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Automatons are enemies that are mechanical in nature. There are currently two major types of automatons: Ruin Machines and the Maguu Kenki.


Elite Enemies

  • Ruin GuardRuin Guard – Large machines that guards any ruins. They attack with guided missiles and their powerful arms.
    • Ruin GraderRuin Grader – A giant war machine resembling a Ruin Guard. They are far stronger and faster than their brethren, and are completely silent compared to the other two variants.
  • Ruin HunterRuin Hunter – Humanoid war machines armed with sharp appendages. They can also fire barrages of missiles.
  • Ruin Sentinels – Bizarrely-shaped machines with different functions.

Normal Bosses

  • Perpetual Mechanical ArrayPerpetual Mechanical Array – An automaton shaped like a cube. It can morph itself into different weapons to attack and summon Ruin Sentinels.
  • Maguu KenkiMaguu Kenki – A puppet-like humanoid Automaton resembling a samurai.


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