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Within the Spiral Abyss and certain Domains, monsters may have an aura that can cast special effects.

Debuff Abilities

  • The aura from enemies will apply its debuff to the in-range characters currently on the field. Once you switch the on-field character to next character, the debuff will be inherited by next character.
    • The effect of auras from enemies only influence the characters currently on the field.
    • When the element gauges of the aura is depleted, auras and debuffs on characters will disappear immediately.
  • The interval between each pulse is 15 seconds.
    • After starting the challenge, it takes 15 seconds for the enemy to release the first pulse.
  • Elemental debuffs are marked with the element in question inside of a prohibitory 🚫 symbol.

The duration of the aura from enemies is not determined by the elemental gauge of the aura.

  • The durations of auras are 20 seconds.
  • The gauges of auras are 1 unit.
  • Durations of auras from enemies cannot reduced by Elemental Resonance. It is unknown whether Artifacts can reduce durations of auras from enemies.[citation needed]
  • The Pyro DMG from Smoldering Flames has 0 Pyro.
DL Effect Enemy Enemy Level Base Multiplier Element Elemental Gauge Duration
Smoldering Flames
- Deal Pyro DMG per second - - 60% Pyro 1 20
Slowing Water (Domain: Cecilia Garden)
IV -100% Cooldown Reduction Large Hydro Slime 69 - Hydro 1 20
Engulfing Storm (Domain: Midsummer Courtyard)
II Drain 5 Energy per 3 seconds Large Electro Slime 47 - Electro 1 20
VI Drain 5 Energy per 3 seconds Large Electro Slime 90 - Electro 1 20
Condensed Ice (Domain: Forsaken Rift)
III -100% Stamina Consumption Reduction Cryo Abyss Mage 59 - Cryo 1 20

Damage Abilities

The names of these abilities come from the official update log.[1]

Name Element Effect Elemental Gauge Base Multiplier Cooldown
Pursuing Fireball Pyro A fireball will trace the on-field character and deal Pyro DMG per 0.7 seconds to the character in range. The attack has 3 waves and the duration is 1.6 seconds per wave. 2 150% 20 s
Mist Bubble Hydro 4 bubbles will appear around and deal Hydro DMG when a character touches them. When the character crosses the gap between any 2 bubbles, another 4 bubbles will appear outside. 2 300% 12 s
Lightning Bolt Matrix Electro 2 lightning chains will appear and deal Electro DMG per 0.2 seconds when a character touches them. 1 60% 12 s
Ice Cage Cryo A ice claw-shaped cage will appear from the foot of the on-field character and deal Cryo DMG per second when a character touches them. 1 400% 12 s
Vacuum Vortex Anemo A wind core will appear and will deal Anemo DMG per 0.4 second to the character in range. After 1.6 seconds, the core will explode and deal Anemo DMG to the character in range. 1 (DoT) / 2 (explosion) 100% (DoT) / 300% (explosion) 12 s
Rumbling Stone Geo 2 rock waves will cross the ground and deal Geo DMG when a character touches them. The interval between 2 waves is 4 s. 1 200% 15 s
Discharge Hydro Cryo Electro A shockwave will release and deal Hydro DMG, Cryo DMG or Electro DMG when a character is hit. The element of the shockwave is fixed in each enemy. 2 400% 15 s
  • Damage is determined by the base multiplier of the skill, the level multiplier of the domain, and the resistance of the target to the damage type.
  • The durations of applying aura on characters is determined by the elemental gauge, which is similar to the ones of attacks from characters.
  • Defeating the enemy that cast the skill will immediately cause the skill's effects to despawn. (This does not include any damage or elements already afflicted by these effects; e.g., Pursuing Fireball will disappear, but any character who was previously hit by it will still be affected by Pyro.)
  • The skill has a fixed cooldown.

Enemy Buffs

Name Effect
HP Regeneration (Enemies) have incredible regenerative capabilities. When their HP falls under 15%, they will recover an immense amount of HP after 6s. This effect can be triggered once by each (Enemy).

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


  1. Update Details: Version 1.4