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Attributes (more commonly known as Stats) govern the combat and exploration in Genshin Impact. They affect aspects such as how often the player is able to use their characters' abilities, how powerful they will be, and their survivability. Attributes can be grouped into 4 categories: Basic, Advanced, Elemental, and Hidden.

Basic Stats are stats that players can easily increase with the main stat of a weapon or artifact. Stamina is however an exception since it can only be increased by offering Oculi to an Anemo or Geo Statue of The Seven. Advanced Stats and Hidden Stats are rarer and may only be modified by effects like a weapon's passive, an artifact set bonus, or certain buffs/debuffs like Ley Line Disorders in Domains, Blessings of the Abyssal Moon in Spiral Abyss, or Elemental Resonance.

Basic Stats and Advanced Stats are visible in-game within a character's "Details" menu, while Hidden Stats are not.

Basic Stats

Health HP

Health, abbreviated in-game as HP, is the amount of damage a character is able to take before being KO'd.

Attack ATK

Attack, abbreviated in-game as ATK, is used to calculate how much damage the character does. All forms of damage calculation except specific Elemental Reactions scale linearly with ATK.

Defense DEF

Defense, abbreviated in-game as DEF, is a means of reducing incoming DMG. The higher one's defense, the less damage the character takes from attacks.

Elemental Mastery Elemental Mastery

Elemental Mastery, enhances Elemental Reactions. Depending on the type of Elemental Reaction, Elemental Mastery will provide different effects.

Stamina Stamina

Stamina is a measure of how much physical exertion the character can expend before needing to rest. It is consumed by performing Charged Attacks, dodging, swimming, sprinting, climbing, and gliding. Stamina is restored automatically and gradually when the character stops consuming it for a short time. Maximum Stamina can be increased by collecting Anemoculus and Geoculus and offering them to their respective Statues of The Seven.

Advanced Stats

Critical Hit CRIT Rate

Critical Rate is abbreviated in-game as CRIT Rate. This attribute, expressed as a percentage, determines how likely it is that an attack will hit critically and deal bonus critical damage.

Critical Hit CRIT DMG

Critical Damage is abbreviated in-game as CRIT DMG. This attribute, expressed as a percentage, determines how much bonus damage the character does when an attack hits critically.

Healing Healing Bonus

Healing Bonus, expressed as a percentage, determines the bonus to outgoing healing by characters that can heal themselves or other party members.

Healing Incoming Healing Bonus

Incoming Healing Bonus, expressed as a percentage, determines the bonus to incoming healing directed at the character.

Energy Recharge Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge, is the percentage increase of energy regenerated by each elemental particle and elemental orb that is absorbed. Sources that directly give energy such as The Exile artifact set are not affected.

Cooldown Reduction Cooldown Reduction

Reduce CD, commonly known as cooldown reduction, is a percentage decrease on the cooldowns after using the character's Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst before they can be used again.

Shield Strength Shield Strength

The Shield Strength attribute reduces damage taken by any shield protecting the character, effectively increasing the shield's durability by the given percentage. Note that when taking shield damage, the Shield Strength of the active character is used instead of the shield's creator.

DMG Bonus

Damage Bonuses, abbreviated in-game as DMG Bonus, include Physical and Elemental DMG Bonuses listed in the Details screen increase damage dealt by a percentage.


Resistances, abbreviated in-game as RES, describe the percentage decrease of incoming damage of the corresponding type. Note that resistances have soft caps below 0% and above 75%.

Hidden Stats

Movement Speed

Movement speed, abbreviated as Movement SPD in-game, determines how much faster characters move in relation to their normal movement speed.

Attack Speed

Attack Speed, abbreviated as ATK SPD in-game, determines how much faster characters can attack compared to normal. Attack Speed only affects Normal Attacks unless otherwise noted. Note that Attack Speed does not decrease the amount of hitlag characters receive when hitting enemies, so a percentage increase in attack speed will result in a lesser percentage increase in damage-per-second (for attacks that have hitlag, i.e., most melee attacks).

Stamina Consumption

Stamina Consumption describes the percentage increase of stamina used by actions that require stamina.

Interruption Resistance

Interruption Resistance, or poise, affects how difficult it is for a character or an enemy to being staggered. Interruption Resistance functions by reducing incoming Poise Damage.

Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction reduces the Percentage Damage Bonus of incoming attacks.

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