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Autake Plains (Japanese: アウタケ平原 Autake Heigen) is a subarea of Tsurumi Island. Most of Autake Plains was covered by an unremovable Fog, even after the completion of A Particularly Particular Author; if the Player stays inside the fog for too long without a Stormstone nearby, they will be teleported to the nearest Teleport Waypoint outside of the fog.

After the completion of The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna, the fog will permanently disappear, allowing easier exploration.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Autake Plains
Féngyuè zhī Yě
Mountain-Meeting Plains[• 1]
Féngyuè zhī Yě
Japanese アウタケ平原
Autake Heigen[!]
Autake Plains[• 2]
Korean 아우타케 들판
Autake Deulpan
Autake Fields
Spanish Llanura Autake Autake Plains
French Plaines d'Autake Autake Plains
Russian Равнины Аутакэ
Ravniny Autake
Autake Plains
Thai Autake Plain
Vietnamese Lãnh Địa Autake Autake Domain
German Autake-Ebene Autake Plain
Indonesian Autake Plains
Portuguese Planície Autake Autake Plains
  1. ZH: Based on Japanese words that would yield the same pronunciation as the Ainu-based Japanese name. Its meaning is unrelated to the original name in Ainu.
  2. JA: "Autake" may derive from Ainu アゥタ awta, "neighboring" and ke, "place."

Change History

Released in Version 2.2