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Attributes (more commonly known as Stats) govern the combat and exploration in Genshin Impact. They affect aspects such as how often the player is able to use their characters' abilities, how powerful they will be, and their survivability. Attributes can be grouped into 4 categories: Basic, Advanced, Elemental, and Hidden.

Basic Stats are stats that players can easily increase with the main stat of a weapon or artifact. Stamina is however an exception since it can only be increased by offering Oculi to an Anemo or Geo Statue of The Seven. Advanced Stats and Hidden Stats are rarer and may only be increased (or decreased) by effects like a weapon's passive, an artifact set bonus, or certain buffs/debuffs like Ley Line Disorders in Domains, Blessings of the Abyssal Moon in Spiral Abyss, or Elemental Resonance.

Elemental Type gives an overview of how much damage bonus and resistance is associated with the seven Elements and Physical damage. Notably damage bonuses can be gained from artifacts like Basic Stats, while resistances behave more like Advanced Stats.

Most attributes have integer values. It is also possible to have negative attributes as well (such as -100.0% CRIT Rate); however, negative attributes will be rounded to zero during most calculations.

Basic Stats, Advanced Stats, and Elemental Type are visible in-game within a character's "Details" menu (although they are grouped under "Base" and "Advanced" categories), while Hidden Stats are not. Stat modifications that only apply against certain enemies, such as Cryo Resonance, as well as stat modifications that only apply to certain types of damage, such as Kujou Sara's Constellation Level 6 Sin of Pride, do not appear in the "Details" menu.

Basic Stats

Health Health

Health is the amount of damage a character is able to take before being KO'd.

Attack Attack

Attack, abbreviated in-game as ATK, is used to calculate how much damage your character does. All forms of damage calculation except specific Elemental Reactions scale linearly with ATK.

Defense Defense

Defense, abbreviated in-game as DEF, is a measure of how much incoming damage is reduced. The higher your defense, the less damage you take from attacks. Defense can be increased by raising your character level, or equipping artifacts or weapons that provide defense or defense % increase. Additionally, some characters such as Noelle have talents that increase defense. Finally, there are food items that provide a temporary defense boost when consumed.

Elemental Mastery Elemental Mastery

Elemental Mastery is a measure of how powerful Elemental Reactions created by your character will be. These reactions are Vaporize, Melt, Overloaded, Superconduct, Electro-Charged, Shattered, Swirl, and Crystallize.

The attribute can be increased by equipping artifacts or weapons that provide a bonus to Elemental Mastery. Additionally, some characters, such as Lisa, gain Elemental Mastery by raising their character level.

  • Increases damage caused by Vaporize and Melt by X.
  • Increases damage caused by Overload, Superconduct, Electro-Charged, Shattered, and Swirl by Y.
  • Increases the damage absorption power of shields created through Crystallize by Z.
  • Where X, Y, and Z are:

The damage of Overload/Superconduct/Electro-Charged/Shattered/Swirl and shields from Crystallize also depend on the level of the character triggering the reaction.
Vaporize and Melt multiply the damage of the attack that proc this effect.

Stamina Stamina

Stamina is a measure of how much physical exertion your character can expend before needing to rest. It is consumed by performing heavy attacks, dodging, sprinting, climbing, and gliding. Stamina is restored automatically and gradually when your character stops consuming it for a short time. Additionally, you can consume food that restores stamina. You can increase your maximum stamina by finding Anemoculus and Geoculus and offering them in worship to their respective Statue of the Seven.

There are also ways to reduce stamina consumption of some or all actions that require it.

Advanced Stats

Critical Hit Critical Rate

Critical Rate is abbreviated in-game as CRIT Rate and commonly known as Crit Chance. This attribute, expressed as a percentage, determines how likely it is that an attack will hit critically and deal bonus critical damage. Crit Rate can be increased by equipping artifacts or weapons that provide an increase to Crit Rate. The default Crit Chance is 5%.

At critical rates greater than or equal to 100%, attacks give a critical hit every time.[1] Additionally, on enemies with weak points, hitting the weak point guarantees a critical hit regardless if the triggering attack is critical or not.

The Cryo Shattering Ice Elemental Resonance provides a 15% boost to Crit Rate against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo. Some characters, such as Diluc, gain Crit Rate by raising their character level. Finally, you can consume certain food items to temporarily increase Crit Rate.

Critical Hit Critical Damage

Critical Damage is abbreviated in-game as CRIT DMG. This attribute, expressed as a percentage, determines how much bonus damage your character does when an attack hits critically. Crit Damage can be increased by equipping artifacts and weapons that provide a bonus to it. Some characters, such as Keqing, gain Crit Damage by leveling up. Additionally, there are food items that can be consumed to temporarily increase it. The default Crit Damage is 50%, which is a 150% multiplier.

Healing Healing Bonus

Healing Bonus, expressed as a percentage, determines the bonus to outgoing healing by characters that can heal themselves or other party members. You can increase healing bonus by equipping artifacts that increase character healing effectiveness, or provide a healing bonus % increase. Some characters, such as Jean, gain healing bonus by leveling up.

Healing Incoming Healing Bonus

Incoming Healing Bonus, expressed as a percentage, determines the bonus to incoming healing directed at the character. You can increase incoming healing bonus by equipping artifacts that boost healing received or incoming healing. The Elemental Resonance Soothing Water increases it by 30%. Additionally, there are food items that can boost healing effects temporarily.

Energy Recharge Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge is the percentage increase of energy regenerated by each elemental particle and elemental orb that is absorbed. Sources that directly give energy such as The Exile artifact set are not affected. You can increase Energy Recharge by equipping artifacts or weapons with the Energy Recharge % attribute. Additionally, some characters, such as Venti, gain Energy Recharge with their ascensions. A few talents and constellations increase Energy Recharge as well.

Cooldown Reduction Cooldown Reduction

Reduce CD, commonly known as cooldown reduction, is a percentage decrease on the cooldowns after using your Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst before you can use them again. For example, if your Elemental Skill normally has a cooldown of 10 seconds, and you have 10% cooldown reduction, your skill can be used every 9 seconds.

The Reduce CD attribute stacks additively and is affected by any effect that reduces all cooldowns, but any effects that reduce cooldowns of particular talents will stack multiplicatively.

Shield Strength Shield Strength

The Shield Strength attribute is a percentage decrease for shield damage taken by a character. Increasing a character's Shield Strength will allow any shields they are protected by to sustain more damage before being destroyed.

A character's Shield Strength can be increased by equipping the Retracing Bolide artifact set. Some Food items, such as Triple-Layered Consommé, can also increase this attribute.

Note: When taking shield damage, the Shield Strength of the active character is used. This may not be the same as the character who created the shield.[2]

Trivia: Shield Strength was previously named "Powerful Shields", while items that increased it had somewhat inconsistent descriptions, such as Retracing Bolide's 2-piece bonus previously saying "+35% effectiveness to shields".

Elemental Type

Damage Bonus

The "Details" page in character attributes lists out a character's damage bonuses for physical damage and for each element (with "damage" abbreviated as "DMG"). These bonuses describe the percentage increase of damage dealt of the corresponding type, and stack additively with other damage bonuses.

In addition to elemental and Physical DMG Bonuses, other DMG Bonuses that are not displayed in-game include: Normal and Charged Attack DMG Bonus, Elemental Skill/Elemental Burst specific DMG Bonus, General Elemental DMG Bonus and General Increased DMG Bonus.


The "Details" page also lists out a character's resistance to each damage type (with "resistance" abbreviated as "RES"). These resistances describe the percentage decrease of incoming damage of the corresponding type.

Note that resistances have soft caps below 0% and above 75%; see Resistance for more details.

Resistances can be increased by the Elemental Resonance Protective Canopy, Potions (e.g., Frostshield Potion: +25% Cryo resistance), Artifact set bonuses (e.g., 2-piece Tiny Miracle: +20% All Elemental resistances), and Talents (e.g., Lightning Fang: +80% Electro resistance).

Hidden Stats

Movement Speed

Movement speed, abbreviated as Movement SPD in-game, determines how much faster your character moves in relation to their normal movement speed. To increase your movement speed, you can equip weapons that provide a bonus to movement speed when their conditions are activated. Also, the Impetuous Winds Elemental Resonance increases movement speed by 10%.

Attack Speed

Attack Speed, abbreviated as ATK SPD in-game, determines how much faster your character can attack compared to normal. For example, if your character can normally attack once every 0.8 seconds but has a 30% attack speed bonus, they will be able to attack every 0.8 / (1+0.3) = 0.62 seconds instead.

Certain weapons, talents, and character passive abilities provide attack speed bonuses when you fulfill their activation conditions.

Note that Attack Speed does not decrease the amount of hitlag characters receive when hitting enemies, so a percentage increase in attack speed will result in a lesser percentage increase in damage-per-second (for attacks that have hitlag, i.e., most melee attacks).

Stamina Consumption

Stamina Consumption describes the percentage increase of stamina used by actions that require stamina.

The Elemental Resonance Impetuous Winds decreases all stamina consumption by 15%. Some food items and character talents also reduce the amount of stamina used by particular activities such as sprinting, climbing, or gliding. On the other hand, the Ley Line Disorder Condensed Ice increases all stamina consumption.

The term is used somewhat inconsistently in the game: effects that reduce Stamina Consumption of all activities refer to the attribute as "Stamina Consumption," but some effects that reduce consumption of particular actions fail to capitalize "consumption" (e.g., "gliding Stamina consumption" in Amber and Venti's passive talents and in food effects).

Interruption Resistance

Interruption Resistance, or poise, affects how difficult it is for a character or an enemy to being staggered.

Note that the strength of the stagger and knock back effects on characters and enemies is also affected by the subject's and attacker's levels, the particular attack used, and physical properties including separation distance and mass.

Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction is a separate multiplier from DEF and RES that can reduce incoming damage. Damage Reduction can be provided by certain talents and constellations.