Baizhu (Chinese: 白术 Báizhú, "Atractylodes macrocephala") is an NPC in Genshin Impact. He is speculated to be released as a playable character in the future. He first appears during Archon Quests Chapter 1, Act 2, "Guizhong".[1]

Similarly to Fischl, he has a talking pet character, Changsheng (Chinese: 长生 Chángshēng, "Long Life") the white snake resting on his shoulders.



Baizhu is introduced in the quest "Guizhong," after the Traveler and Zhongli return to Qiqi empty-handed after she asks them to hunt down a "legendary adeptibeast" called the "cocogoat." After they realized that Qiqi had been looking for coconut milk all along, Baizhu shows himself and reveals himself as the owner of Bubu Pharmacy—something even Zhongli didn't know. He offers three million Mora in exchange for Everlasting Incense, a hefty sum that forces the party to ask Childe to pay for them.


Many rumors swirl about Baizhu, though most of the rumors are unknown—besides the fact that his traditional herbal medicines are extremely bitter. Despite the poor taste of his medicine, most in Liyue have complete faith in his medical skills, such as Keqing, who considers him the right guy to visit when you can't figure out what's wrong with you.[2] One of his patients, a sickly young girl named Hongdou, dislikes his medicine greatly and only agrees to visit Bubu Pharmacy because Baizhu is so kind to her, reasoning that just seeing him would make her feel better.[3] She also believes he is very clever.[4] Despite his great medical skill, Baizhu is not "a man of high caliber or great courage".[5]

After meeting her by chance in the hills, Baizhu took in Qiqi, despite her being a zombie with a memory so poor she could barely sort herbs[5] or remember his face.[6] His acceptance of Qiqi is tied to his own personal pursuits,[5] and Baizhu has grown increasingly more relentless in his pursuit of eternal life since meeting her.[7] Although he helps Qiqi cancel orders she has given herself by embracing her and speaking words such as "I love you the most," the effect is greatly diminished because Baizhu is not sincere enough in the sentiment.[8] At the same time, he quickly acquieses to Qiqi's request for coconut milk and promises her "anything [she] wants".[1] Xingqiu, though interested in Qiqi's story, finds it is impossible to have a conversation with her whenever Baizhu is around.[9]

Baizhu's repeated interventions in Hu Tao's attempts to lay Qiqi to rest and relentless pursuit of eternal life has earned him Hu Tao's ire.[7]

Baizhu is also somewhat of a shady merchant; although his products are genuine, Changsheng remarks he is pleased to have found new people to fleece after the sale of Everlasting Incense to the Traveler and Zhongli. Despite her warnings, Baizhu does not appear to mind.[1]


Baizhu is a tall man with light skin and long green hair. He has golden eyes and is always seen wearing a pair of red oval-framed glasses.

Baizhu is often seen with his pet snake Changsheng draped around his neck like a scarf. He also wears a cropped short-sleeved shirt and indigo pants. Over this Baizhu wears a teal-blue sash where his Dendro Vision hangs, and a pale blue jacket draped around his shoulders like a cape.

Herbalist Gui, another employee of Bubu Pharmacy, remarks that Baizhu suffers from an unknown ailment that makes him rather frail.[10] Qiqi, despite being a zombie who has to regularly exercise in order to stave off rigor mortis, is in better physical condition than he is.[11]



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