contacting Electro-Charged water. When the Special Environment information for the storm is opened, it has the title "A Nation Closed by Thunder" and has only one bullet point, which says "Inazuma has been closed off by the Ogosho Shogun. No one is allowed in or out without good reason." This environment is cleared after completing Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter Act II: Transient Dreams.
  • The Balethunder will make a buzzing noise in the background.
  • Until the Seirai Stormchasers quest chain is completed, Balethunder on Seirai Island is marked by an electric field.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Balethunder
Léi Huò
Thunder Disaster
Léi Huò
Japanese 雷禍
Korean 번개 재앙
Spanish Zona eléctricaElectric Zone
French Calamité électriqueElectric Calamity
Russian Громовой бедствия
Gromovoy bedstviya
Thai Balethunder
Vietnamese Khu Sấm Gầm
German QualblitzAnguish Lightning
Indonesian Balethunder
Portuguese Tormenta ElétricaElectric Storm

Change History

Released in Version 2.0