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Baizhu (Chinese: 白术 Báizhú') is a quest-exclusive NPC that first appears in the Archon Quest Chapter 1, Act 2, "Guizhong".

He is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, a pharmacy in Liyue Harbor. He has a talking pet character, Changsheng, the white snake resting on his shoulders. He is Qiqi's guardian.


Baizhu is introduced in the quest "Guizhong," after the Traveler and Zhongli return to Qiqi empty-handed, informing her they had failed to hunt down a "legendary adeptibeast" called the "cocogoat." After they realized that Qiqi had been looking for coconut milk all along, Baizhu shows up and reveals himself as the owner of Bubu Pharmacy — something even Zhongli didn't know. He offers Everlasting Incense in exchange for three million Mora, a hefty sum that forces the party to ask Childe to pay for them.


Many rumors swirl about Baizhu, though most of them are currently unknown — the only one the player ever hears about is that his traditional herbal medicines are extremely bitter.[3] Despite the poor taste of his medicine, most Liyue citizens have complete faith in his medical skills, such as Keqing, who considers him the right person to visit when someone cannot identify their symptoms[4] and Xinyan, who is grateful for his highly effective voice preserving medicines.[5] One of his patients, a sickly young girl named Hongdou, dislikes his medicine greatly and only agrees to visit Bubu Pharmacy because Baizhu is so kind to her, reasoning that just seeing him would make her feel better.[6] She also believes he is very clever.[7] Baizhu's reputation is so great that even the isolated adeptus Xiao is aware of him,[8] and his employee Herbalist Gui takes great care in his work to avoid sullying the good name of Dr. Baizhu and Bubu Pharmacy.[9] Despite his great medical skill, Baizhu is not regarded as "a man of high caliber or great courage".[10]

After meeting her by chance in the hills, Baizhu took Qiqi in, despite her being a zombie with memory so poor she could barely sort herbs[10] or remember his face.[11] His acceptance of Qiqi was tied to his own personal pursuits,[10] and Baizhu has grown increasingly more relentless in his pursuit of eternal life since meeting her.[12] Baizhu has long suffered from an ailment that he is unable to cure, resulting in a poor constitution and weak physical condition. This may explain his interest in eternal life.[9] Despite having some ulterior motives in taking her in, is able to make Qiqi cancel orders she has given herself by embracing her and speaking words such as "I love you the most." However, the effect is greatly diminished because Baizhu speaks these words very lightly.[13] At the same time, he quickly acquiesces to whatever she may request from him with no worry at all and affectionately refers to her as "my little Qiqi."[14] Qiqi, who is well aware of his intentions, does not mind staying with him because of his concern.[10]

Furthermore, he is very protective of Qiqi. Xingqiu, though interested in Qiqi's story, finds it is impossible to have a conversation with her whenever Baizhu is around.[15] Baizhu has also repeatedly intervened in Hu Tao's attempts to lay Qiqi to rest; something that Qiqi dreads and fears. Even after Hu Tao gave Qiqi an exception, she still holds a grudge towards Baizhu for his desire to live longer.[12]

Despite the genuine efficacy of his medical practices, his business practices tend to be shady. Changsheng remarks he is pleased to have found new people to fleece after the sale of Everlasting Incense to the Traveler and Zhongli, although Baizhu does not appear to mind her warnings.[14] Despite Changsheng's suggestions of Baizhu's own questionable conduct, he has also had dealings with the legal advisor Yanfei about charlatans selling ineffective remedies. To Paimon, his sly attitude during their first two meetings seemed strange, yet Yanfei brushed off her concerns and claimed that Baizhu has always acted that way.[16]


Baizhu is a tall man with light skin and long green hair, half tied up in a bun and secured with a hairstick. He has golden, snake-like eyes and is always seen wearing a pair of gold, ornate, oval-framed glasses.

Baizhu is only ever seen with his pet snake, Changsheng, draped around his neck like a scarf. He also wears a cropped short-sleeved shirt and indigo pants. Over this Baizhu wears a teal-blue sash where his Dendro Vision hangs, and a pale blue jacket, resembling a lab coat of sorts, draped around his shoulders like a cape. He also sports golden asymmetrical arm gauntlets, similar to that of Xiao, an anklet and blue flats.

Herbalist Gui, another employee of Bubu Pharmacy, remarks that Baizhu suffers from an unknown ailment that makes him rather frail.[9] Qiqi, despite being a zombie who has to regularly exercise in order to stave off rigor mortis, is in better physical condition than he is.[17]

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Hu Tao


  • According to Herbalist Gui, the pharmacist NPC located at Bubu Pharmacy, Baizhu has a weak constitution. Qiqi claims that even as a corpse, she's in better physical shape than Baizhu.[18] Because of this, he assigns Qiqi to handle herb-picking, and Herbalist Gui to assemble the medicines.
  • Baizhu has a message on the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board, where he tells people not to be afraid of Qiqi. After Hu Tao leaves a response, telling him to bring her to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor so she can be put to rest, Baizhu replies "Please, Director Hu, no more jokes."
  • Baizhu is likely the doctor who gives Anthony the prescriptions in "Miracle Medicine" to cure Anna's illness. After completing three versions of the commission, Anna will actually recover.
  • Baizhu's name (白术) is the name of the root of the Atractylodes macrocephala plant, which is used as an herb in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Baizhu and Changsheng may be inspired from the Chinese legend of the white snake, in which a snake immortal helps a struggling herbalist by curing his patients using his divine power. In the original Chinese story, the herbalist and the snake immortal end up marrying.
  • The fact that "Changsheng" (长生) translates to "longevity" may be a reference to Baizhu's pursuit of eternal life.
  • He is currently the only character in the game to possess a Dendro vision.
  • In the Chinese and Japanese transcripts there are multiple people referring to Baizhu as "Mr. Bai" (白先生), all of which are translated as "Dr. Baizhu" in the English localization, marking the dispute of whether "Bai" is his last name.[18][19]




Other Languages

LanguageOfficial Name
RussianБай Чжу
Bay Chzhu

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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