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Bake-danuki (Japanese: 化け狸) are a type of tanuki found in Inazuma. They have a leaf on their head and a bag around their neck.

Upon spotting a player in the near vicinity, they'll start to dance and make music. When approached they'll disappear and then reappear in a puff of smoke nearby continuing their song. After around 3 or 4 of those "steps" they'll have disguised themselves as some kind of destructible or interactable environmental object (e.g. a small rock stack, vase or brazier, an Elemental Monument, objects which will be highlighted by Elemental Sight). Upon attempting to break the object, they'll drop their disguise and disappear after which their former location can be inspected, dropping one or a few low-grade artifacts. In Co-Op Mode, all players can lead the bake-danuki to the spot where they will disguise themselves and destroy the object. However, the investigation prompt can only be triggered by the host.

Some bake-danukis may "prank" the player by appearing already disguised as a common chest, then revealing themselves and disappearing in a puff of smoke when the player gets close. They leave behind an investigation spot that drops cooking ingredients. One such fake chest can be found along the mountainside path leading to the Grand Narukami Shrine. These chests can be opened by interacting with it while the bake-danuki is inactive, such as at night, or by being fast enough so the bake-danuki does not reveal itself.

Some groups of puzzles objects already present in the world, such as multiple Elemental Monuments, may act as normal until completion of the puzzle and then reveal themselves to all be bake-danukis. Chests will still be awarded for completing such puzzles, as if they were normal puzzle objects.

Their leader Ioroi can be found sealed inside a large statue within Chinju Forest.


A carefree tanuki that comes and goes without leaving any trace, and that knows mystical arts passed down only amongst their kindred. It has the ability to transform into other objects, including humans.
Although they often tangle with a mysterious organization under the Shogunate, the tanuki are not a wicked lot and only tease humans for fun.
There is but one recorded exception: years ago, the bake-danuki who guarded Chinju Forest started a battle due to some conflict between their leader Ioroi and a kitsune. In the end, most of the bake-danuki were sealed within stone statues.


The bake-danuki can transform into the following:

  • Electro Monument - Requires Electro to "activate"
  • Brazier - Requires Pyro to "activate"
  • Rock Pile - Can be destroyed to "activate"
  • Vase - Can be hit to "activate"
  • Wooden crate - Can be hit to "activate"
  • Treasure Chest - Can be interacted to "activate"
  • Thunderstone - Requires an Electrograna to "activate"
  • Explosive barrel - Can be hit to "activate"


It can drop the following:


Following Bake-Danukis 15 times awards the Wonders of the World Achievement Yamada Go's Wooden Mallet.


  • Several can be found in Chinju Forest, though some can be found in other places within Inazuma.

Named Bake-Danukis

  • "Gyoubu Koban"
  • "Kichiboushi"
  • "Shousei"
  • "Atsuko" (Impersonating the real Atsuko)



  • They are based on the real life Japanese folklore of Bake-danuki.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0