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Though you have returned from the darkness of that cave into the light, the pain of parting remains in your heart.
What are the gods' motives? Where did your sibling go? Where may the truth of this world be found?
Whatever the case may be, you are resolved to continue onward — to "reach the end of your journey."

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves is the prologue act in Chapter II of the Archon Quests.


  1. A Path Through the Storm
  2. The Crux Clash
  3. Follow the Wind


A Path Through the Storm

While overlooking Liyue Harbor, the Traveler takes a moment to stop and think over the recent revelations about their sibling and the Abyss Order. Paimon comforts and encourages them to keep going, and the Traveler regains their resolve to look for and confront the Unknown God and demand answers. They try to brainstorm over ways to get into their next destination, Inazuma, when they remember the one person they've met who has not only been to Inazuma, but is Inazuman herself — Atsuko.

They head back in to Liyue Harbor to meet with Atsuko and attempt to ask her how to get into Inazuma. While she is able to give them an answer, she also warns them of the danger of the trip. She explains that the storm is not the only thing to worry about, as they will also have to worry about the strict isolationist policies and the authorities who will be hot on their trail if they're discovered. When the Traveler refuses to be swayed by her warnings, she relents and refers them to Beidou, who may know how to break through the storm owing to her vast experience on the seas. Wasting no time, the Traveler heads to Guyun Stone Forest where the Alcor, The Crux Fleet's flagship, is anchored.

Arriving at the ship, they find Beidou with an unknown man. Beidou recognizes the Traveler, having heard of their exploits from Ningguang and introduces the man as Kazuha, a temporary crewmember. She mistakenly assumes that the Traveler has approached her to join "The Crux Clash," a Vision-less martial arts tournament she holds for renowned fighters. When Paimon explains they're not there for the tournament, she tries to encourage them to join anyway by revealing that the prize for this tournament is a Masterless Vision provided by Kazuha, who hopes that the tournament winner will be able to reawaken it. However, the Traveler is not interested in the Vision, and is only looking for a way to get to Inazuma. Hearing that, Beidou changes gears and decides to change the prize — if the Traveler wins the tournament, they will be able to choose between two prizes, the Masterless Vision or a ride to Inazuma on the Alcor. The Traveler finally agrees, and heads to the arena to sign up.

At the arena, Paimon suggests they scope out their initial competition before signing up. However, after speaking to a few other contestants, they realize they won't have much competition. With newfound confidence, they head to the desk where a member of the crew, Zhuhan, is in charge of registering the combatants. She is shocked to see the traveler who helped Liyue fight off an ancient god joining the tournament, which also gathers attention from the other competitors and spectators. After proving that they don't have a Vision and listing a few of their achievements so far for the sake of formality, the Traveler is finally registered and ready to fight the first round.

The Crux Clash

The first opponent, Jinyou, is easily no match for the Traveler, even without the use of their elemental powers. Beidou, impressed with their skills, states that since putting them in, more people are coming to join, hoping to face off against them. She decides to put them straight through to the semi-finals so that they don't need to waste their energy on fights well below their skill level.

The next opponent, Rongshi, is more of a challenge and the Traveler barely prevails against him. After he's defeated, Rongshi explains that he had no interest in the prize, and instead joined to pit himself against other strong fighters. He humbly accepts his defeat and even asks the Traveler to spar with him again in the future.

Rongshi is unable to tell them much about their next opponent other than that they are fast and nimble, so they decide to ask around. Unfortunately, they don't learn much and decide to go to Beidou for more information. Beidou only reiterates their opponent's speed, but Kazuha offers to give them more information if they follow him to a quieter place to talk.

Once there, Kazuha reveals that he already knows about the Traveler's ability to harness the power of the elements without a Vision. As the Traveler is unable to answer his questions about how he is able to do so, he instead tests their skills by having them fight some Slimes. After the fight, Kazuha assures them that their opponent's speed will stand no chance against their skill, and gives them more tips about their opponent's fighting style. After telling them a bit more about Inazuma and the Electro Archon, they go back to the arena to await the final match.

Follow the Wind

At the arena, the final match is about to start, but the challenger is a no-show, much to Beidou's irritation. Kazuha then senses something is wrong and the group checks on the box, where the Vision is missing. He offers to look for it since it was his responsibility. The Traveler accompanies him and Kazuha reveals that he knows where the culprit is going and who they are.

The culprit is Fei the Flyer, a Treasure Hoarder, who is surprised they managed to track him. He reveals that he signed up at the tournament and had intended to win fair and square, but after seeing the Traveler defeat Rongshi, he knew he had no chance in beating them. Initially refusing to hand the Vision, he fights them, only to be bested. Kazuha threatens to kill Fei, but after nothing happens, he changes his mind and lets the Treasure Hoarder leave, confiscating the Vision.

Kazuha reveals that he had been aware of the theft all along and hoped that Fei would have been able to resonate with the Vision, as the gods typically grant them to those who prove great strength and resilience. He then asks the Traveler to do so, but they are unable to either, so Kazuha continues to hold it. Paimon asks him why he is so obsessed with the Vision, and Kazuha reveals that when the Raiden Shogun enacted the Vision Hunt Decree, his friend, another Vision bearer, challenged her, only to die in the ensuing duel. Kazuha, who had just arrived and witnessed the final moments of the duel, snatched the Vision and fled from his pursuers, hoping to keep the hope alive that his friend had. He had heard rumors of Masterless Visions reawakening in his travels, and as such, was looking for someone to do so.

Returning to the arena, the two learn from Zhuhan that Beidou was summoned by Ningguang regarding the tournament, and is filled in on the details by Kazuha. By default, Fei is disqualified and the Traveler is crowned the champion. Kazuha warns the Traveler that the journey to Inazuma will be treacherous, even more so once they set foot on the closed nation. He also tells them that the Alcor needs to supply themselves for the trip and that they will be notified once ready; in the meantime, he intends to travel across Liyue to see if someone can reawaken the Vision, hoping the two of them will have enjoy their journeys.


3 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
The Gathering Storm Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Earn the chance to go to Inazuma on board the Alcor. 5
Ready, Fight! Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Earn your first victory in The Crux Clash. 5
Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Complete "Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves." 10


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishAutumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves
Zhènxiù Qiūfēng Wèn Hóngyè
Autumn Winds Asks the Red Leaves
Zhènxiù Qiūfēng Wèn Hóngyè
Akikaze ni Maishi Kouyou
Fall Colors Dancing in the Autumn Wind
Korean가을바람에 흩날리는 단풍
Gaeulbaram-e Heunnallineun Danpung
SpanishViento de otoño y hojas escarlataAutumn Wind and Scarlet Leaves
FrenchVent d'automne et feuilles écarlatesAutumn Wind and Scarlet Leaves
RussianОсенний ветер, багряные листья
Osenniy veter, bagryanyye list'ya
Sailom Haeng Ridu Baimai Ruang
Winds of Autumn
VietnameseGió Thu Vén Áo Hỏi Lá Đỏ
GermanHerbstwinde, tiefrote BlätterAutumn Winds, Deep-red Leaves
IndonesianDaun Merah di Musim GugurScarlet Leaves in Autumn
PortugueseVento de Outono e Folhas EscarlatesWind of Autumn and Scarlet Leaves

Change History

Released in Version 1.6