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Automatons are enemies that are mechanical in nature. The majority of Automatons are Ruin Machines, although Automatons of different origin exist.


Ruin Machines

War machines often found patrolling ruins, remnants from the fallen nation of Khaenri'ah. They deal Physical DMG exclusively.

Elite Enemies

  • Humanoid Ruin Machines – A sub-group of humanoid Ruin Machines. Their form is limited to what was preengineered.
    • Ruin GuardRuin Guard – Large machines that guard ruins. They attack with homing missiles and their powerful arms.
    • Ruin HunterRuin Hunter – War machines armed with sharp appendages that have propellers instead of legs. They can also fire barrages of missiles.
    • Ruin GraderRuin Grader – A giant war machine that looks like a larger, stronger Ruin Guard. They are completely silent compared to the other two variants.
  • Ruin Sentinels – A series of unusual machines that take on many forms to attack enemies with a variety of attacks.
    • Ruin CruiserRuin Cruiser – A hovering machine composed of multiple interdependent parts, themed after honeybee colonies.
    • Ruin DestroyerRuin Destroyer – A machine that anchors itself in the ground to attack, themed after a plant, possibly Regisvines.
    • Ruin DefenderRuin Defender – A machine equipped with a shield, themed after an insect, possibly beetles.
    • Ruin ScoutRuin Scout – A hovering machine that sets dangerous energy orbs on the field, themed after jellyfish.

Normal Bosses

  • Perpetual Mechanical ArrayPerpetual Mechanical Array – A massive ruin unit consisting of four Ruin Sentinels that takes on the form of the Hypostases and bears a similar attack style to them by transforming into various objects.

Other Automatons

Normal Bosses


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  • Although not listed in the Archive, the Defense Mechanisms mainly found in Dragonspine also can be considered as Automaton-like enemies. Like the Maguu Kenki, they are likely unrelated to the Ruin Machines.