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"Secrets of the World"
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Ayaka (Japanese: 神里綾華 Kamisato Ayaka; Chinese: 神里绫华 Shénlǐ Línghuá) was a playable character in Genshin Impact during the first Closed Beta test and is speculated to be made available with the Inazuma update. She was not available in the Final Closed Beta Test.



The princess of the Kamisato House. She occasionally practices swordsmanship so that she can pass time by slicing every falling snowflake floating around her on a snowy day.

Description on the Official Website,[2]


What warm weather. It's lovely to be working with you.

Japanese voice actor announcement video[1]


Ayaka is a female of slightly below average height. She keeps her long white-blue hair tied in a high ponytail by an armored headdress. Her bangs are straight-cut, with two frontal pieces of her hair on the sides separated by pink 3-petaled flower knots. Her light blue-gray eyes are accompanied with thick lashes, and a mole underneath her left eye.

She wears a royal blue pleated knee-length skirt with an assortment of patterns, bearing gold accents and small white flower patterns. She has a black breastplate with a golden crest in the center, and matching armor platings on the sides of her skirt. Underneath her breastplate is a loose elbow-length shirt with gradients of blue to white. Her cuffs and collar on her top are navy with a variety of gold stripes. She wears black sleeves underneath the loose shirt that sling over her middle fingers and cover both of her thumbs. On top of her black sleeves are white armored platings lined by gold metal, tied together by red knots.

At the back of her outfit is a big purple bow, tied together by her Vision and yet another pink flower knot. The lower half of the ribbons darken in color with gold markings seemingly native to her homeland.

She wears black geta sandals with ankle-length white socks that are decorated by pink bows at the back. As an accessory, she carries around a gold-navy fan that matches her skirt.



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